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Best Payment Gateway in 2024

What is the Payment Gateway?

Payment gateway software is a transaction & payment processing solution with which an online business can safely manage & process payments & transactions from customers. It’s a software that allows customers to perform easy & secure online payments, for successful customer experience. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Payment Gateway in 2024

  • top product arrowPayG
  • top product arrowPayUbiz
  • top product arrowBharat ZupPOS
  • top product arrowZoho Checkout
  • top product arrowPayKun

Best Payment Gateway

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Brand: Xsilica Software Solutions


4.0 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

PayG payment gateway is an omnichannel payment solution helping businesses of all sizes receive online payments from any device or location. The payment p... Read More About PayG img

Price On Request



Brand: PayU Payments


4.3 out of 5

(12 user reviews)

PayUbiz is one of the best online payment gateway management software in India. E-commerce companies and freelancers widely use it for a streamlined coll... Read More About PayUbiz img

Price On Request

Bharat ZupPOS

Bharat ZupPOS

Brand: Zerone Microsystems Private Limited


5 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

  Zup SoftPOS is a POS app which essentially converts any Android smartphone to a point of sale terminal without any hardware support. It allows bu... Read More About Bharat ZupPOS img

Price On Request

Zoho Checkout

Zoho Checkout

Brand: Zoho Corporation


4.3 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

Zoho Checkout is a complete Payment Gateway designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Payment Gateway for Web-Based has a simple interface... Read More About Zoho Checkout img

₹600 /month



Brand: PayKun Payment Solutions


4.7 out of 5

(6 user reviews)

Organisations can create their individual payment links directly within the dashboard offered by the software. They can share the payment link with partic... Read More About PayKun img

Price On Request

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Mosambee cash

Mosambee cash

Brand: Mosambee

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Mosambee cash is a complete Payment Gateway designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Payment Gateway for Web-Based has a simple interface... Read More About Mosambee cash img

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Brand: RazorPay


4.0 out of 5

(11 user reviews)

Razorpay Payment Gateway is a payment gateway India is designed for Indian businesses and it functions both online and offline. The platform is compatible... Read More About Razorpay img

Price On Request

Airpay Payment Gateway

Airpay Payment Gateway

Brand: Airpay


4.1 out of 5

(6 user reviews)

Elevate your business transactions with a robust & secure payment gateway, offering seamless online payment processing, multiple payment options, &... Read More About Airpay Payment Gateway read review arrow

Price On Request



Brand: Cashfree


4.1 out of 5

(11 user reviews)

Cashfree is a Payment Gateway India for growing businesses and it looks after the complete payment operations of an organization. It provides the users wi... Read More About Cashfree img

Price On Request

SafexPay AvantGarde

SafexPay AvantGarde

Brand: Paygate


4.2 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

SafexPay AvantGarde is one of the best online payment gateway system for Indian markets. This payment gateway manager has the capacity of white-labeling.... Read More About SafexPay AvantGarde img

₹7,999 /Lifetime

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Last Updated on : 09 May, 2024

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Best Payment Gateway FAQ’s

Software questions,

The best payment gateway for ecommerce totally depends on your requirement. For worldwide audience, integrating an international payment gateway is the best option. For local audience, popular, local payment gateway integration service is the right choice.

One can do payment gateway integration in Android with Paytm payment integration. Debit card payment gateway integration in android can also be done with it.

There is literally no payment gateway available that is completely free. One has to pay charges like setup fee, maintenance and annual fee.

White label payment gateway is a method for payment gateway that allows a company to provide services for payment processing under its name. Basically, the company can use its own 'label' above the white label

There are several benefits of 2D payment gateway. Quick approval, multi-Currency, real-time transactions and fast statement are a few of them

Top 10 Payment Gateways in India CCAvenue PayUmoney Razorpay Instamojo EBS DirecPay Cashfree MobiKwik FonePaisa PayPal 0Payoneer PayTM Oxigen Atom payment CitrusPay Zoho Checkout

The best payment gateway for wordpress are PayPal and PayU. These two gateways are mostly used in wordpress.

A 3D payment gateway is a secure process that deals with credit card payments, credit card numbers and their expiry date. The services are is available for Mastercard, Visa, and JCB.

Payment Gateway Reviews




“PayUbiz is very easy to integrate with the website and it is reliable and trusted payment gateway, it has lot of payment options and secure to use.”

- Shailendra Shukla

See all PayUbiz reviewsimg

Bharat ZupPOS


“Bharat Zup POS Customer care number 8392064051. Contact us for any difficult enquiry and issue.”

- Customer Support

See all Bharat ZupPOS reviewsimg



“- Lowest Pricing - Easy Integration - Fast On-Boarding - 120+ Payment Options. - Instant Settlement”

- Nirav Solanki

See all PayKun reviewsimg



“Razorpay is a complete financial solution for our startup because we utilise it to receive and send payments from users. The rate of successful capture is just astou...”

- dheeraj ASS

See all Razorpay reviewsimg

Airpay Payment Gateway


“It provides net banking, interactive voice responce with a secured payment gateway system which is good as it is encrypted and allows faster payments over the air.”

- Chandan Chawla

See all Airpay Payment Gateway reviewsimg

Payment Gateway Price List In India

Payment Gateway Cost
Top Payment Gateway Starting Price Rating
Zoho Checkout₹600.00 /month4.3
SafexPay AvantGarde₹7999.00 /Lifetime4.2

Buyer's Guide for Top Payment Gateway

Found our list of Payment Gateway helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is the Payment Gateway?
  • Why Do You Need Payment Gateway Software?
  • Features of Payment Gateway
  • Advantages of Payment Gateway
  • How to Get the Payment Gateway Software

What is the Payment Gateway?

Payment gateway software is a transaction & payment processing solution with which an online business can safely manage & process payments & transactions from customers. It’s a software that allows customers to perform easy & secure online payments, for successful customer experience. 

Payment gateway solution is a critical merchant service that authorizes websites to process transactions made through credit card, debit card, net banking, e-wallets or UPI. The main task of a payment gateway software is to securely transmit a customer’s sensitive credit/debit card and bank account data from the vendor website to the issuing bank and other entities involved in the transaction. Payment gateways send data pertaining to transactions to the corresponding bank and processes replies about whether a transac tion has been accepted or declined. In short, payment gateway software assists ineffective communication between businesses & banks.

An electronic payment system is a method of paying for goods and services online. Electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones are used for all financial operations. E-payment offers various modes of payment like a credit card, debit card or bank transfers.

Why Do You Need Payment Gateway Software?

Online businesses or companies with an e-commerce website need a payment gateway solution to make it easy for customers to make payments for online transactions. Such solutions are provided by e-commerce application service providers, who take the utmost care when building the software. Consequently, its security is ensured through enterprise-grade data encryption, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols, Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) protocols, etc.

The world is seeing a huge rise in e-commerce technology, which has disrupted the way customers and markets are responding & buying. Online selling comes with its own challenges, one of which is to bridge the gap between a website and a buyer’s wallet. That’s where a user-friendly and flexible payment gateway software comes into the picture. To successfully & securely accept payments online, a payment gateway is a must.

Aside from e-commerce companies, payment gateways can also be used to process direct payments for e-businesses, brick and mortar stores and, bricks and clicks stores.

The benefits that a payment gateway software offers to businesses include: -

  • Capability to accept & process online payments for e-commerce websites
  • Accept transactions through multiple payment methods
  • Multi-currency acceptance capability
  • Encrypted & secure online transactions
  • Avoid unauthorized transactions with fraud protection technology
  • Easily manage & process customer returns & refunds

Features of Payment Gateway

A payment gateway solution is a must-have solution for businesses that dabble in online transactions. Without the best payment gateway software, successful online transactions cannot take place, period.

Debit and online Credit Card Payment Processing for Small Business

With this software, you can accept payments made using credit & debit cards. Supported cards include those powered by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, RuPay and more. International transactions made using either debit/credit card can also be processed, with the help of payment gateway software.

PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry (PCI) is a worldwide information security standard that organizations handling transactions through branded credit & debit cards, must comply with. Payment gateway software solutions complies with this standard, ensuring that your compliance regulations are met, and secure transactions can be carried out on your website.

Recurring Billing Gateway

For subscription-based websites (newspapers, magazines, streaming services, SaaS), payment gateway solution offers a recurring billing payment option. The solution offers customers the chance to register their card or bank account details, from which payments will be auto-deducted on the due dates. Customers will not have to take the hassle of logging in every time a payment due date is near. The software comes with encryption and secure capabilities, which safely stores customer data and doesn’t allow it to fall into the wrong hands.

Real-Time Payments

Using the software, payments & transactions can be processed in real-time. In the case of gateway issues or payment failures, refunds & returns can be initiated immediately. Additionally, all concerned parties (customers, vendors, issuing banks) are informed of payment status immediately.

Fraud Protection

The best payment gateway software solutions come with fraud protection features, to prevent fraudulent activities and theft. These include PCI protection, SSL encryption, and other relevant systems, which ensure that transactions are protected at all costs.

Access Management

This feature of the software allows you to limit backend access, based on users & role. This lets you define software usability, by keeping information usage limited to main developers & shareholders, while others have access to the parts they need for effective functioning.


Payment gateway software comes with report generation capabilities. You can generate different types of transaction-based reports, taking different factors into account. It lets you compare & analyze the success & failure ratio of transactions, to identify problems & fix them.

Centralized Dashboard

A centralized dashboard to manage all payment & transaction-related details & features is also offered by this software. Information access is simpler using this feature.

Invoicing Capabilities

Most payment gateway software can auto-generate invoices & bills. It saves you time in creating invoices manually and is a highly cost-effective feature for businesses.

Advantages of Payment Gateway

Without a payment gateway software, a business with an online selling component cannot effectively function. More & more customers are migrating towards online payment options and without this software, they cannot do such transactions.

Process International Payments

To have a global reach, online businesses need to be accessible & usable for everyone. With a payment gateway software, businesses can process online transactions made by international customers. This lets them expand their reach & have a viable global presence.

Multi-Currency Capability

Payment gateway software supports multiple currencies i.e. you can receive payments made in currencies different from the one you work with. Common currencies such as Rupee, Dollar, Euro, Yen, etc are supported while another support for other currencies depends on different products.

Completely Secure

Data security is an essential function for safe online payments. Payment gateway software comes with security & encryption tools that ensure online transactions are protected from data leaks or hacks. Payment gateway software comes with PCI DSS compliance and SSL encryption, among others. There are addon fraud protection tools, all of which combined ensures that your website is holding safe transactions with customers.

Multiple Payment Methods

Payment gateway software accepts multiple types of cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, RuPay, and PayPal, among others. Aside from cards, payment options like net banking, UPI, e-wallets & such, can be processed using a payment gateway software.

Dispute Resolution

In case of disputes arising due to transaction problems, you can use the software to identify the issue and come up with solutions. Dispute resolution can be done in real-time, which reduces the customer response time on tickets, emails & calls. Consequently, it improves your customer relations & streamlines the customer grievance resolution processes.

Multi-Language Support

The software supports multiple languages, so both users & customers can perform different functions in the language they are comfortable with. Most solutions offer the commonly spoken dialects while customization allows users to add more languages that they need.

Mobile Support

You can use the software to design a payment interface that works perfectly on mobile phones. As more and more users move to shop using mobile phones & tablets, this is an important feature to target such audiences and to allow future customers to make payments seamlessly, using their smartphones.

Autofill OTP

Payment gateway software also comes with OTP autofill capability. If users allow the gateway to read SMS messages, it can read incoming OTP and autofill it during the payment checkout process. This saves your customers time & reduces the likelihood of customers abandoning the payment process.

EMI Payment Support

Many customers, while purchasing costly goods, opt for an EMI payment option. Payment gateway software solutions support the EMI payment option. It informs the website admins & the issuing bank of the EMI details so that both parties can process the payment accordingly. After successfully processing an EMI, the software generates an invoice detailing the EMI information.

How to Get the Payment Gateway Software

Any business’s longevity & success is determined through customer experience. Using a payment gateway software in India, businesses can improve customer experience & simplify payment methods. But how to know which solution to choose?

Understand the Features

Before you buy payment gateway software, it’s of paramount importance that you know the various features offered by a payment gateway provider. This knowledge will help you understand how the software will allow your business to grow. Furthermore, you’ll be able to make an informed choice and pick a payment gateway software suited to your requirements.

Check with Your Web Host

Take a look through your website's control panel and check if there are payment gateway options. This will lead to the quick implementation of payment gateway services to the website.

Pick Between a Director an External Gateway

Direct gateways complete the payment processing within your online store by keeping customers on your site. External gateways redirect customers to a different website to process payment. Pick the type of gateway you wish to implement in your business, for maximum gains.

Check for Security Features

Online transactions are at higher risk of leaks and hacks. Go for a solution that provides security features that allow customers to safely transact on your website. Check for common security measures such as PCI DSS, SSL & such, as well as ask payment gateway provider for add-on security features offered.

Test the Gateway

Payment gateway software providers provide demos and free trials that allow users to check the service & test if it suits business needs. It is important to test the software beforehand, so as not to have unexpected roadblocks.

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Pos Machine
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