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by : Freshworks

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Brand: Freshworks

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, MacOS

Free Trial Available: No

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Freshchat Software Overview

What is Freshchat? 

Freshchat is live chat software for websites to boost customer engagement rates. It provides an interpersonal way to connect with customers through a highly integrative social messenger. The software is capable of unifying multiple channels of communication into one. This helps agents to access chat requests from different platforms without getting confused. Agents can simply select the channel that they want to take chat requests from and start working on it on the fly. With the help of Freshchat chat software, businesses exchanged around 20 billion messages per month in the year of 2019. 

Freshchat live chat software has an AI-powered engine which provides triggered messages to website visitors and encourage them to explore product pages, add items to the cart and subscribe for the newsletter. These chatbots help organizations boost engagement and not let visitors go unattended even during after-office hours. Freshchat bots further help qualify leads based on designed workflows. You can also trigger emails to visitors based on their actions on your page.

What is so unique about Freshchat integrations?

Freshchat offers a highly integrative interface for companies to collect customers from as many platforms as possible. Freshchat integrations include: 

  1. Line
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. WhatsApp business
  4. Apple Business Chat
  5. Websites 
  6. Mobile applications

Freshchat works as a single integrating platform to source contact, chat requests, queries, from different sources to ease the work of your sales representatives. The AI-powered engine of Freshchat, also helps to quicken the response mechanism with precise answers and generating follow-up requests with conversations based on intent. Best of all, Freshchat allows agents to send GIFs, videos, images, audios, and documents to the prospects to drive positive responses. 

What are key Freshchat live chat software features? 

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Freshchat chat software:

  1. Chat messenger
  2. Application integration
  3. AI engine for strengthened automated responses
  4. Marketing campaign
  5. Simultaneous engagement with multiple customers 

What is Freshchat pricing? 

Freshchat pricing is available in 6 different plans, these are: 

  1. Blossom – ₹1399/- per month per user 
  2. Garden – ₹ 2799/- per month per user 
  3. Estate – ₹ 4299/- per month per user
  4. Forest – ₹ 7199/- per month per user 
  5. Estate Omnichannel – ₹ 7199/- per month per user 
  6. Forest Omnichannel – ₹ 12199/- per month per user

Freshchat Features

  • checkbox Assignment Rules As one of the best live chat software, Freshchat allows organizations to set up chat assignment rules in the workplace for proper
  • checkbox Priority Inbox Agents can set the prioritization of messages based on follow ups, intent, and various other aspects.
  • checkbox Canned Responses This live chat software enables agents to prepare a scrip for different types of questions based regular interactions with the
  • checkbox Private Notes Agents can create private notes for interaction with other agents.
  • checkbox User Events & Timeline The live chat solution keeps a proper track of assigned tasks and events through a timeline.
  • checkbox User Segmentation Freshchat allows agents to create users’ segments and assign roles accordingly.
  • checkbox Dashboard The dashboard enables users to view the status of their work in real-time. Managers can see how many chats and follow-ups have
  • checkbox Facebook Messenger Freshchat can be integrated with Facebook messenger for faster interaction.
  • checkbox Team Inbox Lite Team Inbox Lite is a Chrome extension which allows users to process and access emails from a single point.
  • checkbox Files Freshchat supports all types of media files and documents for sending through the messenger.
  • checkbox Performance Reports This live chat software provides detailed performance report for every agent based on their daily interaction with the
  • checkbox CSAT Surveys Organizations can conduct Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey once the chat ends to explain the visitor’s experience while
  • checkbox WhatsApp Business The software integrates with WhatsApp Business to handle chats.
  • checkbox IntelliAssign IntelliAssign allows agents to automatically assign incoming messages to agents or teams by assessing the skill and conversation
  • checkbox Co-Browsing Co-Browsing module allows agents to initiate an audio call and screen sharing with customers during conversation.
  • checkbox Live Translate Agents can interact with visitors in their native language with the help of live translate feature. It automatically detects and
  • checkbox Roles & Permissions This live chat software comes in four different roles, these are: 1) Account Admin/Owner; 2) Admin; 3) Super User; 4) Agents.
  • checkbox Multilingual By default, Freshchat supports 10 different languages. Organizations can keep adding more languages as per their requirement.
  • checkbox Chat Bot Freshchat offers an AI-powered chatbot for triggered responses and address customers’ queries instantly.
  • checkbox IP Whitelisting Organizations are provided with IP whitelisting features to prevent unauthorized access to data.
  • checkbox Authentication Freshchat ensures every user working on their server is properly authenticated through the IP whitelisting and password-based
  • checkbox Email, social, chat, phone channels Freshchat helps streamline emails, chats, social media, and phone channels.
  • checkbox Agent Scripts Organizations can create an opening script for users to start a communication with their customers.
  • checkbox Speech Enabled IVR The software allows organizations to setup voice-enabled IVR management for online calls.
  • checkbox Offline Experience Agents can leave a prompt for the customers to inform them that business hours are closed and ask them to leave a message and
  • checkbox Auto-Resolve Auto-resolve feature allows users to set a timer for closing conversations for customers who are not responding.
  • checkbox Chatbot Analytics This software allows organizations to access chatbot analytics in real-time. It provides detailed assessment of the interest
  • checkbox Messaging Freshchat is built for real-time communication through live messaging.
  • checkbox Custom Reports Managers can create customized reports by controlling certain factors as per their requirements for better understanding of
  • checkbox Agent Assist AI The live chat software features an AI assistant for agents to create well-measured accurate responses.
  • checkbox Omniroute The software has an integrative interface which helps in routing chats from different sources to a single platform and distribute
  • checkbox Voicebot The software offers a voicebot for organizations to manage customers’ calls without agent support.
  • checkbox Abandoned Call Metrics Get detailed information of all the incoming calls as abandoned or missed to understand whether the planned call flow is

Freshchat Plans & Pricing

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Freshchat Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows, MacOS
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Freshchat FAQ

Q. Where does Freshchat save all the information? arrow

A. Freshchat uses cloud storage system to save all the workflow information.

Q. Is my data safe with Freshchat? arrow

A. Yes, Freshchat follows GDPR regulations to ensure high quality data protection services for its users.

Q. Can I use Freshchat app on mobile phones? arrow

A. This live chat software has a mobile application available for both Android and iPhone platforms.

Q. Can I set multiple business hours in Freshchat? arrow

A. Yes, but this feature is only available for Estate plan users.

Q. How to get a demo for Freshchat? arrow

A. Please request a call to get the demo for yourself. Our sales person will give live demo for the software.

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