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About Zaakpay

What is Zaakpay?

Zaakpay is an online payment software and a payment gateway that accepts payments from all the banks in India without the need for integration. It aims at solving the payment hassles for eCommerce in the country. The software supports many different kinds of currencies and also accepts MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, Diners, AmEx and Discover. Zaakpay also supports payments based on email and SMS, hence allowing its users to make instant payments at doorstep deliveries through credit or debit cards.

What is the Webpay Service by Zaakpay?

Webpay is one of the services provided by Zaakpay, which is an online debit card, credit card and internet banking processing gateway. The software supports net-banking facilities for over fifty-two major Indian banks. Webpay software provides its users with customized payment flows and hence increases the success rates of transactions. The software is simple to integrate and is enabled with APIs and intuitive dashboards. It also accepts payments from all Indian and International Mastercards, Discover, VISA and Diner cards.

What is the MPay Service by Zaakpay?

MPay is a service provided by Zaakpay, which is a mobile-friendly payment processing gateway. The software is optimized for a vast range of screen sizes and operating systems. It provides its users with seamless integration and hassle-free implementation. Users can avail services like diverse payment options that support credit cards, debit cards along with net banking APIs for several banks. Different analytics enable users to gain deep insights into the behaviour of users and the performance of the portal. The software provides its users with the highest rated security protocols to protect the transactions of its users.

Pricing of Zaakpay

The pricing of Zaajpay depends on the extent of requirements and usage by businesses. Those interested can also request a callback to get personalized quotes.

Benefits of Zaakpay

There are many benefits of using Zaakpay software such as:

  1. It supports several kinds of currencies.
  2. The software protects its users by detecting fraud and negative card databases before completing a transaction.
  3. Features like saved cards make it convenient for users as they do not have to remember all the details about cards.
  4. Zaakpay is enabled with integration kits for almost every platform.
  5. The software accepts payments through VISA, Maestro, MasterCard, Diners and Discover.

Sold By : Zaakpay

Get Zaakpay support 20 Chatting right now

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Zaakpay Features

 The software enables users to trade and carry out transactions in multiple currencies and hence facilitate buying and selling internationally.  
This feature allows users to accept online payments from customers through debit cards, credit cards, and net banking transactions.  
Users can exchange their money electronically through computer networks and internet with the help of this software.
The software ensures data integrity and consistency for its users through this feature.  
Zaakpay manages all the banks transactions from one single interface.
The software provides its users with a way to interact with the company after visiting Zaakpay’s media properties.
This enables users to organize data into informational summaries and explore data and reports to extract meaningful insights.
Users can accept payments through modes like VISA and MasterCard from the users with the help of the software. 

Get Zaakpay support20 Chatting right now

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Zaakpay Specifications


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Zaakpay FAQs

A. Zaakpay software supports over 52 major Indian banks across the public and private domain for net banking.
A. Yes, Zaakpay software provides live chat support for customers to voice any query regarding the software. They can find the feature in the media properties.
A. The software ensures data integrity and consistency of the business through the transaction management feature.
A. Yes, the software has a payment gateway integration feature that lets customers pay online using debit and credit cards, and also avail of the net banking option for easy payment.
A. Yes, the software allows its users to accept payments via MasterCard, VISA and Maestro.

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