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10 Best Hospital Management System for Healthcare Industry

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Having an automated hospital is no more a dream. You are living in a world which is technologically modern and upgraded. You have systems and machines to take care of all those activities that were once handled manually. Now, people are hired to monitor the systems while the systems are busy helping them managing various tasks.

Hospital Management System

What is hospital management software ?

Hospital management system software is a comprehensive, integrated information system for hospitals and medical centres. Hospital software helps medical centres in improving hospital administration & in managing the different verticals of a hospital billing and operation. It contains modules for managing the front desk, patient appointments, OPD & trauma, operation theatre, pharmacy and inventory, among others. A hospital management software is also referred to as hospital information system, in some circles.


Hospital management software helps hospital staff in controlling and coordinating all tasks seamlessly. Whether it is about medical care or administrative work, a hospital management solution is fit for all. It helps in redefining the level of patient service in a hospital to all extent.

Here is a List of Best Hospital Management Software that will give Efficiency and Accuracy:-

  • Medixcel emr
  • Aarogya
  • eHospital
  • Mediface Software
  • HIMS Hospi Logix
  • Insta HMS
  • Intelligent Medical Software
  • eVisit
  • Medstar HIS
  • MediSteer

The best hospital management systems are designed to manage and control every aspect of your hospital operation in a streamlined manner. Be it medical, legal, administrative, or service-oriented tasks, every aspect can be dealt with smartly using niche or free hospital management software.

Hospital Management System feature


  • Medixcel EMR

Medixcel EMR is a browser-based hospital management software which can be deployed on both i.e. LAN and cloud, as per the requirement. The aim with which this hospital management system has been developed is not only to help clinics or hospitals but every medical stakeholder i.e. doctors, practitioners, members, administrators. The hospital software is known for its flexibility as it makes the workflow hassle-free. However, its key feature is that it helps in storing and using EMR-electronic medical records effectively.

What are the Unique Features of this Hospital Management Software:

  • Provides customized scheduling screens for doctor, patient and receptionist.
  • Interactive EMR templates with recommendation panel, vitals chart and image attachment options.
  • Allows managing prescription with single-click drug selection
  • Helps with doctor consults and case management

Other important features of this hospital management system are inventory management, billing, lab and radiology tests, patient record access, etc.

  • Aarogya

Aarogya is an integrated hospital management solution from Dataman Computer Systems (P) Ltd. It caters to all the minor and major functionalities of a super speciality hospital. It helps hospital management in taking decisions on time by giving an easy access to critical information. Its five modules namely, out-patient management, in-patient management, financial accounting, Hospital inventory management, diagnostic ensures patient care and hospital work efficiency ensure complete hospital management system. Last but not the least, the data security is backed by its robust database system.

Outstanding Features of this Hospital Management System:

  • Facilitates paperless work environment
  • Supports 100-200 users concurrently
  • Gives access to core applications even through apps
  • Scheduler facility for sending alerts and notifications.
  • Provides tele-medicine facility.

  • eHospital

eHospital is a customizable hospital management system in India from Androit Infosystems (P) Ltd. It has all the features required to manage patient, doctor, administration, finance and accounting related work. It facilitates the electronic sharing of patient’s records such as lab reports and patients’ medical history. Also, patients have the option to book an appointment online on the basis of the doctor’s rating, fees and availability from hospital software.

Benefits of eHospital Hospital Management System:

  • Enhances interaction between patients and doctors
  • Facilitates the development of comprehensive healthcare facilities
  • Reduces transcription errors and duplication of information entries
  • Facilitates an improved drug usage monitoring system
  • Helps tracking all hospital stocks from medicines to linens.
  • Mediface Software

It is an MMI Software Ltd. product with nine modules which help in assisting hospital staff w.r.t everything from medical workflow to accounting, pharmacy, HR & payroll, lab tests & reports. It comes with detailed features, so you need not integrate it with third party systems. Its ‘Accounting & Inventory’ module makes all things possible from passing the journal entry to making balance sheet and reconciling bank statements.

Benefits of Mediface Hospital Management System:

  • Provides total patient registration report
  • Helps maintain visiting doctors database and referral fee
  • Provides surgery scheduling details
  • Cash flow statement and outstanding report
  • Gives patient medical history and reference doctor’s details.

  • HIMS HospiLogix

NextGen’s HospiLogix is for all those healthcare institutions that aim to deliver high-quality patient care services in minimal time. With more than forty modules, it automates all hospital processes and supports every function in a hospital that you can think of. The software has the capacity to serve a hospital with 60 beds to 800 beds. Unlike other software, it helps in compliance with Healthcare Standards for Radiologists such as DICOM and HL7.Being a DICOM and HL7, basic primer on Healthcare Standards for Radiologists, compliant sets the software apart from other hospital management systems.

Benefits of Mediface HMS Software:

  • NABL compliant, this hospital management system assists in laboratory management
  • IT also assists with patient registration, radiology management and pharmacy sales tracking
  • It comes with nursing and clinic management module
  • Smoothen the billing process for OPD and LPD
  • Also assists in OT scheduling
  • Laboratory Management (NABL Compliant)
  • Laboratory Management (NABL Compliant)
  • Insta HMS

Practo’s Insta HMS makes it possible for healthcare units to manage everything on their own. clientele consists of hospital, clinic and lab chains. It assists them in increasing revenue and optimizing productivity. The hospital management software streamlines operations and reduces inventory leakages with some of its promising modules. One of its unique features is that it streamlines insurance processes by automatically calculating the amount and reducing it from the bill.

Outstanding Features of Insta HMS:

  • Provides specific modules for clinic and hospital management
  • Assists in ward activity management and advanced OT
  • Comes with surgery scheduler, patient satisfaction and survey modules
  • Advanced ordering and diet insurance modules are quite useful
  • The software helps with ward activity management.
  • Intelligent Medical Software

IMS is for all those clinics that are planning to upgrade their services with a new practice management and electronic medical record solution. This hospital management solution is compatible with both Window and iOS devices. Apart from the basic hospital management features, it provides a wide range of commonly used medical forms. Those forms can be customized on the basis of patient’s details and information that is to be incorporated therein.

What Makes Intelligent Medical Software Unique:

  • Easy to navigate templates and forms
  • Automated updates to keep you compliant and current
  • Helps concentrate on patient care
  • Covers all financial and clinical functions
  • Helps share information more effectively with outside labs.
  • eVisit

As the name goes, this hospital management software in India makes e-meeting simpler. From booking an appointment to making payment, everything takes place in the virtual world. And the software has been giving patients a wonderful experience via its telemedicine facility. Practitioners and patients can connect to each other from the comfort of their couch. However, if the problem is such that it is not possible to diagnose virtually, the option of in-office appointment is also there. It also provides ‘ePrescribe’ facility where e-prescription can be sent to 70,000+ pharmacies in one click!

How eVisit HMS Software Helps Doctors & Patients:

  • Reduces no-shows and cancellations
  • Helps treat patients anytime and from anywhere
  • Ensures less face time with patients
  • Allows doctors to provide a personal touch to patients
  • Provides telemedicine facility.
  • Medstar HIS

Medstar is a power-packed hospital information & management system with more than 50 premium modules and many unique features. Speaking of which, it is the only hospital management system with customer EHR facility i.e. it helps doctors in giving a wide view on patient’s health and just not on the basis of data collected in office. Also, patient’s information could be shared with other health care providers and organizations such as pharmacy, laboratories and school easily. Developed using advanced technology, Medstar HIS is compatible with all mobile devices.

  • EMR module helps doctors store patient medical history and prescriptions electronically
  • Provides reliable storage and backup facilities
  • Process flows are in complete compliance with NABH standards
  • Derives operational efficiency and assists in decision-making
  • Other popular features are inventory, centralized billing POS, Material movement tracking, GRN, MIS.
  • MediSteer

MediSteer is a cloud-based hospital management solution which is here to revolutionize the medical billing system. It aims to reduce your pain of manual billing and reducing paperwork, by automating the whole billing process and giving you more time for patient care. MediSteer is equally efficient when it comes to filing an insurance claim, making monthly statements, storing patient data safely.

  • mHealth feature of this hospital management system allows you to assess chart on the go and schedule tele visits
  • Designed to cater 25 plus specialties
  • Provides cloud and mobile capabilities
  • Comes with multiple set of templates to fit in unique documentation needs
  • Increases the efficiency of practice workflow.


Your hospital staff undoubtedly has the caliber and expertise to perform things efficiently. But, too much dependence on manual processes will result in unavoidable errors and impact their productivity.  To keep your hospital competitive, investing in technologies like hospital management system is a must-have. Now that you have explored the benefits of investing in different hospital management system in India, the next step is to match them with your healthcare centre’s requirements and get the best one.



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