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About Accurate Administrator Plus

Administrator Plus is an Integrated new generation hospital management software which converges the latest technology and the user administrative process to manage work process within the hospital. The solution is designed for multi-specialty hospitals to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. The solution is an integrated client server application which uses Microsoft technologies as Front End and Flexible back end (like Oracle, SQL, etc).



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About Accurate Infosoft

Accurate Info Solution was founded in 1995 and has planned, built and managed application softwares to enable implementation of business strategies effectively and efficiently. The company provides end to end business consulting, application development & Integration (ADI) and application development & management (ADM).
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Administrator Plus (AP) is a fully-integrated, Hospital Information System Solution.
•AP gives a total integration of order entry systems, administrative system, and departmental subsystems within a hospital.
AP allows for scalability, reliability, efficient data processing, quick decision making, reduced maintenance and overheads.
The data is stored in a single database providing real time data across applications throughout the hospital. Since all the data is stored centrally, it can be viewed simultaneously from multiple terminals giving all departments’ access to timely, up-to-date patient information.
Administrator Plus offers a foolproof data security without user intervention to archive data.
AP is a comprehensive information system dealing with all aspects of information processing in a hospital. This encompasses human (and paper-based) information processing as well as data processing machines.
As an area of Medical Informatics the aim of Admin Plus is to achieve the best possible support of patient care and administration by electronic data processing.

Plans and Pricing

On Premise

Administrator Plus

Rs. 500000.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Services Management
  • Patient Management
  • OPD Management
  • IPD Management
  • Discharge Summary
  • Consultant Management
  • Store Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Security Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Radiology Management
  • Medical Data
  • TPA (Penals)
  • Reception Management
  • MRD Management
  • MIS Reports
  • Payroll & HRD Management
  • Accounts Management

AMC Plan

Rs. 75000.00 ( Per Year )

  • Onsite


Administrator Plus (An Integrated Hospital Management Software)










JP H-Care

JP H-Care

JP Pathalogy Managment

JP Pathalogy Managment




Below are some frequently asked questions for Accurate Administrator Plus

Q. How to Setup Sql server and setup AP software and link them?

Server Machine SQL Server installation Step 1: First install the SQL Server on the server machine. (SQL Server 2005 or above) While installing the SQL Server, it asks for “Authentication Mode”, Select “Mixed Mode” After selecting mixed mode, it will prompt you for the password for the SQL server admin account (name sa), type any password there and remember the password Proceed with all the messages and steps as per the installation of SQL Server. Step 2: Make sure that the server machine disables the firewall for SQL Server Port (By Default it is 1433). Step 3: This step is applicable if you have installed SQL 2005. Goto Start->Programs->Microsoft Sql Server 2005 ->Configuration Tools-> SQL Server Surface Area Configuration

Q. How do I remove the Log file (*.ldf) from my SQL Database?

1) First take the Backup of your SQL server and then restore that in your Testing/Dummy Server before proceeding. 2) Please open the SQL Management studio and find out the database path 3) Now detach the database 4) Now go to the folder in which your Ldf file is saved 5) Now again go to SQL Management Studio and choose the option to “Attach database”. 6) Choose the .mdf file of the database 7) Now after selecting this mdf file it will show ldf file missing, just select that and then click Remove, and then press OK, It will create a new LDf file on OK After verifying the database is OK you can remove that Ldf file which we have renamed

Q. How to enable VAT in AP?

Please follow the following steps to enable VAT in your software Step 1: Please goto Tax Category Master Step 2: Create a New Tax Category Step 3: Enable Settings to make the VAT applicable in Tunnings Step 4: After setting the Tunnings, Now got the Service Master, there it will ask for Tax Percentage in each service, Type the required Tax percentage in the services Now it will start showing Tax in that service, when you are availing that in the IPD / OPD Bill Printout of the IPD Bill

Q. How to Change serial no / counter at financial year end?

It’s end of financial year 31 march of every year in India and 31 Dec in some other countries. Some people believe that Bill number / Receipt /OPD no /IPD no should be restart with 1 though technically from software point of view it doesn’t matter. This document will demonstrate how to change series. Run Administrator Plus Go to Utilities >> Extra Option Choose option no. 11 in Extra option It will ask for few confirmations Press Yes It will show value of all counters (Serial No) You can view all by scroll down. Click on Change button where you want to change Choose the transaction type eg IPD BILL NO. , RECEIPT NO etc. Examples of few Important No to be changed OPD Regn NO. ( Generated at OPD regd no) IPD NO. (Generated at IPD regd no) OPD Card no. (Generated while creating OPD Card) OPD Bill no. (Generated during OPD Bill no) Receipt no (Generated at time of payment collection OPD/IPD) Credit Note No. Few things to remember while changing no It should not Create Duplicate receipt no. suppose existing Receipt no is R0023456 so you should not start series with R00000 it will create duplicate you should change prefix like RM00000 or R13/000000. There should be sufficent amount of 0 and no cannot be more than 10 digits . Suppose you keep series at R13001 it can only create 1000 receipts upto R13999. So best practice is to use 2or 3 prefix like R13 then 0000000 so no is R130000000 Make no as RN0000000 not RN0000001 as it will generate RN0000002 as a first no. so number should be start with preceeding no what we desirea at first no. Patient no and OPD Bill no/IPD Billno can accept maximum 8 digits and rest 10 digits.

Q. How to change Serial No for Financial/ Inventory Module (ECAPS) ?

Make Sure you have changed the Financial Year to a new Year (FY 13-14) In case you are running more than one company then you have to login to each company and then set the below screens. Please goto Utilities->Finacial Year Counters Now you can set the default counters by using the set default counters. And change the counters accordingly to your last year counters. IMPORTANT: If you want new number as P14/001, then write it as it is. (It is different from AP when we want P0001 we start with P0000)


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