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What is Clinicea? Clinicea is a clinic management software that can be used to monitor health centers having multiple divisions and subdivisions spread across various cities. The cloud-based clinic management system is compatible with 20+ specialties and can be used to monitor medical records including PMH, RoS, therapies and more. Managers can activate preventive health care structures for chronic patients, the software will monitor all the checkup due dates and send automated notifications to individual patients at regular intervals. From generating prescriptions, monitoring inventory stocks to offering a self-service portal to individual patients, Clinicea can be used to streamline it all. How does Clinicea help you? Beneficial Resources - The software offers the right tools, combined features and technologies designed by expert consultants, enhancing the overall functions of an individual clinic. Health centers having multiple subdivisions can link them and manage their daily operations within a single database. Dedicated Call Center - With Clinicea, you can generate a dedicated call center for your clinic, monitor individual appointment schedules and market the business with ease. Offline Mode - The software can be operated in offline mode. All the stored data gets synced to the cloud once the internet is available. Pricing Of Clinicea Software Pricing of Clinicea is available on request. You can request us for a callback. Our in-house product experts will get back to you on the date and time mentioned in your callback request. Benefits of Clinicea Executive Medical Summary - With the software, attendants can generate a detailed medical summary of an individual patient, their past medical history, current treatment procedures, and more. Exhaustive and Flexible - Every aspect of Clinicea is completely flexible and can be customized by the clinic and associated doctors. Moreover, all of these are available in a pre-configured manner along with dedicated support specialists. Automated Follow-ups - The software auto-generates appointments within the clinic’s calendar and sends confirmation notifications to individual patients along with timely reminders to turn up on the due date of a scheduled appointment. Prescription Layouts - Clinicea is equipped with multiple creative and useful prescription layouts to choose from. Clinicea is a clinic management software that can be used to monitor health centers having multiple divisions and subdi... Read More About Clinicea
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Last Updated on : 19 Jun, 2021