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12 Best ERP for eCommerce Industry in 2023

By Ayushee Sharma . May 31, 2022

Setting up and managing an online ecommerce business is not easy. You need efficient IT systems and workforce for various tasks like accounting, data management, shipping,...

online resume maker

11 Best Free Resume Builders in 2023

By Ayushee Sharma . May 16, 2022

Resumes are the first step to selection while applying for a job. Not only should your content be grammatically correct and relevant to the job description,...

computer hardware and software

What Is the Difference Between Hardware and Software

By Ayushee Sharma . May 9, 2022

Electronic devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets have become an indispensable part of our lives. Hence, we use the words hardware and software every now...

instagram video editing app

15 Best Instagram Video Editing Apps for PC & Mobile

By Ayushee Sharma . April 20, 2022

With Instagram’s growing focus on video-type content; creators, marketers, and businesses on the platform have also shifted to the same for their consistent growth. You can...

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