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What is Cashfree? Cashfree is a Payment Gateway India for growing businesses and it looks after the complete payment operations of an organization. It provides the users with a payment gateway having enterprise features. This payment gateway India allows businesses to increase its scalability by accepting payments swiftly and in a secured manner. How is Cashfree Beneficial for Your Business? Cashfree provides facilities more than Bank transfers and enables an organization to send the hefty payouts to any online wallet, UPI ID or debit/credit card. Cashfree also verifies the bank accounts in which the claims are settled in real-time. With this app, you can make payouts 24x7. It improves the efficiency and goodwill of a given organization by providing on-time payment to staff. Pricing of Cashfree Cashfree charges people based on transactions, as it offers different forms of services. The service charges are different depending on the payment methods and are listed below: Netbanking: A charge of 1.95% per transaction is levied on users for availing net banking facilities. Pay Later and Cardless EMI: Cashfree charges 2.5% per transaction overpay later cards and optional cardless EMIs. International Cards: A charge of 3.5%+Rs.7 is levied per transaction on accepting payments via International cards. Subscriptions: Cashfree charges an additional 0.5% over Credit, Debit cards and e-mandate subscriptions. PayPal: Standard PayPal payment gateway charges are applicable on users having PayPal business accounts. Others: Cashfree charges 2.95% per transaction over cards like Diner Club International and Amex. For more detailed information on the charges per transaction, users are requested to get in touch with our customer support. With easy integration over e-commerce platforms, Cashfree helps a business operate with customers from any corner of the globe as it accepts multi-currency payments and can easily integrate with other payment gateways like PayPal and Paytm. What Support Does Cashfree Provide to Its Users? Cashfree provides 100+ payment options to make swift payment via different cards and wallets, thus enabling faster settlements. Cashfree creates a unique account for each payer, along with a virtual UPI ID while providing the payouts. Users get the option to choose between fully numeric or branded virtual account numbers or UPI-BHIM IDs. For the ease of providing proper and detailed financial statements, Cashfree provides its users with an option for manual reconciliation. Cashfree is a Payment Gateway India for growing businesses and it looks after the complete payment operations of an org... Read More About Cashfree
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Last Updated on : 15 Jun, 2021