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Blood Bank Management Software

List of Top Blood Bank Management Software

BirlaMedia Soft

Birlamedisoft Net Blood Bank

By BirlamediSoft


Price: 250000.00 INR

Online Blood bank management software that has been developed with advanced technology to equip blood banks with best automated features and powerful interface managing all modules efficiently. It helps blood banks to record all the details and.

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Rrootofly Blood Bank Management

Rrootofly Blood Bank Management

By Rrootofly


Price: 20000.00 INR

Rrootofly Blood Bank Management is a comprehensive software that helps you from the point of blood collection until it is transfused. It reduces your workload of managing the blood bank and lets you access information quickly regarding blood group,.

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What is Blood Bank Management Software?
Blood bank management software is a complete solution that helps in managing every task from the point blood is collected to blood is transfused. The clerical activities of the blood management process are automated by the software. It helps with the management of donor list and, operations like blood collection, storage of blood etc. Blood management processes, including testing, transfusion, distribution, and tracking of blood unit, are also facilitated by blood bank management software.

Who needs Blood Bank Management Software?
A blood bank needs the proposed software for its various verticals- donor registration, blood issue, cross blood matching, to name a few. Moreover, when a blood bank management software is installed, not only the management of blood bank, but also donors and recipients get the benefit. Donors can register themselves smoothly to donate blood, with this software. Recipients get complete details regarding the required blood group easily. Last but not least, blood bank is able to manage the entire blood management process effortlessly.
Organizers of blood donation camps and hospitals with an active blood bank can also invest in blood bank management system.
Why you need Blood Bank Management Software?
A blood bank is a centre where blood is donated voluntarily by people, and it is later used for blood transfusion. Blood bank management system helps in efficient management of all the functions carried out at a blood bank. You won’t have to prepare forms or ask for copies of medical history, as donors will register online and upload required documents using blood bank management software. Managing records related to donors, blood, blood components, etc, will become easier. You no more have to waste hours searching for a file on the basis of donors, blood group, blood bag no. as system will provide you with the same in negligible time.
Modules of Blood Bank Management Software
Blood bank management software modules have a vital role to play in facilitating seamless management. A few of them are:

  • Donor Management

This is one of the critical modules of blood donor management software as a donor is at the heart of blood banking. It is important to accurately maintain data related to donor including personal information, blood group, medical history, number of times blood donated, etc.

  • Blood Storage Management

Same as donor management, blood bank management software facilitates blood storage management as well. With the help of this module, you can maintain complete and correct records of blood collected. Entire details related to blood group, components of blood, storage date, expiry date can be easily managed.

  • Recipient Management

Maintaining a record of people who receive blood is as important as those who donate it. Therefore, you need to have entire data related to donee including personal details, blood group,  quantity of blood, date of supply etc. Also, you must record if the recipient’s experienced any adverse reaction.

  • Equipment Management

A lot of equipment is used in a blood bank for donor screening, blood testing, blood storage, blood supply, etc. Just like blood, you need to ensure their quality as well. Software will notify you if proper stock of equipment is being maintained. You will be notified on their expiration. Also, it will guide you about conditions that are most suitable for keeping blood, syringe and other equipment.

  • Donor Engagement Module

It isn’t easy to reach out to new donors, therefore, maintaining a healthy donor community and engaging with donors on an ongoing basis is always suggested. With this module of blood donor management software, you can reach to maximum donors at the time of emergency, disaster or any other situations when blood demand is high.

  • Adverse Reaction Data Management

Both donor and recipient can be a victim of adverse reaction at the time of blood donation and transfusion respectively. It is your responsibility to manage complete data related to reaction, if there is any. And blood bank management system will help you in executing this task smoothly.

  • Blood Camp Management

Whether you organize blood donation camp(s) or you do so in collaboration with a third-party, blood camp management module will help you in organizing it effectively. You can keep donors updated about upcoming camps. You can record and manage complete details related to camp such as allocating staff, and facilities available. Moreover, you can also manage the allocation of donors to a particular camp.

  • Inventory Management

Inventory management forms an essential part of quality assurance. You can’t play around with a thing as critical as blood. You must be sure that there is enough stock available of all the blood groups, blood components, equipment etc. Blood bank inventory management software will alert you when you are running out of stock, or there is a situation of over-stock. 

A blood bank management software will never let you issue blood until and unless it has passed the barricade of cross blood matching. You can generate the final bill only when blood component selected has undergone serology test, it is ready to be issued, and payment has been made. Moreover, the respective module supports auto-generation of final receipt and cross-matching report.

Features of Blood Bank Management System Software
Blood bank management system comes with a wide range of functions to help you carry out your jobs effortlessly:

  • Donor Screening

Laboratory testing of the donated blood is a must as you need to be sure that it is 100% safe for transfusion. Specific proteins will be checked, the blood will be tested for infectious diseases like hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, etc. Blood bank management system software will facilitate in keeping an organized record of it to ensure there is no discrepancy at the time of cross blood matching.

  • Cross Blood Matching

Blood bank management software helps in determining the compatibility between donor and recipient blood. It considers the blood group, tissues, and other blood components. Also, presence of proteins or antibodies is tested to ensure compatibility. Data related to all these elements is inserted in the system, and automatic calculations are done to provide you with results.

  • Report Generation

You can generate multiple reports on various basis, with the help of blood bank management system software. It can be generated on the basis of the area from where blood has been donated and supplied to. You can create a report to check which blood group is most sold. Also, a report can be made to analyze under which cases blood is most supplied such as accident, cancer, etc.

  • Instant Search

With the help of blood bank management information system, you need not maintain and search files physically. Unlike traditional methods, you will be able to find a file with a few clicks. Simply put blood component ID, donor name, donor registration number, blood bag number, in the search box and you will have the complete list of details in no time.

  • Blood Reservation

Blood bank management software allows you to store blood, only for a certain period. If it is not used in the prescribed period, blood is discarded. It is reserved with complete information such as the donor’s name, ID, blood type, number of blood bags donated, etc.

  • Patient Management

Blood bank management system software facilitates patient management by capturing complete details of the patient and the hospital that requires blood. This module lets you take full charge of a patient. For instance, you will have complete information such as name, address, purpose for which blood is used, transfusion reaction etc.
Benefits of Blood Bank Management Software
Various reasons justify the role of a blood bank management system in your blood collection and transfusion business. So here are few of the blood bank management system benefits:

  • Automatic Operations

Like any other software, the blood bank management system software also automates operations carried out at a blood bank. Reaching out to donors, cross-matching, donor registration, recipient management, blood storage management and much more is facilitated by the software. Moreover, since manual procedures are reduced, the probability of human made errors also decreases.

  • Paperless and Precise Information Retrieval

You get exact information from blood bank management information system as data is precisely maintained. From small bits to detailed records, everything forms part of the system. Filtered categories such as donor ID, blood type, blood bag no., etc can be put in the search box, and you will get the required information accordingly.

  • Effective Inventory Control

Inventory can be adequately controlled using expert suggested concepts such as FIFO. FIFO stands for First In First Out, and it is quite evident from the term that what will first come in, will first go out. This concept is logical as well: in this case as blood that will be collected first, will expire early and therefore, should be used first. And a blood bank inventory management software will facilitate stock management by logic.

  • Deep Analysis

Blood bank management software provides you with insightful reports. Reports can be automatically generated on various basis such as most sold blood group, area wise, monthly sale, or you can create customized reports. And such reports become the basis of in-depth analysis, to evaluate the performance of your blood bank and take future decisions.

  • Donor’s Benefit

Blood bank management system software acts in favour of donors as well, to the extent that donor can check all about blood donation camp(s) from the comfort of their place. Also, they get to know about the medical status of their blood taken during donor screening.

  • Accurate Record Management

There is no denial that blood bank software facilitates accurate capturing and maintaining of records. Complete data related to donor, blood, and recipient is taken and managed in a manner that any file can be retrieved as and when required, in few seconds.
Q. Can I get a demo or free trial before I buy blood bank management software?
A. Most of the blood bank software in India comes with either option. Free trial is usually available for 7 to 30 days.
Q. Will I be able to generate customized business reports?
A. Yes. You can always customize reports as per predefined categories given under ‘report’ module.
Q. How long will it take to implement blood bank management system software?
A. Usually, a week is taken. However, if you want to get some features customized, time period might extend.
Q. Will my employees and I get sufficient training to be able to use the software effectively?
A. Of course, you and your team will be provided with complete software training so that you can smoothly execute all your tasks.
Q. How easy will it be to upgrade the software?
A. Both online and offline software can be immediately updated with latest version as and when it is available.
Q.  What support is offered to use the software effectively?
A. Dedicated after sale support service is rendered by most of the vendors of blood bank software in India to ensure you can use the software effortlessly.
Buyer’s Guide
Before you decide to go with a blood bank management software, consider the following factors:

If your chosen blood bank management system has all the desired features required to manage your business soundly, only then does it deserve to be bought. You need to be sure of the  features you’ll need to manage your blood bank effectively and accordingly, buy the software.

Easy to Use
Software must be user-friendly if you want to get maximum result out of it. Executing tasks with a complicated software is a task in itself. Moreover, you bought the blood bank management system so that you can give more time to more important work and not waste it on finding out how to use software.

Unfortunately, not every problem is going to occur during business hours. Therefore, it is preferred if customer support is available round the clock. Also, ensure both mail and phone support is available because mail support single-handedly might not give you a quick turnaround time as you may need.
What is software if it doesn’t provide security? When people buy a system, they do so with the understanding that their data will always remain safe. Therefore, invest in a blood bank management system that will provide 100% protection to donor’s details, blood-related data, recipient’s information, etc.

If this is your first blood bank management software, you might experience a huge learning curve. Therefore, make sure you get proper software training. Training can be both in-person or online. And in most cases, users are provided with software manuals as well.
List of Best Vendors of Blood Bank Management Software

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