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What is Tawk To Software? Tawk to is a live chat software that enables you to chat with the visitors of your website as well as to monitor your website traffic in real-time. This messaging software allows you to be present for your visitors at the time when they need you the most. You can also use predefined shortcuts or customize them according to your business goals so as to facilitate. Moreover, the majority of online consumers prefer chat messaging as a form of communication with support executives. This software is designed for them. Tawk to live chat software for small business provides numerous features that you need for simplified and efficient customer support. One of the most useful features of this application is its lead management facility, which allows its users to have better advertising ROI. Tawk to provides easy one-minute set-up by copying the javascript line into your website HTML, and the chat widget starts running instantly. Benefits of Tawk To Software for Small Businesses With this software, you can initiate the chat with your website visitors in real-time, thereby building up a reliable business-customer relationship. Tawk.to organizes and manages a frictionless channel for sales conversations. It can also be easily operated from a mobile device, thereby helping you to engage with your website visitors proactively. It has integrated greetings and messages and makes responding quick and easy. Tawk to comes with built-in 27 languages, Geo IP tagging, Detailed reporting and Ban/Unban visitors tab. It is compatible with WordPress, Magento, and Joomla and gets integrated with any CRM. Tawk To Software Price Tawk To live chat software is available for free. However, you need to pay for add-ons. Tawk To video chat and screen sharing add-on is available at Rs 3500/- per month and Rs 25,000/- annually. For more pricing details, please request a callback. Our sales team will connect with you at the earliest. Other Benefits of Tawk.To Software The recent release of Tawk to software is compatible with all types of business websites that are inclined to generate positive customer feedback. This live chat software is user-friendly, and the chat interface is customizable within the local languages. It also has Triggered with the help of which you can get connected with your customers in a hassle-free manner. The latest version of the software provides in-chat translation for a flawless customer support interactivity It comes with an integrated 256SSL encryption for better security of your chats and tickets. You can even have add-ons in the latest update of Tawk to for making voice or video calls with your customers for a seamless communication experience. It also allows you to customize your widgets or attention-seeking chat bubbles according to your business needs. You can even remove Tawk to’s branding and add your own. Tawk to is a live chat software that enables you to chat with the visitors of your website as well as to monitor your w... Read More About Tawk.to
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Last Updated on : 13 Jun, 2021