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CompuRx Prescription Pad is Doctors most trusted doctor prescription pad and widely used e prescription writing software for the healthcare industry. The software makes a life of both doctors and patients easy, comfortable, and organized by arranging all health and medical parameters in one place and disseminating them as and when required. It contains prescribing information of 70,000 Brands and nearly 3,000 Drugs (Generic Drugs) along with their monographs comprising more than 15,000 pages of text.

Product Features
Prescription Pad is a state of the art solution which is of a great use for all doctors/practitioners, etc. The solution is a medical prescription creation software that provides doctors with 100% safe, first rate, error free prescription writing facility. With the solution, creating a new medical prescription would take even less than 2 minutes to complete.

Below are certain salient features of the product:

  • The solution is backed by 70,000 plus complete drugs and brands clinical information for prescription of Indian, USA & UK Pharmacopeia.
  • Has complete drug information with indications, contra-indications, drug safety, dosage, substitutes, drug Group etc.
  • Enables search brand Information with trade name, manufacturer, dosage, substitutes, group name etc.
  • Helps a user search drug/brand by name, indication/formulation, dosage, substitutes, group name etc.
  • Triggers drug safety alerts at individual diseases level like in case of G6PD, PORPHYRIA, and HYPERTENSION etc.
  • Imposes drug restrictions warning.

CompuRx Prescription Pad Specification


  • Perpetual


Operating system

  • W


Hardware Configuration :

Minimum Pentium-II or higher with minimum 64 MB RAM & 400 MB of free disc space

Software Configuration :

Windows 98 or higher.

CompuRx Prescription Pad is best suitable for

Size :








Organization type :


Mid Market






Industries :

  • Healthcare

About CompuRx

CompuRx Infotech is the result of the noble initiatives made by Dr. Anil Vij, a renowned physician of the country. It was in the year 2003; Dr. Vij felt a visible gap prevailing in Indian as well as international health care industry. The absence of an efficient software for hospitals, prompted him to setup his own company to develop managed software for hospitals.Dr. Vij, who is an avid admirer of computers and computing technology, started making the initial framework of a computer software that could help clinicians write flawless prescriptions.
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Features of CompuRx Prescription Pad

With option to store patient's images before and after their treatment is done, Prescription Pad provides an ideal platform to show comparative analysis of their medical history and course of successful treatment. This is especially helpful in the case of skin diseases. The various parameters specific to this feature include, complete patients' history, physical examinations, pregnancy details, surgery details, investigation results etc.
In case of Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Lactation, Renal Insufficiency, Hepatic Insufficiency, Pulmonary Insufficiency, the software provides automatic drug safety checks with dose adjustment indication or the drug or brand information. Other parameters on which you can apply automatic check are expected delivery dates, patient obesity, child growth etc. Interestingly, the tool enables the users to view and generate safety checks for brands or trade names.
This is way more helpful than assisting in creating prescription and providing health and medical information. The software facilitates generating the OPD cards that is valid for a specific time period, department. There is also option to generate OPD receipt for each of patient's visit. The OPD card can be generated using a different computer connected on through the local network.
Prescription Pad can search an ideal drug for the patient applying various options, such as drug name, manufacturer's name, dosage name, indications, group name, Contra-Indications, and any other details of the drug or the brand while writing the prescription etc. It gives out pop-up messages in case it is contraindicated in certain situation
With everything going mobile, Prescription Pad is ready to launched its mobile version soon. Then the software can be installed and run on any mobile device, like your smartphones, palmtops etc. Wherever you go, carry the world of medicines, patients’ information and many more with you.
Meeting/Appointment Scheduler,Data Backup Feature,Compact Feature,Restore Feature,Repair Feature

CompuRx Prescription Pad plans and pricing

On Premise


Rs. 20000.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Generic medicines
  • Dental
  • Ladies Pregnancy
  • Patient history
  • Child Vaccination chart
  • safe
  • 27000 above medicine integration


Rs. 25000.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Generic medicines
  • Dental
  • Ladies Pregnancy
  • Patient history
  • Child Vaccination chart
  • safe
  • 27000 above medicine integration
  • Readymade
  • Finance
  • Handouts
  • Medical certificate
  • Lab modules

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Prescription Pad - A comprehensive prescription writing software for doctors.

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CompuRx Prescription Pad Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for CompuRx Prescription Pad

Q. What exactly the software does ?

The software helps a clinician to give out safe, first rate & fool-proof prescription to the patient by checking drug interactions while writing prescription through it. Secondly, the software keeps in memory various data of the patient & cross check them with its drug data-base to give out warning in case of any adverse safety report regarding pregnancy, lactation, pediatric, elderly, renal insufficiency , hepatic insufficiency & pulmonary insufficiency.

Q. How the software is useful in daily practice ?

In our daily practice software is useful in maintaining day to day accounting of the practice besides keeping patients records in safe & orderly fashion. It also keeps track of our appointments, important dates like birthdays , marriage anniversary day, LIC premium payment dates, income tax dates, etc.

Q. Is the software related to nursing home or hospital management ?

NO. The software is not a nursing home or hospital management software.

Q. Can it be useful for the nursing homes also ?

YES. The software is self sufficient for a small nursing home as it is a prescription writing software plus it can generate all kinds of reports if the nursing home has its own laboratory x-ray plant, ultra sound or even a CT scan . It is useful for nursing homes as you can always check indoor patients treatment on this software for any kind of drug interactions or side effects. The indoor patients are always either serious patients or using multiple drugs. Secondly since the software can generate outdoor cards & keeps record of all incoming patients specialty wise, it may be of tremendous help in day to day running of the nursing home.

Q. Can it be used by diagnostic centers too?

YES. It can generate all kinds of pathological reports, x-ray reports ultra sound reports etc. etc. . The software has inbuilt facility to add any kinds of new investigations or reports in future also.

CompuRx Prescription Pad Reviews and Ratings

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economical & quick


13th August, 2016

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • Regardless of the fact the existing software cannot meet my current needs, I have learned so much through this process that I consider the experience extremely beneficial. Both Techjockey and the vendors recommended were easy to communicate with and very informative, without being high pressure. I will likely come back to the recommendations when our back end is organized and/or our requirements increase.
  • Cons -
  • No Cons


It is a prescription medical program that guarantees the safety of prescribed medications.


29th January, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • The facility for medical prescription adjusted to the current level of technology, where medical protocols must be updated.
  • Cons -
  • Open prescription formats where there is no specificity of the indication of the drug and this may be counter-productive with management.

Mohit Yadav

Wonderful Software for Doctors, Hospitals & Patients


6th May, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • The software provides the amazing features of Prescription Writing Software with complete details of about Drugs, Brands (Medicine) and disease information. It also gives alert message when wrong medicine prescribed by doctor.
  • Cons -
  • The layout of software is complicated.

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