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Mylead CRM

Mylead CRM

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What is Mylead CRM? Mylead CRM is a lead management software for businesses to manage leads and customers from different portals. The software integrates with multiple online outlets to collect lead information and aggregates it to a single platform for easy follow-up and conversion of the customer. This free lead management software is designed for different types organizations, such as: Educational institutes Sales organizations Real estate companies Travel and tourism agencies Mylead CRM allows customer management through ticketing. I.e., every time a lead is identified the system assigns a ticket to it and makes sure that the sales agent is engaged in understand the prospect’s requirements. It categorizes leads into four different levels depending on how close the agent is to close the deal with the customer, they are: Initial: When the contact is initiated Warm: Customer is showing interest in your offerings Hot: This level states that the customer is almost confirmed Won: The lead has been successfully converted This CRM software also allows organizations to setup reminders for annual maintenance charges based on the type of goods and services they are providing. Benefits of Using Mylead Lead CRM Software Here are some notable benefits of Mylead CRM software: It improves efficiency with regards to how organizations accumulate and manage their leads. The software allows sales agents to stay in touch with their customers to deliver highly satisfactory services. The CRM software automates various tasks such as lead funneling and categorizing and improves the internal team’s communication. Organizations can boost their upselling and cross-selling of products. Mylead CRM provides optimized way to market goods and services. Features Offered by Mylead CRM Lead Management Software? Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Mylead CRM system: Ticketing Three level escalation planning Case assignment Lead generation and management Sales order generation Annual Maintenance Charge follow up and collection Product inventory What is Mylead CRM Price Mylead CRM is available in three different plans, these are: Silver – ₹ 599/- per user per month Gold – ₹ 999/- per user per month Platinum – ₹ 1299/- per user per month Mylead CRM is a lead management software for businesses to manage leads and customers from different portals. The soft... Read More About Mylead CRM
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Last Updated on : 13 Jun, 2021