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Best Laboratory Management Software in 2024

What is Laboratory Management Software?

Laboratory management software helps in tracking and managing laboratory tasks like collecting data, collecting samples, correlating data, managing inventory, controlling quality, and so on. Basic features include sample tracking, invoices, billing and inventory management.  Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Laboratory Management Software in 2024

  • top product arrowQmarksoft Pathology Lab Software
  • top product arroweLabAssist
  • top product arrowMocDoc Lab Management System
  • top product arrowHalemind
  • top product arrowAyusLab LIMS

Best Laboratory Management Software

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Qmarksoft Pathology Lab Software

Qmarksoft Pathology Lab Software

Brand: QmarkSoft


4.0 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Pathology Reporting Software is a best pathology software that enables patient management and management of other operations in a Pathology Laboratory effi... Read More About Qmarksoft Pathology Lab Software img

₹1,500 /Quantity

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Brand: Blue Pearl Healthtech Pvt. Ltd


5 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

ELabAssist is a cloud-based laboratory management software that helps in automating and simplifying healthcare operations. It has been built to streamline... Read More About eLabAssist img

₹1,305 /Month

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MocDoc Lab Management System

MocDoc Lab Management System

Brand: MocDoc


4.9 out of 5

(37 user reviews)

MocDoc Lab Management System is a one-stop solution for hospitals to manage their labs efficiently. The lab management software allows lab staff to take r... Read More About MocDoc Lab Management System img

Price On Request



Brand: Halemind


4.3 out of 5

(11 user reviews)

HaleMind is a medical billing software used by hospitals for easing the daily workflows and streamlining better patient management processes. The cloud... Read More About Halemind img

₹999 /User/Month

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AyusLab LIMS

AyusLab LIMS

Brand: ISIRI Technologies


4.7 out of 5

(7 user reviews)

Lab management solution designed to enhance lab productivity with the help of instrument interfacing.... Read More About AyusLab LIMS read review arrow


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Laboratory Management Software Product List Top Banner - 1
Laboratory Management Software Product List Top Banner - 2
Oxy Software

Oxy Software

Brand: Oxy Software


4.4 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

... Read More About Oxy Software img


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Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Brand: Drlogy Technologies


5 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

Drlogy Lab SaaS is a Pathology Lab & Diagnostic Management System that helps create customized lab reports within seconds. It auto-calculates test re... Read More About Drlogy Pathology Lab Software img

₹10,788 /Year

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Birlamedisoft PathoGold

Birlamedisoft PathoGold

Brand: BirlamediSoft


4.3 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Birlamedisoft Pathogold is a laboratory information management system used by small and big laboratories to computerize every process in their pathology l... Read More About Birlamedisoft PathoGold img

₹5,085 /Month

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Brand: Health Scion Private Limited


4.5 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

Labscion is a cloud-based Lab Information Management System (LIMS) designed to empower independent and small diagnostic labs in India by providing efficien... Read More About Labscion read review arrow


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Brand: BBM Healthcare


4.6 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

MedSky is a comprehensive healthcare software to improve patient care and information management. With MedSky, you can efficiently manage patient data and... Read More About Medsky img


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Last Updated on : 29 May, 2024

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Software listed

Best Laboratory Management Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Some of the popular Laboratory Management Software are DocPulse, Autoscribe Informatics, and FreeLIMS.

Laboratory management software provides a wide range of features and functions that can help in managing a lab effectively. Some of the key features include inventory management, tracking of lab instruments, data storage and management, and regulatory compliance.

Pathology lab management software is a tool is used in pathology labs to manage customer details, track samples, generate test reports and share with the customers via email or SMS. It helps streamline the entire pathology lab workflow and management. 

Pharmacy lab software is a tool that helps automate and streamline the operations of a pharmaceutical lab. It helps in efficiently managing inventory, formulations, production processes, data information, and more.

To manage laboratory supplies, managers and lab technicians should track all the purchases, consumptions, damages, stock levels and define reorder points. You can also use lab management software to keep track of all the inventories and set reorder points and alerts.

Laboratory Management Software Reviews


Qmarksoft Pathology Lab Software


“I have already purchased a software from them and it worked like a charm. I'm considering now to update it, so will take a look with them”

- Chandan Upadhyay

See all Qmarksoft Pathology Lab Software reviewsimg

MocDoc Lab Management System


“Its very friendly use. its very useful and worthy for money. Registration and reporting are very easy access.”

- medleader

See all MocDoc Lab Management System reviewsimg

AyusLab LIMS


“Integration of AyusLab with our analyzer machine has resulted in significant cost and time savings, as well as an improvement in our overall turnaround time.”

- Shivanand B Viveki

See all AyusLab LIMS reviewsimg

Drlogy Pathology Lab Software


“Highly satisfied! Value for money. Provides best service, easy to use, dedicated mobile app.”

- shweta panseriya

See all Drlogy Pathology Lab Software reviewsimg

Laboratory Management Software Price List In India

Laboratory Management Software Cost
Top Laboratory Management Software Starting Price Rating
Qmarksoft Pathology Lab Software₹1500.00 /Quantity4.0
eLabAssist₹1305.00 /Month5
Halemind₹999.00 /User/Month4.3
AyusLab LIMS₹1500.00 4.7
Oxy Software₹3500.00 4.4
Drlogy Pathology Lab Software₹10788.00 /Year5
Birlamedisoft PathoGold₹5084.74 /Month4.3
Labscion₹799.00 4.5
Medsky₹94050.00 4.6

Buyer's Guide for Top Laboratory Management Software

Found our list of Laboratory Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Laboratory Management Software?
  • Why Use Lab Management Software?
  • Who Can Use The Laboratory Software?
  • Different Types of Laboratory Management Software
  • Most Common Features Of Lab Management Software
  • Benefits of Laboratory Management Software
  • Challenges in Implementing Lab Software
  • Top 10 Best Laboratory Management Software
  • Top Trends Around Lab Management Software

What is Laboratory Management Software?

Laboratory management software (LMS) is an integrated tool that lets managers and technicians collect data, collect samples, correlate data, manage inventory, control quality, and so on.

Your lab staff can automate workflows, combine instruments, and run samples and associated information using the best laboratory management software. You can also use the software for tracking data from experiments conducted and sequencing runs.

The lab software tracks samples, aggregates research data and ensures laboratory operations comply with various standards and regulations.

Why Use Lab Management Software?

The primary purpose of laboratory management software is to automate and streamline clinical and research processes in medical and diagnostic laboratories. Here are some of the major reasons to use lab software.

  • Creating Digital Knowledge Repository: Laboratory software includes a laboratory information management system(LIMS) to create a centralized digital knowledge repository for all the research papers, clinical trials, reports, data, findings, etc. The entire knowledge base can be stored in a structured format for easy retrieval, analysis, and security.
  • Workflow Automation: Medical lab management software automates various tasks associated with running a laboratory. For instance, it can automatically generate requests for test results, update patient records, generate bills, and so on. The automation processes lead to increased efficiency and productivity in the laboratory.
  • Compliance with Regulations: It helps laboratories maintain compliance with various regulations and standards, such as data security regulations, quality control regulations, medical laboratory standards, etc.
  • Accountability: The software helps track the complete history of a sample, test, or trial run from the time it begins until the results are reported. Data traceability makes researchers, technicians, and scholars accountable for the findings, research, and reports.

Who Can Use The Laboratory Software?

  • Clinical labs: A clinical laboratory software helps automate daily tasks such as patient entry, specimen registration, result entry, and barcoding. It also helps track the diagnosis process, maintain patient history, track reagents and equipment usage, and more.
  • Research labs: Laboratory management software is not only for big companies but also in academic research that needs to track and manage the data associated with samples.
  • Production Labs: Lab software helps optimize workflows, control quality, and track inventory in industrial laboratories.
  • Science Labs: It is also used by scientific laboratories to manage data and correlate information from experiments. It can also track samples, run tests and trials, and record and compare results.

Different Types of Laboratory Management Software

Different types of laboratory software are available in the market, each with its features and functionalities.

1. Based on the Deployment Type

  • Cloud-Based: Cloud-based lab management systems are becoming more popular as users can operate them anywhere. They are affordable, easy to set up, and more flexible. However, integration with existing systems and data security can be a challenge with web-based laboratory software.
  • On-Premises: An on-premises lab management software is installed on the user's server. It offers more control over the data as it is installed locally. However, on-premises systems are expensive and difficult to set up and maintain.

2. Based on Usage

  • As an Integrated Module: Laboratory management system could be a part of a hospital management system (HMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. However, it is often not compatible with independent diagnostic centers and labs.
  • As a Standalone Software: Lab management solution can also operate as a standalone solution, entirely dedicated to managing laboratory operations. It doesn't require integration with external systems to work.

Most Common Features Of Lab Management Software

features of lab management software

  • Workflow Management: Lab software should provide a source to save all the configuring data models and the testing of workflows and business logic without programming. Workflow deployment should be made easy and flexible.
  • Supplies Management: The medical laboratory management software can provide relief by managing the equipment's inventory. It includes laboratory equipment, cleaning reagent, safety gear like gloves and masks, etc. It also gives the feature to track and set reminders for when to update the inventories for the different stocks of chemicals.
  • Digitalizing Business: Laboratory Software helps digitalize the quotation filing and handling processes for acquiring patients and buying medical equipment. The software should handle all the patient requests for an appointment and generate reminders accordingly.
  • Data and Document Management: Medical lab management software must safeguard all the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for chemical processes. It should make them foolproof as SOPs are confidential to each laboratory. Laboratory software solutions should also help the labs by providing them with industry standards and industry-grade reports and making their documenting processes efficient.
  • Report Generation: Lab systems have an inbuilt lab reporting software that can be used to generate various reports related to research, patients, diagnosis, etc. Scholars and researchers can generate customized reports through the reporting dashboard.
  • Lab Automated Billing and Invoicing: A clinical laboratory management software should generate order billing invoices and sample testing for each project. Discounts to be offered can be defined and hence considered while billing.
  • Sample Collection and Test Management: A laboratory management software will quickly perform the sample collection and test management with interactive tools and interfaces.
  • Barcode Labelling: The collected samples can be labeled with unique barcodes. The software can help generate barcodes to identify the sample uniquely.
  • Patient Management: Clinical laboratory software enables you to record patient details that can be used for correspondence and information about the results generated for the diagnosis.
  • Staff & Salaries Management: Lab management software simplifies the process of hiring staff and assigning roles & responsibilities. Monitoring staff performance and calculating salaries based on attendance are also possible.
  • Agents Management: Labs may associate with agents to promote their business. They can also look forward to agent management features and administer their commissions and leads/ customers.
  • Results & Diagnosis: Compete for record of results and diagnosis developed from the collected samples or tests conducted using diagnostic lab management software.
  • SMS and email integration: With SMS and email integrated into the solution, patients can be updated about the same.
  • Instrument & Equipment Management: All instruments and equipment being used in the labs can be recorded with details in medical lab software. Users can stay informed about all the instruments and equipment this way.

Benefits of Laboratory Management Software

advantages of lab software system in india

  • Improves Efficiency: Laboratory management software allows lab technicians to save time by reducing manual data entry tasks. It automates repetitive tasks, creates dataflows, and streamlines workflows, improving overall productivity.
  • Paperless Operation and Reporting: Lab software allows the digitization of data and reports, eliminating the need for hard copies. It saves the cost of papers and the hassle of printing processes. Labs could send reports and findings to patients through email and store them in the database in digital format for future reference.
  • Greater Accuracy: Users can track a sample from the day it is received till the day the results are generated and published. It also reduces manual entry, enables cross-checking, and points out discrepancies to ensure accurate reports.
  • Cost and Time Reduction: A medical lab software is helping laboratories save money and time by reduces labor, resources, downtime, and time-to-market cost-effectively without compromising the laboratory's efficiency. When you consider the time savings, efficiency, and resulting improvements in time spent in the market, users will see how beneficial it is to have Clinical Lab Software.
  • Improved Data Security: By implementing a lab management system, you can create user-defined security settings and assign permissions to different groups and users to access specific system areas. With this, you can secure all the data that is being stored and shared.
  • Ensures Compliance: Laboratory management software helps keep labs compliant with regulatory and international standards by allowing managers to conduct audits, track discrepancies, and keep logs.

Challenges in Implementing Lab Software

  • Data Management and Security: One of the critical challenges in implementing lab software is ensuring that the huge amount of data recorded and generated daily is managed effectively and securely. Since labs hold sensitive and high-value data, it is important to ensure adequate security infrastructure.
  • Integration: Lab software can be challenging to integrate with other systems in the laboratory, such as CRM, ERP, and accounting systems. Creating dataflows and workflows requires significant expertise. Besides, it can lead to data silos and make it difficult to get a holistic view of the data.
  • Change Management: Labs are constantly evolving and changing. New instruments, procedures, and regulations are being introduced regularly. This can make it challenging to manage the changes in laboratory software. It is important to have a system that can easily accommodate the changes.
  • System Maintenance: Laboratory software requires regular updates to keep pace with the changes in the laboratory environment. This can be challenging for labs, especially small labs with limited resources.

Top 10 Best Laboratory Management Software

Here is the list of best laboratory management software in India for Business .

Top 10 Laboratory Management Software in India
Laboratory Software Price
Qmarksoft Pathology Lab Software ₹1,770/Quantity
Birlamedisoft PathoGold ₹750/Month
Lab Master ₹20,060/Lifetime
EBS PATHOSOF ₹29,500/Year
AyusLab LIMS ₹17,700
Tech Lab ₹11,800/Quantity
MocDoc Lab Management System Price On Request
CuteLab Pro Price On Request
KwikLab Price On Request
E-Lab Price On Request

Top Trends Around Lab Management Software

Some of the top trends around Lab Management Software include:

  • Integration with Electronic Health Records: LIMS are now integrated with electronic health records. This integration helps clinicians and researchers get accurate, up-to-date medical records. It also provides them with access to complete information on patients.
  • Data Encryption: Since the data of laboratories is sensitive and confidential, laboratory software solutions today provide advanced encryption features to ensure data confidentiality.
  • Collaboration, Sharing and Communication Tools: Lab management software these days allow researchers to collaborate with each other remotely. They can share their findings and results with other researchers. This allows labs to access new technologies and improve existing methods faster.

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