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Pathogold LIMS software english tutorial
Pathogold LIMS software hindi tutorial
PathoGold Extension Studio Plus (PESP), Laboratory Management Software for Path Labs & Diag Centres
PathoGoldCloud.Com, the latest fully cloud based PathoGold SW for Laboratories & Diagnostics centres
PathoGoldCloud, Internet Based Laboratory Management Software for Pathlabs and Diagnostics centres.
How to do COVID Test reporting using PathoGoldCloud.Com, very easy & simple reporting. Use it fully
Maxim LIS, Powerful Lab ERP system for Pathology Labs & Diagnostics Centres.
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Pathogold LIMS software english tutorial
Pathogold LIMS software hindi tutorial
PathoGold Extension Studio Plus (PESP), Laboratory Management Software for Path Labs & Diag Centres
PathoGoldCloud.Com, the latest fully cloud based PathoGold SW for Laboratories & Diagnostics centres
PathoGoldCloud, Internet Based Laboratory Management Software for Pathlabs and Diagnostics centres.

Birlamedisoft PathoGold

by : BirlamediSoft

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Birlamedisoft Pathogold is a laboratory information management system used by small and big laboratories to computerize every process in their pathology lab & diagnostics centre. The LIMS system software has a fully functional interface for handling reporting, billing, accounting, referrals, in... Read more

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Birlamedisoft PathoGold Software Pricing, Features & Reviews

What is Birlamedisoft PathoGold?

Birlamedisoft Pathogold is a laboratory information management system used by small and big laboratories to computerize every process in their pathology lab & diagnostics centre. The LIMS system software has a fully functional interface for handling reporting, billing, accounting, referrals, inventory, search functions.

PathoGold laboratory management software streamlines lab investigation procedures of both Pathology and Radiology laboratories to improve patient safety and clinical care.

Birlamedisoft Pathogold LMS software provides 2k plus ready to use test formats along with the reports regarding pathological & radiology investigations. It also helps to generate reports around Cytology, Histo-pathology, Biopsy pictures, and more.

Versions of Birlamedisoft Pathogold

PathoGold software comes in 2 versions:

1. Offline PathoGold: Desktop based, installs on your PC/Laptop

Offline Software are PathoGold 2005, PathoGold Extension Studio (PES), PathoGold Extension Studio Plus (PESP) and PathoRAD Extension Studio Plus (PESP-R). These software options can be installed on your PC/Laptop. It can also send Patient reports via Email, WhatsApp too. A special feature to download reports via SMS is also available.

2. Online PathoGold: Cloud Based software, runs via Internet cloud.

Online Cloud Software – PathoGold Cloud is for Pathology labs and Diagnostics centres. This software runs via Cloud Network (Internet). All types of features like QRCode, Barcode, Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Report via SMS are available in this power packed cloud system. Affordable plans are available for both small and big lab practices. This pathology laboratory information management system comes with a medical mobile app for Doctor, Lab, Phlebo and Patient. It provides the super admin function in mobile app to manage multiple labs and view their performances at single window level.

Why Use Birlamedisoft Pathogold Laboratory Software?

  • Fast processing: It is a comprehensive solution that ensures faster data processing and higher operational efficiency.
  • Drag & drop interface: This feature of laboratory management solution is commonly used for booking or cancelling appointments easily.
  • Amazing display: The lab management system offers a user-friendly interface for organizing the daily workflow of diagnostic labs.
  • Data integration: You can manage data of your patients and their lab reports and medical history with this lab management software.
  • Improved patient care: This LIMS system software improves patient care and experience by ensure accurate and timely pathology & radiology reports.
  • Reduced cost: By digitizing lab management processes, this LIMS system ensures optimum resource utilization.

Modules of Birlamedisoft Pathogold Software

  • Edit/search patients: The software makes it quite easy to add, edit, or search patient details.
  • Amazing front end: Simple frontend system for creating reports with attractive colours and fonts.
  • Manage accounts: The feature is used to manage billing, track income, and generate outstanding balance reports.
  • Encryption/decryption: Open query system with data encryption/decryption facilities and the option to attach electronic microscopes to view and capture slides.
  • Reports: Multiple histopathology, Ex. histology, and cytology reports with pictures.
  • SMS facility: You can use the option to instantly create reports and send patient reminders, individually or in bulk.
  • Test formats: Get access to ready-to-use designs to generate test reports for different pathological & radiology investigation types.
  • Test reports: You can combine multiple tests together while reporting. ex. Biochemistry with Hemogram reports.
  • Audit Trail: You can keep track of when and what entries are done, by whom. This feature curbs thefts too.

Features of Birlamedisoft PathoGold:

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Birlamedisoft PathoGold:

  • Online & Offline working mode
  • Appointment Scheduling Tool
  • Accounting Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing Management
  • API Integration (Third Party Connect)
  • Advanced search
  • Seamless user interface
  • Equipment Interfacing (Analyzers)
  • Mobile Apps Access for Patient, Doctor, Phlebo, Lab, SuperAdmin
  • Report delivery via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Mobile App, Web Download, QRCode scanning

Benefits of Birlamedisoft Pathogold Cloud

  • User-friendly software with a simple drag and drop interface
  • Easy management of audit Trail, and tracking of patient records
  • Handles all functions like Testing, Referrals, Billing, Accounting, Inventory
  • Graphical format for checking purchases, profit, sales & outstanding
  • Consultants can track patient records, prescribe treatment plan & do follow-ups (OPD Management Module)
  • Single-click option to book appointments, download reports & track demographics

How Does Birlamedisoft Pathogold Work?

Birlamedisoft Pathogold is primarily used for managing the functions at diagnostic labs. It has an intuitive interface and is simple to use. Birlamedisoft Pathogold can be easily integrated with your existing systems to ensure a smooth workflow. For more information, you can also watch YouTube videos and take an online demo from

How to Use Birlamedisoft Pathogold?

Get started with Birlamedisoft Pathogold in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Buy Birlamedisoft Pathogold installation key from

Step 2: Install Birlamedisoft Pathogold on your device, all installation instructions are given in installation documents

Step 3: Sign up & create your account

Step 4: Add users & assign permissions

Step 5: Get started with Birlamedisoft Pathogold

Machines that can integrate with Birlamedisoft PathoGold:

Birlamedisoft PathoGold can integrate with over 500+ Analyser machines in Unidirectional and Bidirectional ways. You can provide us the list of machines to be integrated with PathoGold.

What is the Price of Birlamedisoft Pathogold?

Birlamedisoft Pathogold price in India starts at ₹ 6000 for the lifetime. Birlamedisoft Pathogold comes with multiple pricing plans and caters to the diverse customer base.

Birlamedisoft Desktop Pathogold Price ranges:

  • PG5: ₹ 6000/lifetime
  • PES: ₹ 8000/lifetime
  • PESP: ₹ 12000/lifetime
  • PESP-R: ₹ 15000/lifetime

Birlamedisoft Pathogold Cloud Online Price ranges:

  • Easy to Go Plan: ₹ 750/Per Month
  • Swift Plan: ₹ 1500/Per Month
  • Premium Plan: ₹ 2000/Per Month
  • Platinum Plan: ₹ 3000/Per Month
  • Enterprise Plan: ₹ 5000/Per Month
  • COVID Plan: ₹ 3000/Per Month
  • CUSTOM Plan: ₹ YOURPRICE/Per Month

Offline -Online Maxim LIS ERP system

  • Basic Plan: ₹ 40,000/ Lifetime
  • Silver Plan: ₹ 80,000/ Lifetime
  • Gold Plan: ₹ 1,50,000/ Lifetime
  • Platinum Plan: ₹ 2,50,000/ Lifetime

Analyzer Interfacing Charges

  • Unidirectional Interface: ₹ 15,000/ Per Unit
  • Bidirectional Interface: ₹ 30,000/ Per Unit

The above plan prices vary based on factors like customization, additional features required, number of users, and the deployment type. Under Custom Plan, we can fit your exact requirements and make monthly spending budget for you. For any further details and offers on PathoGold cloud packages, please request a call back from our product experts.

In a Nutshell

Birlamedisoft PathoGold Software is easy to use & affordable to your pocket. It has all the important features required for Lab management. Using Birlamedisoft PathoGold software, you do not need to buy any other software. You get all in one package in PathoGold Software.

Birlamedisoft PathoGold Pricing & Plans

PathoGold 2005 (PG5)
    • Quantity (Lifetime)

Calculated Price (Inclusive of all taxes)

PathoGold Extn Studio (PES)
    • Quantity (Lifetime)

Calculated Price (Inclusive of all taxes)

PathoGold Extn Studio Plus (PESP)
    • Quantity (Lifetime)

Calculated Price (Inclusive of all taxes)

PathoRAD Extn Studio Plus (PESP-R)
    • Quantity
    • Yearly

Calculated Price (Inclusive of all taxes)

Easy To Go (Cloud)
    • Quantity
    • Monthly

Calculated Price (Inclusive of all taxes)

Swift (Cloud)
    • Quantity
    • Monthly

Calculated Price (Inclusive of all taxes)

Gold Plan
    • Quantity
    • Monthly

Calculated Price (Inclusive of all taxes)

Platinum Plan
    • Quantity
    • Monthly

Calculated Price (Inclusive of all taxes)

Enterprise Plan
    • Quantity
    • Monthly

Calculated Price (Inclusive of all taxes)

    • Quantity
    • Monthly

Calculated Price (Inclusive of all taxes)

Offline - Online Maxim LIS ERP system
  • Option(s)
    • Quantity

Calculated Price (Inclusive of all taxes)

Analyser Interfacing Charges
  • Option(s)
    • Quantity

Calculated Price (Inclusive of all taxes)


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Birlamedisoft PathoGold Features

User Friendly

Small and big laboratories can use its user-friendly features for automating pathology lab processes.

Mobile Support

This easy-to-use mobile lab management software supports effective patient and task management.


The module helps generate reports like cytology & Histopathology, and you can attach pictures to them.

Email & SMS Integration

The software helps send automatic patient notifications individually or in bulk.


You can use the feature for handling single click billing, income reports, and outstanding balance reports.


Secured interface ensures that all data, information, records, and reports are stored securely.

Password Protection

Password protection helps proactively secure the entire database of a diagnostic laboratory.

Online/Offline Mode

It functions both online & offline so that you can run its different modules uninterruptedly.

Multiuser Multilevel

Password protected user access rights ensure complete information security.

Billing & Invoicing

Complete the billing tasks, save them in a single click, and check outstanding reports.

Fastest Execution

Efficiently execute tasks related to purchases, sales, test reports & more with the LIMS system.


Create stock lists and define collections for effective inventory management.

Birlamedisoft PathoGold Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows Android Windows(Phone)
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based, Perpetual
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitals, Labs
  • English

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BirlamediSoft Brand Details

Brand Name BirlamediSoft
Information Birlamedisoft was founded in 2001, with headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Birlamedisoft has been the pioneer in developing software like Hospital Management Software, Hospital Management information system, Web based Hospital management Software, HIS Software for the healthcare industry.
Founded Year 2001
Director/Founders Shrinivas Birla
Company Size 1-100 Employees
Other Products Birlamedisoft HIMS Quanta V4.0, Birlamedisoft Net Blood Bank, Birlamedisoft Medical College Campus Solution

Birlamedisoft PathoGold FAQ

A. Birlamedisoft PathoGold is compatible with Windows operating systems.
A. Birlamedisoft PathoGold app is available for Android at present. You can download from Google PlayStore
A. Birlamedisoft PathoGold supports on-premise and cloud-based deployment.
A. Check pricing section for all product pricing details.
A. Birlamedisoft PathoGold is typically used in small, medium and large laboratories & diagnostics centres which are doing Pathology, Radiological, Histo/Cyto Investigations.
A. Birlamedisoft Pathogold demo videos are available on YouTube. You can also install live demos using instructions, you can test full featured demo by 20 patient records entry. Same software will convert into Live mode after purchasing activation keys.
A. Birlamedisoft Pathogold offers a free demo trial. However, the live software plan starts as little as Rs. 6000. per unit.
A. For Birlamedisoft Pathogold installation, download software from links given below and install it in your system and get started. For PG5 - For PES - For PESP - For PESP-R - After download, you will need latest WINRAR software to extract the demo files.
A. You can watch Birlamedisoft PathoGoldCloud Demo video under videos section. Also Visit for more details.
A. visit, you will get all details there.

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