5 Best CRM Software: You Should Consider for Sales & Marketing Teams


You always wanted to find new avenues and improve the performance of your sales team. Now, with the right sales CRM tools, you can turn your vision of exponential business growth into reality. Let’s find out the benefits that CRM software for sales can offer to your business.

What are the Major Functions of Sales CRM Software

sales and marketing software

The best CRM software for your sales and marketing teams will help streamline the entire sales funnel to ensure faster and higher conversions. CRM for sales teams helps majorly with the following functions:

  1. CRM Lead Management

CRM lead management software automates different processes related to lead capturing, qualifying leads based on their demographics and psychographics, and engaging with them. With Sales customer relationship management tools, you can manage:

  • Lead tracking & capture
  • Lead qualification
  • Lead distribution
  • Lead Engagement
  1. Email Management

The use of CRM software for email selling and communication is quite popular. Sales CRM software provides a complete access to the email interaction with prospects and customers and provides access to your contacts.

  • Email integration with third-party apps so that you can create, share and track marketing emails directly through your CRM software.
  • Helps automate follow-up stages with the leads to nurture their buying journey.
  • Sales customer relationship management tools further help in tracking the performance of your emails; who opened them, who engaged with which links, etc.
  1. Pipeline Management

Sales pipeline CRM management is important to visualize where your qualified leads are positioned in the buying journey at a given time. Accordingly, you can guide them towards buying and closing the deal faster. Sales management CRM helps with:

  • Identifying quality prospects
  • Creating a list of leads to focus on
  • Monitoring the performance of your sales team
  • Defining customized strategies for different prospects
  • Closing deals faster

How Does CRM Software Help in Sales

Every $1 spent on CRM = $8.71 in revenue (Source: Nucleus Research)

How is sales CRM software solution simplifying the tasks of sales professionals? Why is the sales team of your competitor spending less time on admin tasks & more time on engaging with prospects? Let’s find out. Your competitors must be using sales customer relationship management software to:

  • Segment your prospects into categories & identify opportunities
  • Analyse the needs of customers
  • Plan sales moves accordingly
  • Prepare beforehand for new sales opportunities
  • Create weekly & monthly reports to track sales performance
  • Analyse sales patterns and create strategies accordingly.

How to Choose the Best Sales CRM Software

Choose Best Sales CRM Software

Are you tired of managing your sales team manually? Are you not getting enough data to track their performance? It’s time to invest in the right sales customer relationship management software! Remember to consider these factors while selecting the best sales customer relationship management software for your business.

  • Simplicity

Evaluate different CRM features and take online demo of different sales CRM options to find the one that is simple to use. It’s advised to involve your core team during the software demo, so that everyone is on the same page.

  • Affordability

After simplicity of a sales lead management software, what matters the most for any small or mid-sized business is affordability. Weigh on the cost of different sales customer relationship management options to make a pocket-friendly decision.

  • Relevancy

Check that the sales customer relationship management software you are opting for provides enough automation tools to manage marketing campaigns, lead management, pipeline management, email integration, etc. These functions are relevant to ensure better experience for your sales teams and customers.

Our Best Picks for Sales CRM in 2020

Here are the best picks for CRM software in 2020:

  • Best CRM Software for Startups: Freshsales

As soon as a website visitor fills your web form, he qualifies as a lead. The lead score and contact details get updated on Freshsales CRM for automatic distribution to the sales team. This will help your sales team initiate the conversation with leads faster and serve their requirements accordingly.

  1. Helps generate the best sales leads
  2. Initiate personalized conversation with them at every stage of the sales funnel
  3. Use emails to define the path of a prospect through the buying journey
  4. Manage the entire sales pipeline with accuracy
  • Best Free CRM Software: HubSpot

HubSpot is a free CRM software, which helps in getting in-depth insights about the contacts, managing sales pipeline and tracking the performance of your sales team. This free CRM software provides features for everyone – sales leaders, sales reps, marketers, customer service teams, and more.

  1. Provides real-time visibility into sales pipeline
  2. Helps with deals tracking
  3. Provides in-depth insights about leads
  4. Offers an insightful reporting dashboard
  • Best Overall: Zoho Sales CRM

Zoho CRM is one of the best sales CRM software for sales force automation. You can manage sales appointments, follow-up processes through SMS and emails, track the progress of leads and grab every sales opportunity with Zoho CRM. Thus, you sales reps can focus on nurturing leads and closing deals.

  1. Helps generate & manage leads
  2. Provides visibility into the sales pipeline
  3. Detailed accounts for contacts to understand their requirements
  4. Automated workflows
  • Best Value-for-Money: Agile CRM

Agile CRM provides modern features and integrations to help small businesses manage their sales, customer service and marketing teams from a single platform. Agile sales CRM is not just available with the basic free plan but is also easy to implement and simple to use.

  1. Helps with appointment scheduling
  2. Assists with better task management
  3. Supports voicemail automation
  4. Tracks the status of your leads in the marketing funnel
  • Best CRM Software for Enterprises: Salesforce CRM

Enterprises often rely on Salesforce CRM software to develop lasting relationships with their customers. It also helps identify new prospects, understand their pain points and pitch customized solutions.

  1. Generate more leads and close deals
  2. Increase customer loyalty and retain existing customers
  3. Data-driven insights to improve sales performance

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Frequently Asked Questions About CRM Software

  1. Who can benefit from sales CRM software?

    CRM software can be used by different teams to manage their marketing, sales and business development processes. Your business relationship with all types of external parties, your prospects or customers can be managed with a CRM system.

  2. What is mobile CRM?

    With mobile CRM, you can view your sales pipeline and track interactions with leads directly from your mobile or tablet even when you are on the go.

  3. How is cloud CRM useful for modern-day businesses?

    Cloud CRM ensures faster accessibility to data related to the sales pipeline and the deal status anytime and from anywhere.

In the Post COVID-19 World, What to Expect?

Now that the pandemic has transformed the way businesses interact with their clients and employees, the importance of sales customer relationship management cannot be ignored! Field sales is quickly being replaced by inbound sales to achieve sustainable revenue. In this scenario, only the best sales CRM software can help ensure personalized interaction with leads via email and other channels.

CRM for sales can help reduce the sales pipeline and increase conversion. For some of the best sales customer relationship management software & other software tools to facilitate your business growth in the COVID-9 era, you can refer to our exhaustive list of Remote Working Software During COVID-19.

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