How to Manage Remote Team Challenges and Solutions

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Leading remote teams have their own set of difficulties that call for smart solutions. In the modern workplace, with the emergence of hybrid teams, comprising remote workers and on-site staff, offers businesses a means to reduce expenses, enhance productivity, and promote adaptability in times of uncertainty.

Nevertheless, this new operational model confronts managers trained under traditional workplace paradigms with a distinctive set of hurdles. One prominent challenge of remote teams is the transition itself. As the pandemic triggered a mass exodus of talent from physical office spaces, many have chosen to remain remote.

This shift implies that remote teams, despite their inherent advantages and drawbacks, have become a permanent fixture in the professional field. Leaders are compelled to accept the reality that remote teams are here to stay, and thus, must adapt. Post-lockdown, a substantial 70% of employers encountered difficulties in adjusting to remote work as their new modus operandi.

A central aspect of this challenge involves mastering the art of overseeing a remote workforce. Several of these persistent challenges with remote teams revolve around maintaining effective communication, monitoring performance, and nurturing a cohesive team dynamic.

To overcome these challenges of leading a remote team, it’s important to invest in robust remote IT support software tools, such as GoTo Rescue remote support software that enable seamless interaction among remote team members.

Establishing clear expectations, assigning roles and responsibilities, and implementing performance metrics are fundamental strategies to enhance management efficacy. Furthermore, social contacts and virtual team-building exercises can help the remote team members feel like they belong and work as a team.

Six Challenges of Managing Remote Teams And How to Overcome Them

There are some significant differences between regular (on-site) work and remote work. Employees who work from home are isolated from both their bosses and one another. Although there are several benefits to working remotely, there are significant difficulties like productivity hurdles, communication gap or mental and physical health challenges.

Here are some of the challenges of managing remote teams along with their solutions;

  1. Challenges in Supervision

In remote work settings, the physical separation between employees and managers poses significant challenges. Managers may express concerns that remote employees don’t maintain the same level of diligence and efficiency, even though research shows otherwise.

On the other hand, employees could encounter difficulties in reaching out for managerial assistance and maintaining communication. This might result in a sense of isolation and the perception that remote supervisors are disconnected from their requirements.

This disconnect can affect employee morale and impact work effectiveness, ultimately impacting the team’s performance.

Solution: Create project milestones with specific deadlines that allow for ongoing discussions regarding achievements and potential obstacles. These practices ensure that managers remain in touch with their remote team and manage remote team challenges effectively.

  1. Expectation Clarity

Some of the most common challenges with remote teams include the need for clear and well-communicated expectations. While employees may have been familiar with their job responsibilities in the office, these expectations might not automatically translate to remote work.

Remote workers often require more explicit guidance and directives to understand how to achieve objectives, when to respond to communication, and when to participate in virtual meetings. The absence of clear expectations can lead to confusion, inefficiencies, and the lack of direction in remote work scenarios.

Solution: Overcoming this challenge involves setting clear expectations early and maintaining consistent communication. Emphasize priorities, milestones, and performance goals, and document procedures comprehensively.

Establish boundaries for meetings and communication to ensure that remote workers know how to navigate their tasks effectively.

With GoTo Rescue’s remote support software, you can streamline and enhance remote communication and collaboration, making it easier to set expectations, provide guidance, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

  1. Productivity Hurdles

Remote work can lead to issues regarding productivity. While many remote workers report increased productivity, some individuals may struggle with the remote work model, particularly those who thrive with in-person supervision.

These employees might need additional support and innovative tools to track time and progress effectively. In some cases, productivity issues are also a matter of perception, especially in hybrid work environments where on-site employees might assume that their remote colleagues are not working as hard.

Solution: To address productivity challenges, create a structured work environment by defining roles and responsibilities clearly. Set timetables and ensure transparency in task allocation. This approach enhances predictability and helps improve productivity, irrespective of the work setting.

  1. Communication Gaps

Effective communication can be one of the significant challenges of leading a remote team. In traditional office settings, spontaneous face-to-face interactions facilitate the exchange of ideas and information. However, remote work necessitates a shift to intentional and planned communication, which can lead to a hindrance in the natural flow of ideas.

Solution: To overcome the challenge of reduced communication, schedule regular interaction times with remote employees. Share your calendar to make your availability known, facilitating effective communication and engagement within the remote team.

  1. Managing On-Site and Remote Teams

In hybrid work environments, managers may find themselves overseeing both on-site and remote teams simultaneously. This can create challenges in ensuring that both groups receive equitable benefits and treatment.

Solution: To tackle this challenge, it’s essential to strive for fairness. Extend similar benefits and treatment to both on-site and remote employees. Eliminate unconscious bias by promoting fairness in all aspects, nurturing a cohesive team dynamic.

GoTo Rescue’s remote support software not only helps provide equitable access to resources and provides support for all team members, but also creates a more cohesive and harmonious work environment.

  1. Mental and Physical Health Challenge

A frequent concern raised by remote employees is social isolation, and this can negatively impact their mental and physical health. It can lead to a sense of not belonging to the organization and, in extreme cases, result in issues like anxiety and depression, impacting productivity and retention.

Solution: Addressing this challenge requires actively building social connections within the remote team. Planning remote interactions, creating fun chat channels, and virtually “meeting for coffee” can help maintain a sense of normality, mitigate the feeling of isolation, and offer emotional support.


Managing remote teams comes with its unique set of challenges, but with thoughtful solutions and the support of tools like GoTo Rescue remote support software, these remote teams’ challenges can be effectively addressed.

Clear communication, well-defined expectations, productivity optimization, and cohesive team dynamics are all critical factors in remote team management. By implementing the suggested solutions and leveraging technology, organizations can not only overcome these challenges but also create a more productive, harmonious, and successful remote work environment.

As remote work continues to be a significant part of the modern workplace, it’s crucial to adapt and find innovative solutions to ensure remote teams thrive.

Published On: November 17, 2023

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