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  1. What Is Prescription Assistance Software?
  2. Why Use Prescription Assistance Software?
  3. How Does Prescription Assistance Software Work?
  4. Key Features of Prescription Assistance Software
  5. Benefits of Using Prescription Assistance Software

What Is Prescription Assistance Software?

Prescription assistance software is a tool used by healthcare professionals, practitioners, and physicians to electronically generate transmit medical prescriptions to the selected pharmacies. Prescription assistance tools further help doctors access the exact drug details, alternatives, and patient histories.

Prescription assistance software is critical in eliminating errors associated with illegible handwriting. Prescription assistance software is a reliable bridge between medical professionals, drug stores, and patients.

Why Use Prescription Assistance Software?

  • Drug reference library

Get information regarding medical references including symptoms, diagnosis, followups, and treatment.

  • Increased patient convenience

These tools are convenient for the patients as prescriptions are sent directly to the pharmacies, preventing any confusion.

  • Enhanced patient safety

Prescription assistance tools with their inbuilt alerting system check for drug allergies and interactions for ensuring patient safety and well-being.

  • No prescription errors

Prescription assistance tools enable doctors to check their patient's histories for prescribing the right treatment.

  • Medication history

The history tab helps with streamlining the medical reconciliation process and ensuring patient safety.

How Does Prescription Assistance Software Work?

  • e-prescribing

Doctors can write prescriptions and send them electronically to pharmacies and drugstores from the existing point of care.

  • Formulary management

Prescription assistance tools offer healthcare providers, doctors, and pharmacists a secured network to prescribe the best, cost-effective, and clinically sound care plan.

  • Drug reference database

Get quick access to a medicine database for checking drug-drug interactions and prescribing accordingly.

  • Medication selection

Prescription assistance software provides details of alternative and generic medicines so that prescribers can select the appropriate drug accordingly.

  • Prescription creation submission

Doctors can use the software to prepare prescriptions and send them from a preferred device of their choice.

  • Alerts warning

Adverse interaction checks are crucial to maintaining the authenticity of treatment, and the software does it by cross-checking allergies, reactions, etc.

  • Refill authorizations

The software helps pharmacists send refill requests directly to the doctors. Doctors can approve or disapprove of these as per their discretion.

  • Medication history views

The software allows doctors to access the details of a patient's medical history either by importing the information from a pharmacy database or through medication claims.

Key Features of Prescription Assistance Software

  • Therapy management:

Prescription assistance tools provide physicians with a list of medicine equivalents and alternatives for preparing the best therapy plan. The plan is based on the cost-effectiveness of therapy, age limitations, disease specifications, and more.

  • Tracking prescription fulfillment

Prescription assistance software platforms help doctors track the status of electronic prescriptions and view their fulfillment status.

  • Adverse interaction prevention

Prescription assistance tools are integrated into EHR/EMR platforms. The integration notifies doctors of any adverse reaction that a medicine may have on the patient.

  • Medication history

The software can list details of a patient's medical records easily by collecting information from a variety of sources. These sources could be electronic medical records, partners' pharmacy database, and medication claims history.

  • API integration

API integration is useful in integrating prescription assistance tools with telemedicine solutions for quick diagnosis.

  • Automated medication labeling

Prescription assistance software provides online labels for medicines. The label has dosage details, expiration dates, and more for patient convenience.

  • Drug interactions

Prescription assistance software offers multiple filters to let doctors check drug interactions according to individual patient parameters.

Benefits of Using Prescription Assistance Software

  • Managing complex prescriptions

The software offers medical information drawn exclusively from certified medical sources to handle even the most complex prescriptions and ensure patient safety.

  • Improving patient care

With their inbuilt prescription aid APIs, these tools are helping physicians and the medical service community provide timely and accurate treatment plans to their patients.

  • Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are handy tools for healthcare professionals to access medicine details like side effects, interactions, dosage, and indications quickly.

  • Auto-complete API

The API produces the therapeutic categories, active ingredients, and brand names of different drug entities in real-time.

  • Updated drug information

The software ensures that all information about the medicine is available from official medical sources and is compliant with existing regulations.

  • Accurate prescription analysis

Get a complete overview of drug-related risks, contraindications, and possible interactions with prescription assistance software solutions.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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What are prescription assistance platforms?

Prescription assistance programs are used by physicians, healthcare professionals, and practitioners to create prescriptions for their patients and send these electronically to the pharmacies.  

How do prescription assistance tools work?

Prescription assistance tools help doctors check a patient's medical history and allergy details for producing timely and accurate medication prescriptions. The software also offers a reference database for cross-checking the possible drug interactions for more accurate treatment.  

Which are the best e-prescription software tools in India?

Let us have a look at the best e-prescription software in India for practitioners, physicians, and healthcare professionals:  ChartLogic  Kareo  DrChrono  iClinic  EazyScripts  eRecord  iCare  practice 

How much does an e-prescription software cost?

E-prescription software offers different licensing plans based on the user's specific requirements. There are also additional costs involved related to development, transaction, and maintenance. Make sure to check all hidden costs before choosing one.  



By purshoLOGY Enterprises

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FAQs About Prescription Assistance Tool

What is e-prescription software?

The software helps medical care professionals find drug information, check their adverse reactions, and verify a patient's medical history for prescribing the correct medicine. The software eliminates possibilities of misinterpretations due to illegible handwriting.    

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