15 Interesting Facts about Live Chat Software No One Told You Before

15 Interesting Facts about Live Chat Software No One Told You Before-feature image

In today’s day and age, online businesses have seen a significant increase in their popularity. As more people turn to online businesses for their daily shopping needs, the demand for better user experience is on the rise. This is where live chat software comes in.

Live chat software has proven instrumental in providing exceptional customer service. With the help of live chat web, customers can get their different queries answered in a short span. Chat software has also significantly boosted conversion rate and led to better sales for online businesses.

15 Live Chat Software Facts

If you have not adopted chat software for your website yet, here’re 15 interesting facts about chat software for web that will leave you with second thoughts.

  • Live chat on site provides better customer support

According to a recent report, almost 80% of businesses have confirmed that using live chat for their business has boosted their revenue and improved customer loyalty.

For example: healthcare institutes making use of web chat software allow patients to easily schedule or cancel their medical appointments.

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  • Web chat software helps create a positive image

A recent report states that close to 50% people chose live chat online as the best way to communicate with a company.

Businesses can create a great first impression on customers by using live chat platforms to solve their grievances as quickly as possible.

  • Best live chat tool software saves costs for your business

Businesses using live chat on web can reach out to customers visiting their website through a single platform only.

For example: Fresh out of school students can get in touch with educational counsellor to get guidance about their career using live chat tools.

  • Live chat software enables real time conversations

Chat software enables both customers and chat executives to engage in real time conversations. As per a recent statistic, more than 40% customers prefer live chat as means of communication with the support team.

  • Live chat web solution drives in more sales

A report estimates that more than 50% customers visit a website again if it makes use of live chat software. Better service through live chat can help convert these visitors into customers, thus boosting your sales.

For example: Online customers are inclined to buy again from an ecommerce site if it provided them the right kind of guidance about their preferred categories of products through live chat on site.

  • Live chat software widget has flexible placement

Live chat provides the option of placing the chat box as per your requirement. For example, you can place the chat box at the checkout page or on the cart section etc.

  • Customers want faster response from live chat software

A report suggests that after raising their first query through web chat software, customers expect a response in under 10 minutes.

  • Best live chat software keeps customers’ data safe

Web chat software is an efficient and hassle-free way for customers to interact with your customer care executives without having to download any additional application.

  • Live chat software aids in staff training

By analyzing a chat executive’s response to a customer on chat software, you can understand the mistakes your live chat team is making in terms of customer support. You can make a template of customer friendly responses and train executives to use them for better customer experience.

  • Helps create long-lasting relationship with customers

A 2019 report puts the number of customers satisfied with instant chat software between 80%- 90%. If you provide quick resolution to a customer’s complaint or query, it builds a positive image in their mind regarding your brand.

  • Live chat software allows for interactive conversation

By using live chat on site, chat executives can adapt different styles to converse with different sets of customers. For example: using instant chat software, they can talk to a customer in their native language, use emojis to communicate better, etc.

  • Live chat is a helpful addition to Frequently Asked Question section

If you add the option of live chat on site in the FAQ section, customers can contact you in case they don’t find an answer to their question.

  • Customers prefer to talk to real humans than chatbots

Recent reports reflect that almost 70% of customers prefer talking to human agents rather than automated chatbots, as they expect human agents to provide unique solution to their queries.

  • Live chat software increases order values

As per latest reports, order values of customers who used live chat on site is almost 5 times more than those who don’t use chat software.

  • Live chat software is compatible with mobile devices

The best live chat on site works on android and iOS devices too, ensuring that customer care executives can handle customers even after their shift ends.


These 15 facts establish that live chat is most suitable for improving customer services, enhancing user experience and boosting sales of an online business.

Published On: July 17, 2020

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