Download Doctor’s Prescription Pad Design Templates In India

Creating different prescription designs for different purposes is a time-consuming task. If you are running a super specialty hospital, chances are, a prescription pad of one medical professional will differ from that of others. For instance, an orthopaedician’s prescription will have sections like ‘ankle fracture,’ ‘muscle pain,’ ‘flat feet.’ On the other hand, a dentist’s prescription will incorporate information regarding ‘metal coping,’ ‘porcelain margin,’ etc.

Similarly, a prescription pad can vary on the basis of information it contains irrespective of which medical specialist will use it. Let’s say, full details of health insurance may form part of one prescription and not of another.

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Each such prescription contains a ton of information regarding a patient, treatment, insurance details and designing it on your own can prove to be time taking, and costly. Therefore, we have selected some simple and creative doctor’s prescription pad indian doctors design templates for you which will not only save your time and money but also eliminate the chances of error.

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List of Doctor’s Prescription Pad Design Templates In India

  • Doctor’s Prescription Pad Design Template for General Physician

Medical Prescription is a template designed for general physicians. Medical prescription format India contains all the necessary sections required by a general practitioner during the treatment of acute and chronic diseases.

  • Dentist’s Prescription Template

The dentist’s prescription template is a customizable template using basic prescription format. It contains hospital name, doctor’s detail, patient’s information including name, age, gender, and space for prescribing medicines.

  • Doctor’s Prescription Pad design Template for Optician

A template such as the one above is best suited for opticians. From patient’s basic information such as name and address to technical details like corrective lenses type, complete information can be incorporated in it.

  • Orthopaedic Prescription Template

The above template is well designed for orthopedicians. It includes a patient’s primary information, images and most importantly, names of all the basic deformities of bones and muscles are impeccably placed in a box.

  • Patient Prescription of Doctor Information Template Free PDF

This is a patient prescription information template which is available in PDF format for free. It consists of 2 pages, and contain complete information about a patient including medication allergies and health conditions.

  • Medical Claims and Doctor Prescription for Drugs Download

Download this doctor’s prescription pad template for free. It has been designed for critical medical cases like an accident and the information incorporated in it is used to claim medical reimbursements and insurance amount.

  • Doctor Prescription for Health Insurance Free PDF Format

Thisdoctor’s prescription pad design template has been designed especially for health insurance purpose. The insurance amount can be claimed as long as you have a detailed medical report and proper legal documents. This zero-cost template takes care of both.

  • Free Download Doctor Prescription Form Template PDF

It is a prescription claim form template divided into three parts demanding complete details related to insurance plan participant and pharmacy, including original receipts.

  • Precertification Request for Doctor Prescription Drugs Template

A precertification cum prescription template, which has been meticulously drafted by medical professionals. It has been created complying the proper format and can be used by doctors to certify the prescribed drugs.

  • Doctor Prescription for Specialty Pharmacies

The template consists of a three-page Specialty Pharmacy Prescription Request Form. It includes sections such as specialty pharmacy, patient information, prescription information, and patient insurance information.

  • Universal Medication Doctor Prescription Form Template PDF

This template consists of four-page Universal Medication Doctor Prescription Form in PDF format. It can be used to record complete personal information, medical data and treatment details about a patient.

There are many responsibilities to care of in the medical industry. With the templates as mentioned above, we ensure that designing doctor’s prescription pad isn’t one of them. And if you are looking for more specific template, invest in a prescription assistance tool as it contains multiple templates.

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