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PayKun Payment Solutions is one of the top IT solutions company catering to thousands of customers across the country. The company... Read More

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PayKun Payment Solutions Overview

PayKun Payment Solutions is one of the top IT solutions company catering to thousands of customers across the country. The company's award-winning IT solutions are empowering Indian businesses and fueling their growth. Further, PayKun Payment Solutions customer care service is prompt, and its team is always available to address the issues of end-users.

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“One thing I love about PayKun is that it offers 120+ payment alternatives, quick settlement, and simple integration in only a few hours are just a few of the core features. Not only payments can be collected locally, but also globally. It also offers a robust dashboard that allows one to keep track of transactions, payment history, and even forecast weekly and monthly revenue.” Rakesh Kumar - Jun 9, 2022

“- Lowest Pricing - Easy Integration - Fast On-Boarding - 120+ Payment Options. - Instant Settlement” Nirav Solanki - Oct 16, 2020

“PayKun is a simple, easy-to-use, and highly secure online payment gateway. It accepts digital payments and the user-friendly software is simple to set up. Users can instantly sign up and begin using the program without having to go through the effort of filling out paper forms. It follows all of India's existing payment, finance, banking, and taxation systems and laws.” Neeraj Sharma - Jun 7, 2022


“While PayKun offers some of the most robust features, sometimes the app tends to get slow. That is the only negative factor of the application that came to my notice.” Rakesh Kumar - Jun 9, 2022

“Less Famous” Nirav Solanki - Oct 16, 2020

“I frankly have not been able to detect any cons of PayKun. Maybe it is because I have very limited demands and PayKun fulfills all of them. It’s a highly recommended application.” Neeraj Sharma - Jun 7, 2022


Rakesh kumar

Software user since: < 6 months







“With so many payment modes available, PayKun is a gamechanger”

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Posted - Jun 9, 2022


Nirav Solanki

Software user since: 1-2 years







“Amazing Services with Lowest Pricing, Keep it up!!”

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Posted - Oct 16, 2020

PayKun Payment Solutions FAQ’s

What type of company is PayKun Payment Solutions?

PayKun Payment Solutions is an IT solutions provider that caters to the process automation needs of millions of businesses in India with Payment Gateway .

What does PayKun Payment Solutions do?

PayKun Payment Solutions provides customized and scalable Payment Gateway , which is transforming business processes across industries. Its team of experts makes IT solutions implementation and usage quite simple.

What is PayKun Payment Solutions’s main product?

PayKun Payment Solutions primarily deals in Payment Gateway and caters to personalized business needs with diverse modules.

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