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What is Chatbot Software?

Chatbot Software technology is an AI-powered conversational tool that depends on natural language processing and natural language understanding for enhancing customer services and boosting a brand's image. It helps to automate cha... Read Buyer’s Guideimg

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Orai-Robotics Business Chatbot

Orai-Robotics Business Chatbot

Brand: Orai-Robotics

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ORAI is a global conversational AI platform that provides omnichannel customer engagement services to businesses across healthcare, manufacturing, educati... Read More About Orai-Robotics Business Chatbot img


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Easyrewardz Shopster

Easyrewardz Shopster

Brand: EasyRewardz Software

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Shopster by Easyrewardz is a Conversational Commerce solution helping businesses provide customers a delightful shopping experience and increase sales via... Read More About Easyrewardz Shopster img

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Brand: Freshworks

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Freshchat is live chat software for websites to boost customer engagement rates. It provides an interpersonal way to connect with customers through a hig... Read More About Freshchat img


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Brand: Reve Chat


4.8 out of 5

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REVE Chat is a powerful and intuitive live chat software for website. It allows your agents to personally guide and help visitors, while they go through th... Read More About REVE Chat img


TheFinansol Customer Service Chatbot

TheFinansol Customer Service Chatbot

Brand: TheFinansol

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TheFinansol Customer Service Chatbot is one of the best conversational AI platform software that provides efficient calendar management so that you know ex... Read More About TheFinansol Customer Service Chatbot img


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LivePerson AI Powered Chatbots

LivePerson AI Powered Chatbots

Brand: LivePerson

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LivePerson AI Powered Chatbots is a complete Live Chat Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Live Chat Software for Web-Based... Read More About LivePerson AI Powered Chatbots img

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Brand: Intercom

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Intercom Live Chatis a complete Live Chat Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Live Chat Software for has a simple interface... Read More About Intercom img

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Engati Chatbot

Engati Chatbot

Brand: Engati


4.8 out of 5

(10 user reviews)

Engati Chatbot is a complete Website Development Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Website Development Tools for Web-Based ha... Read More About Engati Chatbot img

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Tidio Chatbots

Tidio Chatbots

Brand: Tidio

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Tidio Chatbots is a complete Live Chat Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Live Chat Software for Web-Based has a simple int... Read More About Tidio Chatbots img

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BMC Helix Chatbot

BMC Helix Chatbot

Brand: BMC

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The BMC Helix Chatbot is a popular and effective self-service channel, using which companies can remove the extra workload from their service desk staff w... Read More About BMC Helix Chatbot img

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Chatbot Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Yes, chatbot is a software used for simulating human-like conversations with customers and employees through text to text or text to speech interaction. It is used for customer handling, pre-sales and post-sales processes and helpdesk routing.

Some of the best AI chatbot software are: Zendesk Chatbot Freshdesk Chatbot LogMeIn Chatbot Livezilla Chatbot Zoho Desk Chatbot LiveAgent Chatbot

Some of the best AI based chatbot software solutions are: ManyChat Chatfuel Zendesk Answer Bot Drift Tars Mobile Monkey

Buyer's Guide for Top Chatbot Software

Found our list of Chatbot Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What are Chatbots?
  • Why Chatbot is Important?
  • What Types of Businesses Use Chatbots?
  • What is Chatbot Software?
  • What are the Features of Chatbot Software?
  • 7 Benefits of Chatbot Software
  • Who Uses AI Bot Software
  • Chatbot Trends to Consider
  • What Is The Best Chatbot Software?
  • How to Buy the Best Chatbot Software for Website?

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are AI-powered intelligent tools used for interacting with website visitors and customers. Chatbots are the first line of technical, sales, and customer support for many businesses. Bot building software detects the website visitors’ intent to help businesses engage with customers before forwarding their concerns to live agents.

Why Chatbot is Important?

A chatbot is important for streamlining the first level of communication between customers and your company. It is an automated tool for ensuring a quick response to customers’ queries 24x7 and boosting business growth. Chatbots are used majorly for customer service. AI bots are also used for information collection and request routing.

Why Chatbots are we further?

  • Customers prefer texting over calls in many cases
  • Instant and live 24/7 support helps build customer’s trust
  • Best for processing product exchange and return requests
  • Helps in building a remarkable customer services experience
  • Personalized interaction in multiple languages
  • Powerful chatbots help save the cost in setting up a large customer support team
  • Customer services personnel can focus on more complex queries while common issues can be addressed by chatbots.

What Types of Businesses Use Chatbots?

Chatbots are the norm if you want to provide efficient services and build a positive customer experience. AI bots also help in collecting feedback for your brand & its offerings and boosting customer loyalty. Marketing professionals across industries use chatbots for higher leads and sales generation.

Chatbots are pervasive because their usage is not limited to just one industry. They are trusted solutions for:

  • Insurance companies
  • Finance vendors
  • Hospitality industry
  • Real estate companies
  • Restaurants and food chains
  • Healthcare industry, and more

What is Chatbot Software?

The bot software mimics human conversations to make them appear like a live person-to-person interaction. Chatbot solution helps make the entire customer interaction process prompt and solution-driven via text to text or text to speech interaction. An AI bot software communicates to its clients as much as possible before escalating it to a live agent for further solutions.

AI-powered Chatbot solution is popularly used by customer service teams, marketing teams for data collection, and helpdesk teams for routing customer queries to the right agent.

What are the Features of Chatbot Software?

  • Natural Language Understanding: AI bot software used to previously work on set algorithms but now it functions based on NLU or natural language understanding so that answers can be given based on context and are not just pre-set replies.
  • Query Segmentation: Bot building software helps with organizing common queries and creating quick replies for those. It helps in resolving customer queries instantly.
  • Pre-built events: AI chatbot software supports prebuilt events to trigger right conversations at the right time with the users. The module has been designed to ensure a precise conversational experience.
  • Chatbot journey mapping: AI bot software helps customers get the answer to their queries with chatbot journey mapping. Chatbot mapping is done with a step-wise process to provide an apt answer to what your customers are looking for.
  • Human fallback mechanism: Anytime the conversation seems to be moving in a direction that may require human intervention, the chatbot platform immediately transfers these chats to the right executive.
  • Custom variables: Chatbot tool saves data in the form of custom variables so that you can create user profiles for an enhanced future chatting process.
  • Automated workflows: Chatbot solution depends on a network of bot flows to understand an incoming customer's concerns. This is the most important function for ensuring more dynamic and agile conversations based on past interactions.
  • Diverse media interactions: To the chat flows, add visual elements like carousels, emojis, videos and such to make messaging more interactive for the users.
  • Integration with CRM: The chatbot CRM integration can help in creating prompt conversation workflow with prospects and customers. This can help in solving complex issues faster and increasing sales.
  • Emotional intelligence: AI-powered chatbots are considered emotionally intelligent, which understand the tone and emotion of customers and reply accordingly.
  • Serve multiple purposes: Along with automated replies, chatbot solutions also help with other functions like providing customer service, sharing the knowledge base for self-resolution of queries, cross-selling and upselling.

7 Benefits of Chatbot Software

  • Chat widgets for improved sales: Chatbot software for the website supports chat widgets that in turn provide conversational forms so that you can start selling directly from this widget. This leads to higher sales and acquiring newer customers.
  • Customized greetings & personalized look: Chatbot tools let you personalize the theme and color of your website as per your brand’s look. Plus, you can prepare beautiful greetings for encouraging visitors to connect with you.
  • Improved customer handling: Chatbots simulate human-like interaction and assist your customers in making purchase decisions and handling their queries after the sales.
  • 24x7 customer support: Bots are designed to provide automated replies to common questions any time of the day. With the proactive approach, businesses can address more customer queries in less time.
  • Derive customer data & insights: Customer’s tone and intent can be analyzed through chatbot platforms, which can be used to improve your customer service. Chatbots can also ask a few questions to the customers to understand their purpose.
  • Generate leads & nurture them: AI-powered chatbots help qualify leads, collect their data and analyze their intent. Further, the bots assist in moving customers through the sales funnel with customized interactions.
  • Save costs: Automated chatbot solutions are much cheaper compared to having a large team that works 24x7.

Who Uses AI Bot Software

AI bot software is used across multiple industries for improving business processes, increasing user engagement, and streamlining communication with customers. Chatbots are increasingly used across industries like retail, hospitality, finance, and education for addressing the queries of customers instantly. Corporates also use chatbots to handle employee-related queries as the team size increase with time.

Chatbot Trends to Consider

Low code chatbot apps: With chatbots software, businesses can manage the customer support, service desks, and sales processes efficiently. Also called LCAP or low-cost application development programs, AI-powered chatbots help reduce the turn-around time for resolving customer queries without much need to hire more live agents.

Aggregator bots: Aggregator bots support a unified conversational interface for managing multiple processes like accessing intranet documents, raising IT tickets, applying for leaves, etc. These bots help with conducting batch tests, training together automatically all the linked bots, handling client requests, understanding the customer's intent, and more.

Support for a remote workforce: Gartner's study says how over seventy percent of officials in higher echelons have been thinking of moving five percent of their workforce to remote working after the pandemic. There is another four percent that is planning to shift fifty percent of the employees to remote working. Dedicated chatbots help with the crucial function of addressing new talent and handling employee concerns.

What Is The Best Chatbot Software?

Let us have a look at the best chatbot platforms available for simulating conversations:

Zendesk Chatbot: Zendesk is an AI-powered chatbot critical for creating automated responses to customer queries. The bot-building software supports scalable and flexible APIs for giving your customers the best conversational experience.

Freshdesk Chatbot: Freshdesk chatbot is used by businesses to create an interactive and streamlined communication experience. Freshdesk chatbot software for websites makes use of natural language processing to understand the users’ intent and context.

LogMeIn Chatbot: Automate the process of interacting with customers using the LogMeIn chatbot. The AI integrated chatbot helps businesses provide excellent customer services support. You can use the LogMeIn chatbot for auto-routing helpdesk tickets, providing self-services, and ensuring ticket volume deflection and seamless chat handovers to live agents.

Livezilla Chatbot: LiveZilla chatbot offers a virtual assistant that ensures exceptional customer chat services. The chatbot platform supports APIs to ensure the best chat required to facilitate the sales process. The software offers advanced features for handling multiple customer queries simultaneously.

Zoho Desk Chatbot: Zoho Desk is a fully functional AI-powered chatbot for offering personalized services to your website visitors based on their intent. The NLP-driven AI chatbot makes use of the inbuilt resource libraries for segregating and analyzing customer queries. Other key capabilities of the software include lead scoring, answer & custom bots, screen sharing, remote access, and audio calling.

LiveAgent Chatbot: LiveAgent chatbot software for websites helps businesses develop an intuitive interaction platform for customer interaction. The software emulates natural conversations for communicating effectively with clients and customers. LiveAgent also offers a universal inbox for emails along with hybrid ticket streams, automatic ticket distribution, contact fields, and time tracking.

How to Buy the Best Chatbot Software for Website?

An ideal AI bot software has to have functionalities that help with your business processes. To make the best choice, consider the following factors before selecting a hot building software:

  • Easy interface: Customers are already perplexed because of some issue they might be facing. You wouldn’t want them to go through a complicated chatbot. Therefore, select a chatbot tool that is easy to navigate, aesthetically appealing, engaging, and proactive.
  • Targeted purpose: Bot creation software has to offer the exact solution that your business is looking for. It is necessary to establish agile and relevant results.
  • Customization features: Customization helps personalize your widgets into the desired color, shape, and size so that chatbots look like an extension of your business brand.
  • Omnichannel capabilities: Make sure the AI bot software that you select can be deployed across multiple messaging platforms for easily aggregating conversations on a single platform for all customer agents.
  • Chatbot analytics: These analytics are critical for analyzing customer data so that detailed insights can be generated for higher sales and better business outcomes.
  • Human-like approach: A chatbot tool must provide all the solutions that a user is asking for by analyzing their tone and context.
  • Personalized response to customer queries: Those catboats which provide customized approaches to customer queries based on the context t=of users can be quite useful.
  • Secure customer data: Look for a chatbot platform that ensures complete privacy of customers’ data.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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