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About Paypal

What is PayPal?

PayPal is the world’s renowned payment gateway solution for online businesses. It enables online businesses and merchants to collect payment through credit and debit cards for their goods and services. The software also provides a mobile wallet with added benefits such as discounts, offers, etc. for customer retention. The solution can work with almost every e-commerce platform in the world. The list includes Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. PayPal is also popular for is economical charges per transaction in the market, which makes it extremely profitable on huge orders and consignment. 

PayPal also offers top of the line security features to ensure safe transactions. It guarantees foolproof security against online hackers with major security guideline compliances. PayPal offers a versatile payment gateway platform that meets all the business requirements. E.g. users can use PayPal for their multi-branch operations. 

Why is PayPal used so widely? 

Here are few reasons as to why PayPal is so popular among companies:

  1. PayPal enables business owners to go digital with their operations. The software is designed to assist small companies and business owners to branch out on internet and collect payment safely. 
  2. It has a single low rate of charge per transaction without any hidden fees or setup charges, which makes it favorable for small scaled business owners with small profit margins. 
  3. This payment gateway solution can be effectively integrated with notable shopping carts and works with almost every processor. 
  4. Its PCI-compliant payment gateway ensures that the expenses and meeting regulatory guidelines is simplified. 
  5. PayPal supports all major credit and debit cards including RuPay cards. Plus, it boosts the sales by providing PayPal credit and PayPal payment options to the customers without any extra charges. 

What are features offered by PayPal?

Here are some key features offered by PayPal: 

  1. PayPal payment 
  2. Virtual payment terminal 
  3. Payment gateway
  4. Accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and RuPay cards 
  5. Accepts payments from 202 countries in 25 currencies. 
  6. Simplified PCI compliance 

What is the price of PayPal? 

Please request a call to get pricing details for PayPal. Our sales expert will connect with you shortly.

Sold By : PAYPAL

Get Paypal support 24 Chatting right now

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Paypal Features

PayPal enables the customers to place their shipping address and calculate the taxes according to their location.
This payment gateway software ensures that the payment and purchase details of buyers are kept completely secret.
This payment gateway software is integrated with all the major shopping carts including eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc.
Business owners can integrate this payment gateway with other applications for secure data sharing and business reporting functions.
The software provides payment services for online businesses.
PayPal is a PCI-compliant solution which ensures that all the payments are processed in complete confidentiality. It also protects business owners and their customers from any type of online hacking during transactions.
This payment gateway solution protects businesses against phishing attacks by automatically detecting and removing the phishing mails.

Get Paypal support24 Chatting right now

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Paypal Specifications


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Paypal FAQs

A. No, PayPal uses REST APIs for integration which does not require coding.
A. Yes, PayPal works with every platform and can be seamlessly integrated with mobile applications, websites, and other service portals.
A. PayPal takes 1-3 days to setup depending on the process of bank detail’s verification.
A. Techjockey provides an online demo before purchase for PayPal. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.
A. PayPal is a web-based application which can be easily accessed through an internet browser. Hence, there are no system requirements.

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