How to Use Live Chat Online & Boost Sales Through Your Website

How to Use Live Chat Online & Boost Sales Through Your Website-feature image
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As the market is being constantly changed due to ever increasing potential of online businesses, the live chat online feature is a prominent factor to improve your sales record.

As per latest reports, more than 50% of customers return to a website offering live chat online feature.

No online business and website can claim that they can convert each person visiting their platform into a potential customer. However, online modern businesses should aim to provide a better customer experience through live web chatting. The enhanced user experience often results in better sales!

In the healthcare industry, live chat online has proven quite helpful for patients to quickly schedule appointments and share personal health related issues with their doctors in a secure manner.

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How Businesses Are Increasing Website Sales through Live Chat

Here we list some important ways in which businesses nowadays are increasing their website sales through live chat online.

  • Personalized conversations

A report last year brought forth the point that more than 80% of people are not comfortable interacting with a chatbot and would rather have a human to solve their grievances. Putting a human executive behind live chat online to interact with your customers can prove to be quite effective in increasing the engagement.

  • Proactive appearance of live chat online dialogue box

The success of live chat online feature lies in how quickly it appears to your website visitors. The proactive strategy means that you initiate a conversation with your web visitors and show them you are easily available to solve all their queries.


During the admission season, institutes offering professional courses can use online live chat can interact with students in real time and resolve their enrolment related queries instantly. This will increase the chances of more deserving candidates coming onboard.

  • Designing a better interface for live chat online

As per recent estimates, more than 75% people prefer live chat online because of quick responses to their queries. This can be utilized for driving more sales by designing a better interface for your live chat window.

A better interface will help build trust with new customers and make them feel comfortable interacting with your company agents. Live chat online windows can also be used for branding purposes.

  • Tying your live chat online feature with social media websites

A significant proportion of your customers may come across your business through social media and they might be raising their queries on those websites. By integrating your social media platforms with live chat online, you can easily cater to their grievances, give timely responses and increase your online sales.

Live Chat Best Practices for Conversion Rate Optimization

Online businesses are judged by their ability to convert people visitors surfing their website into potential customers. Although it is impossible to achieve 100 percent conversion rate, live chat online makes it easier for you to build a wide customer base in the following steps:

  • Round the clock availability of chat executives

There is no specific time for a customer to visit your website and raise a query. Ensure that executives are available 24X7 to cater to each customer. This is also essential if your business deals with international customers who work according to their own time zone.

  • Using surveys before you start live chat online

Creation of customized surveys would help you understand which categories of your online business are most popular with your customers. And when they interact with you through live chat, you can guide them to that specific pages and products. This aids in increasing your conversion rates

  • Forming better association with regular customers

For conversion rate optimization, it is necessary that existing customers get something new whenever they visit your website. Based on their past purchases, you can suggest new products to them through live chat online and increase conversions through upsell and cross sell.

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Making use of live chat for your E-commerce company allows customers to know about deals and discounts on their favourite products. In case of a faulty product, they can lodge their complaint and initiate returns through live chat.

  • Deliver speedy responses

As per the latest reports, customers engaging with a website through live chat online expect a response in less than 10 minutes.

If your chat executives can answer a customer’s query in a quick fashion, it will leave a positive image in the mind of the customer and they are more likely to return to your website. This helps to build a loyal customer base.

  • Following up after live chatting

Following up after a live chat online is a crucial aspect of modern cloud business. This is because many customers won’t buy anything based on the first conversation.By following up on customers, there is an increased chance that they would be convinced to make the purchase. Follow ups can be done either through mails, text or a phone call.

Let’s Discuss the Importance of Live Chat in Customer Service

Great customer service is essential for the success of online business. It ensures that your customers keep coming back to your website for their future purchases. Live chat online is an important part of a company’s strategy on how to service their customers better, due to the following reasons:

  • Convenient for customers

Live chat online has a customer satisfaction rate of more than 90% This is because customers can obtain quick response and resolution to their queries.

  • Cost effective customer support

Through live chat online, businesses can answer multiple queries from several customers at the same time, saving on time and other resources.

  • Gives you advantage over your competitors

More than 40% of customers reach out to support teams through live chat. By offering better solutions to a customer’s queries in a short time period, you can surge ahead of your competitors.

  • Building sustaining relationships with customers

Through live chat online, you can build loyalty in your customers and motivate them to keep coming back to your website. This can be done by solving their queries in a quick manner and periodically following up on them regarding their experience.


In current time, all online businesses are striving to create a unique user experience. You can easily do that by making use of live chat online to get ahead of competition, offer unparalleled service to customers and boost overall sales.

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