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Techjockey Editorial Policy

Our Mission

We, at Techjockey, hold a strong belief in serving the best business technology solutions and addressing all queries of our existing and potential customers through authoritative, concise, as well as trustworthy content.

How Are We Committed to It

We have a strong team that is committed to providing quality work. We concentrate on providing evidence-based and well-researched information to make software understandable and accessible to all.

Our team consists of eminent authors and editors with deep knowledge and proficiency in software-related research and technical writing. Our editing and review process, which includes an in-depth evaluation by our industry specialists, is well-structured. Our content curators and researchers play a key role in curating tech-related content that we publish.

We make it a point to always follow the 5Cs when writing content. These are: Clear, Concise, Concrete, Correct, and Complete. Simply put, this indicates that the information we provide is simple & clear enough for anyone to understand. We keep our content precise with the right data and figures so that it doesn't appear drawn out and monotonous.

Our Editorial Workflow

To avoid any confusion and keep the workflow on track, we adhere to a straightforward and pre-defined approach.
The process, in this case, is as follows:

Planning & Research:

SEO & Content teams together conduct extensive research and competitor analysis to identify any gaps or loopholes in our competitors’ content. The concept is further validated by our industry specialists.

Content Wireframe Creation:

Each content type is distinct and unique, and we ensure to conduct competitor analysis before writing any type of content. This is to ensure that we offer detailed information to our readers and also tap the untapped.

Content Curation:

To create content, our team takes references from published reports and research. Every piece of information in our content is supported by suitable references to meet our procedures and policies.

Content Review:

To meet our quality requirements, every content piece undergoes a review cycle to ensure correctness and consistency. An editor checks the text for the right information, relevancy, linguistic consistency, as well as tone as per the target reader in accordance.

Readability Assessment:

The content is prepared in a manner that is easy to understand while also ensuring its logical and factual credibility. Apart from that, we also keep a check on all the updates and continuously improve our content’s quality.

SEO Optimization:

Further, to make sure that the written material is optimized for SEO, we have a separate team that is exclusively devoted to this task. They attempt to ensure relevant website traffic, a better reputation, and a larger ROI.

Regular Updates:

To keep it updated and relevant with new findings and statistics, our team frequently checks the content.

Guidelines for Content Creation

For the creation of software and tech-related content, Techjockey adheres to a strict code of ethics. This is done to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of information. Our team takes care of the following guidelines to ensure that every published content adheres to the highest standards of quality:


Reliable, well-researched, and authentic content is prepared at Techjockey. It is backed by facts, figures, and the latest updates to maintain accuracy.

Up to Date:

Every content piece is updated regularly with the latest information, be it articles, product descriptions, or any other page. The latest news, research updates, guidelines, etc. are incorporated frequently.


Every single piece of content that is published on our website includes information that is useful for the target readers.


Our content is created by experienced and qualified authors. We provide author bios for credibility checks and establish our brand's authority through high-quality content and a strong industry reputation.


The content we create includes proper references and citations to support all information and facts, and we adhere to ethical content practices.


We always ensure to provide in-depth analysis by industry experts, showcasing their unique perspectives and experiences in a well-structured manner.

Meet Our Editorial Review Team

We have specialists and seasoned industrialists with more than 10 years of experience to assure accurate, timely, and reliable content. They assess the information from an expert's perspective to make sure it is accurate and information rich. The board makes sure that we constantly raise our writing standards with the help of their organized and constructive feedback.



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