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  1. What is Affiliate Marketing Software?
  2. The benefits of Affiliate Marketing Software
  3. Features of Affiliate Marketing Software
  4. Popular Affiliate Marketing Software
  5. Implementation of Affiliate Marketing Software

What is Affiliate Marketing Software?

Affiliate marketing software is a application designed to enable users to track, monitor and manage all the marketing campaigns, traffic and earned commission within a single platform. The software allows users to connect with different marketers and publishers easily. In addition to that, it also helps users to handle payouts, tracking sales, tracking links, and manage affiliate programs efficiently.

Automated affiliate marketing software stores all the tracking data enabling advertisers and affiliates to optimize strategy and campaigns. It helps advertisers to review the type of visitors on their websites and analyze that data for better lead generation.

In a nutshell, the goal of using affiliate marketing software is to manage all the aspects of the affiliate marketing campaign promptly and efficiently.

The benefits of Affiliate Marketing Software

Affiliate marketers can benefit a lot from the use of the best affiliate marketing software. Some of them are enumerated below.

  1. Data Storing and Tracking: Manually storin data related to transactions, payments, visitors, conversions, traffic sources, etc. could become tiresome for the affiliate marketers. However, the software has multiple tools allowing users to store and analyze all data to improve their affiliate marketing campaigns.
  2. Setting up and optimizing Campaigns: Another benefit of using affiliate marketing software is that it can help affiliates to set up new and optimize existing marketing campaigns easily. The users can optimize pages, tracking pages, collect customer data and much more
  3. Prevent and Detect Fraud: The affiliates get commission every time the link to the product on their website is clicked or opened. Hence, affiliates might also use fraudulent practices to generate traffic on their website to earn more. However, the software helps in preventing such practices by identifying fake IP addresses, geo mismatches, inconsistent browser sessions, etc.
  4. Better Lead Conversion: One of the foremost benefits of using affiliate management software is that it can help affiliates and merchants with better lead conversion and boost revenue. Affiliates create multiple links to drive users to the merchant’s site. In this way, for every click they get commission and merchants get valuable customers for their products and services.
  5. Facilitates Commission Payments: The affiliate marketing system facilitates commission payments for marketers. Most software supports multiple payment modes such as digital wallet, debit card, credit card, making it convenient for users to receive and make payments. Moreover, the tools also support payment in several currencies to facilitate easy payment.
  6. Integrate with third party systems: One of the major reasons to use the affiliate management software is that it can be integrated with several other software to import or feed data. The users can integrate the software with customer support, customer relationship, and email marketing tools to engage better with the customers and improve the marketing campaigns.

Features of Affiliate Marketing Software

Every affiliate marketing software would have different features. However, here are some common key features users can find within affiliate marketing software.

  1. Monitoring Campaigns: Affiliate solutions monitor and analyze the running of marketing campaigns. The software allows users to improve marketing campaigns by analyzing sales patterns, lead conversion rate, tracking links, etc.
  2. Real-Time Data Analysis: The software generates reports and results depending upon the real time data analysis. The users can analyze conversion timing and rates, variance reports, click level details, etc., in real time. It also aids the users in utilizing real time data analysis to quickly optimize campaigns.
  3. Fraud Protecting: Running marketing campaigns with affiliates might also encourage fraudulent practices such as fake lead conversion and visitor traffic. However, the software helps to detect such practices by analyzing browser sessions, fake IP addresses, etc. In this way, users can trace fake affiliates with the anti-fraud protection software.
  4. Customized Dashboard: Users can create and use customized dashboards to view the data on deals, payments, lead conversion, website traffic information, etc. The users can customize all dashboards to view all the information in a simple format.
  5. Multiple Affiliate Programs: Users can run multiple affiliate programs from a single dashboard. It is a great feature especially when the company wants to expand their marketing programs in the future. The users can work on multiple marketing campaigns within a single platform.
  6. Different Affiliate tracking options: The program provides users with different types of affiliate tracking options other than using the site cookies. The users can use flash cookies and IP address along with cookies to track the visitor data on their website within this software.
  7. User-Friendly Interface: The automated affiliate marketing software has an easy-to-use interface that can be easily used by marketers with minimal technical knowledge.
  8. Mobile Support: Most of the affiliate management systems mobile support features that allow users to work on their marketing campaigns right from their smartphones than relying only on the desktops. It makes it easy for users to oversee their marketing activities from anywhere and anytime.

Popular Affiliate Marketing Software

  1. Refersion: It is one of the best affiliate software in the market helping users with dashboard customization, API documentation, tax automation, commission payouts, etc.
  2. Post Affiliate Pro: It is an affiliate tool that provides the users with a customizable interface, real-time data reporting, excellent customer support, etc.
  3. Tapfiliate: The affiliate software is designed to help users improve the marketing campaign with features like sales tracking links, coupons, custom integrations, real-time program reporting, etc.
  4. LeadDyno: The affiliate management tool offers several tracking options, customizable payment methods, real-time commission tracking options, etc.
  5. Everflow: Everflow is a popular affiliate solution best suited for immediate cart setup, 24/7 customer service, direct linking, impression tracking and analyzing, etc.
  6. TUNE: TUNE affiliate tool can be used by users for real time reporting, quick link generation, activity tracking, separate affiliate management, etc.

Implementation of Affiliate Marketing Software

The new affiliate marketing software can be implemented in the following steps.

  1. You need to procure the right type of affiliate software that aligns with your affiliate marketing goals.
  2. Once installed, you need to customize and configure all the features to meet your marketing processes and requirements.
  3. Next, you need to sync and integrate data with other existing software to streamline overall marketing operations.
  4. You must familiarize your team with the software and the right ways to use it.
  5. You should test the software throughout the implementation procedure to ensure all its features work smoothly.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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Narrato Workspace

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Narrato Workspace is a content creation, collaboration & workflow management platform that brings all your content p... Read More About Narrato Workspace

Cake PMS

The choice for the best affiliate marketing software in India depends on multiple factors such as cost and features. However, some of the best affiliate solutions for users are Impact, Tapfiliate, Affise, Awin, and Cake.

An affiliate marketing tracking software works by helping users in monitoring and improving their marketing efforts with real time data analysis.

The affiliate solution performs multiple functions such as tracking visitors' data, analyzing sales patterns, real time data analyses, improving affiliate marketing efforts, etc.

For all those people who have just started working in affiliate marketing can use Affiliatly, PartnerStack, iDevAffiliate, and FlexOffers software to improve their marketing campaigns.



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