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Lipikaar Typing Software
What is Lipikaar? Lipikaar Typing Software is a comprehensive tool that helps writers and editors with their tasks. It’s a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easier for users to think in their own language other than English. Moreover, the software can also be used to generate Word documents, write emails along with Excel sheets in 18 different languages like Marathi, Sanskrit, Bengali, Oriya, Tamil, Malayalam etc. Users with unstable internet connections can get Lipikaar Typing Software installed on their desktop and get going with the Firefox Extension for offline use, made available to them. How to type Hindi in Lipikaar Hindi Typing Software using an English keyboard? You just need to follow three simple steps to start with your Hindi typing task in Lipikaar Typing Software: Step 1: Go on typing the nearest sounding key on repeat, till you get to see the desired script character. Step 2: You need to type “x” after a particular character to get its half-character. You can even click Left SHIFT + Key to type the most commonly used characters, fast. Step 3: In case you want to type special characters you need to click “z” on your keyboard. Lipikaar Online Typing software Price Lipikaar Typing software’s cost is available on request. If you are interested in knowing more about it, send in your queries. Our executives will reach out to assist you with your query and Lipikaar download task. Compatible platforms for Lipikaar Typing software You can download Lipikaar for windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 versions. It also features a dedicated mobile app for Android users. Lipikaar Typing software’s Benefits Offline Access: The typing software can be used as an offline program residing in the background of users’ Windows operating system. Writers only need to select a language of their choice and start creating documents in PowerPoint, Excel etc. Lipikaar Firefox Extension: It is a free tool offered by the software for internet applications, which run through Firefox in an offline mode once installed. Users can turn off their internet connections and carry on with the writing task in an efficient manner. Simplistic Writing Rules: The typing solution features simple rules, helping users type words in an accurate way, eliminating unnecessary chaos and delays. Moreover, users get to think in their own language other than English. Lipikaar hindi keyboard helps them express their thoughts freely. Online Keyboard: Lipikaar features an online keyboard interface available in multiple languages. Users can go for Lipikaar keyboard download process to continue with their writing tasks on mobile and PC. Lipikaar Typing Software is a comprehensive tool that helps writers and editors with their tasks. It’s a simple and i... Read More
Easy to Use Create Word documents, Presentations, Excel Sheets Multi Language Management +4 More
Lipikaar Telugu Typing Software
Telugu using a regular English keyboard Easy to Use Word, Presentation & Emails in Telugu +1 More

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Last Updated on : 17 Apr, 2021