15 Free Instant Apps to Earn Paytm Cash by Watching Videos, Playing Games 2024

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Who doesn’t want to have a side income? But most of us do not have the time to do a part time job.

Thankfully, it is a reality now that you can earn ₹500 instantly without investment. You can do this by watching videos, giving referrals, playing games, filling out survey forms, and more while doing daily commute or other chores.

There are numerous free websites and applicationss for watching ads and earning cash via Paytm in India. These websites and apps take money from advertisers like Google Ads based on PPV or PPC and share part of the revenue with you. So, you can earn Paytm cash without investment and use it for day-to-day expenses.

We bring to you the most authentic platforms that you can use no investment earning app paytm cash for real amount. You can try one or more of these self-earning apps without any hassle in India. You don’t even need to install most of these daily Paytm money apps on your device to use them.

15 Free Instant Apps to Earn Paytm Cash by Watching Videos, Playing Games

Platforms to Earn Paytm CashbackBest Feature of Daily Paytm Cash Earning AppHow Much Can You Earn (INR)Where to Redeem Points
TaskBucksMost secure self-earning app500 – 10,000Paytm, Crashlytics, Mobikwik & mobile recharge packs
MakeDhanMost reliable rewards app for guaranteed Paytm cash20,000Directly
PocketChargeQuick response from support during withdrawal issues20,000Paytm & mobile recharge
FrizzaEarning Paytm by playing quizzes200Paytm & UPI
OneAdEasy games to Play and win cash online free500Paytm, Bank Withdrawal, Mobile & DTH recharges
Pocket MoneyOffering Paytm cash game apps for beginners500 – 7,000Paytm, Mobile recharge & vouchers
GamezyLudo game play12,250 – 15,250Bank Transfer & Paytm Wallet
Indian Music PlayerEarning redeemable coins without upper limit200 – 500Paytm & Gift cards
CashBossMobile recharges through app installationsupto 350Paytm Wallet & Mobile Recharge
EasyCashEarning cashback offers by Paytm1,000 – 2,000Paytm, Bank Account & UPI
EarnEasy24Choosing from multiple options for redeeming points1,000 – 3,000Bank Transfer, UPI, Paytm & Discounts
Roz DhanData privacy of users earning on app200 – 300Paytm after first 2 days
Cash PandaEarning money from outside India250Paytm & Paypal
CrownitClaiming bumper rewards500Voucher & Bumper Prizes
mCashInstant cash withdrawal100 – 500Cash for a minimum redeem value of INR 5, PayPal, Gift voucher & card

Instant Apps to Earn Paytm Cash by Watching Videos

Some of the best daily Paytm money apps by watching videos are mentioned here:

  1. TaskBucks


TaskBucks free Paytm cash earning app rewards users for spending time on their Android devices while completing different activities available on the platform. The most popular way is watching videos on different websites to get Paytm cash.

It also provides information about financial services and products like insurance and credit cards from authorized banks.

How to Earn Money with TaskBucks?

You can cash in the form of coins through referrals by inviting friends, watching videos, app installations, playing quizzes, and completing easy tasks from brands by following the provided steps. These coins convert into cash daily at midnight.

You can also take part in various contests to get free mobile talk time and data (4G) recharges regardless of your mobile service provider.

In the pro version, you can sell financial products like personal loans, credit cards, Demat accounts, and more to earn money.

How Much You Can Earn with TaskBucks?

You can earn 500 Paytm cash instantly without investment daily as INR 1 = 1000 coins. You can also claim monthly postpaid mobile bill payments up to INR 500.

The pro version allows you to earn up to INR 10,000 to 15,000 as commission, as per their claims.

However, remember that there are limits on withdrawal in this daily.

Where Can You Redeem Points on TaskBucks?

  • Leading wallets like Paytm, Crashlytics, Mobikwik for cash rewards
  • Mobile recharge packs

Demerits of TaskBucks

  • Many a times, users are not able to withdraw money
  • You can complete only one transaction in 5 days
  • The paytm referral reward freezes suddenly when transaction is in progress

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  1. MakeDhan

MakeDhan is a Paytm referral reward entertainment app that offers cash instead of discounts or gift cards to its users. This free Paytm cash earning app has several types of videos that you can watch after installation that also help you stay up to date with viral content around the world.

It is one of the best Paytm money apps that requires zero investment from users.

How to Earn Money with MakeDhan?

You can earn free Paytm cash by completing simple tasks like sign up, watching videos, daily check-ins, paytm refer and earn, providing reviews, trying free apps, doing survey questionnaires, and more.

How Much You Can Earn with MakeDhan?

The owners of this claim that top users can earn over INR 20,000 cash. You can get Rs 200 Paytm cash free with 50 points as bonus on signing up.

Where Can You Redeem Points on MakeDhan?

You can redeem and earn cash directly.

Demerits of MakeDhan

  • Takes a lot of time while transferring Paytm money
  • It shows error most of the time when you reload it
  1. PocketCharge


PocketCharge by CollegeDunia provides a simple user interface and numerous daily offers to earn free Paytm money. By choosing the tasks with the highest payouts and sharing your referral code, you can earn cash and rewards every time someone uses the application because of you. You can contact the customer support team anytime for any issues.

How to Earn Money with PocketCharge?

You can get Paytm cash by watching video ads, trying offers, doing survey questionnaires, referrals, playing different genres of games, signing up on websites, playing quizzes, and completing other tasks.

How Much You Can Earn with PocketCharge?

You can get INR 200 Paytm cash daily with this app. You can withdraw your payments anytime once you earn at least INR 30 in your account. INR 10 on signing up

Refer and earn cash INR 15 via social media platforms and 50% commission for friends.

Where Can You Redeem Points on PocketCharge?

You can transfer the free Paytm money in a single tap from the tool to:

  • Paytm
  • Mobile recharges (Prepaid and Postpaid)

Demerits of PocketCharge

  • Compulsory to complete 6 tasks for withdrawing Paytm cash
  • The tasks offered to earn money are very limited

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  1. Frizza

Frizza instant redeem Paytm cash app provides entertainment through online content and instant cash for spending time on every activity offered by it. You can play over 1000 quizzes with your friends on this reward app. It is easy to use and earn rewards, which makes it popular among users.

How to Earn Money with Frizza?

You can earn free Paytm cash by taking surveys, reading news articles, watching videos, playing free games, quizzes, shopping on popular sites, and doing other simple tasks.

How Much You Can Earn with Frizza?

You can get free 500 Paytm cash by spending time on this app.

Where Can You Redeem Points on Frizza?

You can withdraw cash within seconds after a minimum collection of INR 30 via:

  • Paytm Cash
  • UPI

Demerits of Frizza

  • You can withdraw only INR 100 in a single transaction
  • It still shows pending tasks even when they are completed
  • Many users have reported that it does not give money even on the completion of tasks

Apps To Earn Paytm Cash by Playing Games

Here is the list of the best applications to get Paytm cash by playing games without investment.

  1. OneAd

OneAd play game and earn paytm money

OneAd app is one of the popular Paytm cash games that lets you earn through multiple sources by choosing interesting tasks of your choice. You can compete in tournaments, view your rank on the leaderboard and gain points based on it. It is among the best apps to earn Paytm cash by playing games without investment.

How to Earn Money with OneAd?

You can get cashback by watching videos and referrals. You can also get money through best Paytm cash earning games such as Rise up, Trick Shot Ball, Run Boy Run, and participating in hourly tournaments.

How Much You Can Earn with OneAd?

With tasks like Paytm games to earn money, you can collect INR 350 per day.

Where Can You Redeem Points on OneAd?

  • Paytm
  • Bank Withdrawal
  • Mobile & DTH recharges

Demerits of OneAd

  • The app shows too many ads while completing tasks
  • It takes a lot of time to credit money
  • Its spin wheel stops at the same spot most of the times

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  1. Pocket Money

Pocket Money rewards app gives cash and other offers to buy free music, book train tickets, shop for products across applications, and more. You can look at nearby offers to get the most relevant offers. You can contact the support team for any issues related to payment withdrawal or other app functionalities.

How to Earn Money with Pocket Money?

You get Paytm earn money offers through daily bonus on first registration, watching videos. You can also play Paytm cash games like Tambola, get referral commissions, take surveys, install apps, participate in weekly contests, click on links and complete other tasks.

How Much You Can Earn with Pocket Money?

You can earn free 500 Paytm cash daily on this platform. Referral can give you INR 160 per day. The Paytm money earning app owners claim that it is possible to earn up to INR 7000 in a day.

Where You Can Redeem Points on Pocket Money?

You can redeem your rewards as:

  • Paytm cash
  • Mobile recharge for Idea, Airtel, etc.
  • Discount vouchers, deals or coupons for cabs, shopping, movie tickets, food, etc.

Demerits of Pocket Money

  • It shows error during money withdrawal time
  • You can withdraw money only within one month of winning the cash
  • Its money transfer option does not work properly
  1. Gamezy


Gamezy is one of the best Paytm cash games apps to earn Paytm money. It includes over 15 games including fantasy sports, ludo, carrom, snakes and ladders, rummy and the like.

You have practice games to help you improve before the actual games. It offers a secure way of withdrawal that also ensures data privacy on both Android and iOS devices.

How to Earn Money with Gamezy?

You can earn free Paytm cash by playing games, referrals, cash tournaments, bonus games, gadget leagues, and more. Even if you do not want to play fantasy sports, playing a casual Ludo game for Paytm cash also works.

You make regular earnings by completing game missions available in 8 different languages.

How Much You Can Earn with Gamezy?

The app owners claim that you can earn lakhs daily. Depending on the terms and conditions at a time, you can earn up to INR 15,250 on signing up and INR 12,250 via referrals. Remember that you must be at least 18 years old and have it available in your state for use.

Where Can You Redeem Points on Gamezy?

You can withdraw cash to:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Paytm Wallet

Demerit of Gamezy

  • You get limited game options to earn money
  • It permanently saves your bank and personal details
  • Many a times, online games are hacked by hackers
  • It sends too many promotional messages

Instant Apps to Earn Paytm Cash by Listening to Music

Just like games to earn money on Paytm, listening to music can also work:

  1. Indian Music Player

Indian Music Player lets you enjoy your favorite songs on radio or on your phone and get rewards for listening to them. Once you sign in via your Google or Facebook account on this Paytm earning app, you receive coins for completing different tasks.

Once you start the withdrawal process, you receive an email with the date on which you will get the payment within a 14-day period.

How to Earn Money with Indian Music Player?

You can earn cash rewards by signing up, listening to music, daily check-ins, taking surveys, playing games, watching video ads, referral bonus and commissions, etc.

How Much You Can Earn with Indian Music Player?

There is no limit on coins that you can earn but, on average, you can get free 500 paytm cash. The amount varies for music and other general tasks. For music, the minimum withdrawal amount is INR 2 and for all coins, it is INR 200.

Where Can You Redeem Points on Indian Music Player?

You can redeem the coins by clicking on the Withdraw button within 90 days once enough coins have accumulated in your account. Once the current request is paid out, you can request the next. Options include:

  • Paytm
  • Gift Cards

Demerits of Indian Music Player

  • It offers very limited coins for completing tasks
  • It automatically signs out of the app when you switch to the new tab

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Get Paytm Cash by Downloading Apps

Some of the best Paytm money apps without investment are:

  1. CashBoss


CashBoss by CouponDunia is a secure app to play and win Paytm money by playing over 250 games and doing other tasks. For the tasks you complete, you get a chance to play Spin the Wheels and get free 500 Paytm cash spin.

With the apps that you download for earning cash, you also get additional credits for keeping them installed for a set number of days.

How to Earn Money with CashBoss?

You can make money by completing tasks like watching videos, referrals, installations with app centric tasks, and playing games, quizzes on science, Bollywood, IPL, etc., and Spin the Wheels.

How Much You Can Earn with CashBoss?

You can earn up to INR 350 by using this tool for few hours on this daily Paytm money earning app at the rate of:

  • Earn 20 Paytm cash instantly on each spin
  • Refer and earn Paytm cash INR 5

Where Can You Redeem Points on CashBoss?

You can redeem rewards in the form of:

  • Paytm wallet money
  • Prepaid/ Postpaid Recharge card for different mobile providers like Vodafone and Airtel

Demerits of CashBoss

  • Many users have reported that they were not able to redeem their money.
  • The collected data can be easily compromised
  1. EasyCash

EasyCash enables users to earn instant Paytm cash and withdraw it instantly by simply downloading the platform of your choice. You can get cash and check it within a day in your account after requesting.

You can use the rewards to book movie tickets, recharge your mobile, order food, shop in eCommerce stores, and more.

How to Earn Money with EasyCash?

You can get offers through daily cashback offers, referrals via platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp, Android apps download, etc.

How Much You Can Earn with EasyCash?

You can earn up to INR 1000-2000 daily with this Paytm money earning app

  • Refer and earn cash INR 10
  • INR 5 for simple tasks

Where Can You Redeem Points?

You can withdraw a minimum of INR 5 and up to any maximum value

  • Paytm
  • Bank account
  • UPI

Demerits of EasyCash

  • It does not provide any reward even when you download the required apps
  • Takes a lot of time while transferring money
  • Does not update the record of completed tasks in real time

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  1. EarnEasy24

Earn Easy instant paytm cash earning app

EarnEasy24 Paytm money earning app lets users download apps and get rewards in the form of cash and discounts while shopping on sites like Myntra. Referrals can be made through various communication apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

You need to simply update your bank account or UPI ID details. You can check your reward in My Account section of payments.

How to Earn Money with EarnEasy24?

You can earn Paytm cash by downloading offers, referrals, downloading tool of your choice, and completing other tasks. You can also get mobile recharges, train and movie ticket bookings, online shopping, etc.

How Much You Can Earn with EarnEasy24?

  • You can earn up to INR 1000-3000 per day.
  • INR 50 on app sign up
  • INR 10 on referral and INR 5 on completing a task

Where Can You Redeem Points on EarnEasy24?

On collecting INR 200, you can withdraw INR 50. You can get cash within 24 hours post withdrawal request

  • Bank transfer
  • UPI
  • Paytm
  • Discounts

Demerits of EarnEasy

  • It shows too many ads at the time of redeeming points
  • The app does not show the task history of completed tasks

Apps to Earn Paytm Wallet Money by Walking

If you want to earn Paytm cash without investment by just walking, the best option is mentioned next.

  1. Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan Paytm earning and entertainment app lets users make and withdraw money daily by reading news and doing other simple tasks. It has a simple user interface. It also lets you access sites for fantasy leagues, jobs, shopping, etc.

The app has a step counter for walks, free games, and regular horoscopes. You can easily contact the support team in case of issues.

How to Earn Money with Roz Dhan?

You get Paytm cash for the first login post installation. You can also get instant cashback through simple user tasks like watching ads, walking, checking horoscope for the day, reading news articles, playing games, inviting friends, and surveys.

How Much You Can Earn with Roz Dhan?

You can earn INR 200-300 daily which includes

  • INR 50 for first login
  • INR 30 for tasks
  • INR 12 for login via referral

Where You Can Redeem Points on Roz Dhan?

You can withdraw Wallet cash to Paytm after the first two days on the app. You can get instant cash by performing tasks. If you reach a total of INR 300, you can withdraw the cash earned through any means via this Paytm money earning app.

Demerits of Roz Dhan

  • You need to complete the prime task in addition to other tasks to redeem money.
  • You can only start withdrawing money when you invite 50 people to use the app.
  • Many users have found that the app asks you to complete the task even when you have completed it.

Instant Apps to Earn Paytm Cash by Review

Some of the best Paytm cash earning apps based on reviews are:

  1. Cash Panda


Cash Panda is a Paytm money earning app that allows users to earn cash whenever they want in fun and easy ways. Once you create an account, you get several Paytm earn money offers per day that you can complete without needing tutorials. There are no discounts or gift cards, so customers only buy what they need with cash.

How to Earn Money with Cash Panda?

The payouts are quick, and you can earn Panda coins by simple tasks like:

  • Daily check-ins
  • inviting friends by sharing invitation code on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, etc.
  • Watching videos
  • Downloading other apps
  • Clicking on ads
  • Playing Spin to Win (0-10 coins)
  • Completing ‘Hot offers’ from sponsors
  • Completing surveys
  • Giving reviews
  • Free trials and apps installation

How Much Can You Earn?

You can earn INR 250 per day by spending some time on the app.

Where Can You Redeem Points?

You can redeem your credits at:

  • Paytm
  • PayPal

Demerits of Cash Panda

  • The app freezes when you are completing the task
  • You cannot redeem your coins in PayPal account
  1. Crownit

Crownit enables users to take surveys and be a part of initiatives by over 100 brands to improve their solution through feedback and product research/ development. The surveys are 10-15 minutes long and cover all aspects of a product. You can even upload your day-to-day bills like cabs, restaurants, utilities, and more for rewards from rush tickets.

How to Earn Money with Crownit?

You can earn rewards by taking online surveys that match your demographics, playing games like Tambola and Birdie Rush via rush tickets, rapid fire quizzes, and more. You can also take someone else’s prize if they forget to claim it within the stipulated time.

How Much You Can Earn with Crownit?

You can earn 500 Paytm cash instantly through scratch cards and other rewards worth thousands of rupees on the app.

Where You Can Redeem Points on Crownit?

Scratch cards to win vouchers, and bumper prizes like Google Chromecast and iPhone.

Demerits of Crownit

  • The app takes a lot of time in loading games to play
  • This app changes its terms and conditions frequently
  • With the latest update, its performance has degraded

Instant Apps to Earn Paytm Cash by Reading News

  1. mCash


mCash Paytm earning app enables users to complete fun activities and get rewards instantly for a seamless experience. It pays you to read new articles, which also helps you stay up to date with the latest happenings worldwide. You can purchase items from sites like Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and more through vouchers the vouchers you earn on this app.

How to Earn Money with mCash?

You can earn cash by reading news, simple user tasks like app installations and registrations, completing surveys, inviting friends, playing games.

How Much Can You Earn with mCash?

  • Win earnings are around INR 100-500 daily
  • INR 10 to log in for the first 7 days
  • INR 5 on invitation-based login

Where You Can Redeem Points on mCash?

You can withdraw coins in the form of cash after finishing 3 easy tasks via:

  • Cash for a minimum redeem value of INR 5
  • PayPal
  • Gift vouchers and cards

Demerits of mCash

  • Every time users try to redeem coins; it shows they have completed one more task.
  • It takes a lot of time to process reward redeeming transactions

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By using the apps mentioned in this blog for a few hours per day, you can easily earn small amounts of cash. Apart from apps, free Paytm cash websites are also popular these days.

If you do not want to install the app, you can use daily Paytm cash earning app and websites. The money withdrawal process is also simple and you are free to spend the amount on anything you like.

Questions Related to Paytm Money Earning App

  1. How can I earn money from Paytm app?

    There are multiple ways to earn money from Paytm app like becoming a service agent and upselling products on the platform. You can also earn a commission by recharging customers’ mobile phones, paying electricity bills, booking hotel tickets, and so on.

  2. Which app is best for earning Paytm cash?

    There are various apps that you can use to earn cash that lets you withdraw the earned money in different bank accounts. Some of the best apps that you can use for this purpose are Frizza, CashBoss, Pocket Money, TaskBucks, MakeDhan, and so on.

  3. How to earn 500 rupees instantly?

    If you want to earn 500 rupees instantly, then you can use various reward or cash earning apps. These apps let you complete different tasks to earn rewards. Some of these apps include EasyCash, OneAd, PocketCharge, TaskBucks, MakeDhan, etc.

  4. How to earn 30000 from Paytm?

    If you want to earn 30000 from Paytm, you can become its service agent. You can either take it as a full-time or part-time job. Your role will be selling products on the platform, onboarding merchants, and placing QR codes in the shops, etc.

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