Top 10 Medical Apps for Doctors & Medical Professionals

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August 16, 2022 10 Min read

The number of smartphone users in India is expected to grow above 1 billion by 2026. Today, mobile devices are not used just for calling or texting. People are using smartphone to perform a variety of activities, such as reading a book, making online purchase, searching for a job and even finding a date.

Many rely solely on their smartphone to access the internet. With the increased dependency on smartphone, even professionals like doctors are using mobile apps enthusiastically for adding a pinch of perfection to their patient care services.

Such is the rise in dependence on smartphone apps that there are more than 2 million apps in the Apple Store and over 3.8 million in the Google Play Store of Android. So, how can doctors be sure that they’re downloading the right medical app? Today, we share best medical apps for doctors.

List of Best Medical Apps for Doctors and Physicians Based-on Popularity and Usage

We have curated a list of the best medical apps for doctors to help them offer the best care possible to the patients. Many of the below listed apps are free or come with an affordable monthly or yearly plan!

  • Practo

USP: One of the unique value propositions of this medical app for doctors is the article section where you can learn hundreds of new ways to stay healthy and prevent diseases.


Practo is increasingly popular among smartphone users, both doctors and patients. By registering on one of this medical apps for Doctors and Physicians, can manage their profile and appointment, and get feedback from patients. The online medical consultation app also allows doctors to view how many times their profile has appeared and chat with patients online to ensure quick consultation.

At the same time, this increasingly popular mobile app allows people to take care of their health and their loved ones. They can find the best doctors in their locality, book appointments and tests instantly. Patients can even chat with doctors online to ensure complete healthcare at the time of emergency.


  1. Get every medicine on time
  2. Connect with a doctor instantly
  3. Hassle-free appointment
  4. Consultation with your preferred doctor
  5. Top articles from health experts

Practo Pricing: CM Atom plan starts at INR 999 per month and clinic management plan cost INR 1499 per month. You can choose the plan according to your needs.

Practo Compatibility: iOS and Android

  • Medscape

USP: One of its most useful functions of Medscape is its Drug Interaction Checker, which allows up to 30 inputs and helps in checking their interactions.


Medscape is primarily an online news site, which has recently come up with an exclusive medical reference app. Available on iOS and Android, this app allows doctors to dive in the archive of drug information and catch up on the latest medical news. They can also check for disease reference tools on the online medical consultation app to ensure quick and accurate treatment.

Along with doctors, this medical reference app is equally popular among students and nurses. They get quick information about different drugs and diseases while getting access to medical calculators. The best thing about this app is that you can access it even when you are working offline.


  1. Get clinical reference along with medical news
  2. You can explore the latest clinical guidelines
  3. Find on-demand business course for Practicing Physicians

Medscape Pricing: Medscape membership is available for free for users.

Medscape Compatibility: Android and iOS

  • Curofy

USP: Over 350,000 doctors are actively participating on this app to discuss the case of over 12,000 real life patients every month.


Over 3 lakhs doctors are using the Curofy best medicine app to be a part of an interactive community of specialists. This is the platform where they can discuss and review difficult cases and get right tips for accurate diagnosis. Also, they can read journals, latest medical guidelines and news on this app. Here, doctors can discuss real-life patients from over 1,000 specialties and sub-specialties.

Medical professionals are also creating their own profile on this one of the best medical apps for doctors so that their patients can find them easily. This allows them to get recommendations from other doctors for specific cases. Oh, and did you know that Curofy app is a part of RoundGlass Cross Grow now!


  1. Discussion forum for doctors
  2. Library of journals & medical guidelines
  3. Genie AI assistant to help search for jobs
  4. Procure medical devices & loans
  5. Create your own online website
  6. Network with over 350,000 doctors

Curofy Pricing: Accessing or browsing the app is completely free.

Curofy Compatibility: Android and iOS

  • Amion

USP: It makes scheduling fun with colourful templates and patterns.


Doctors use the Amion app to manage and stay updated about their on-call and daily schedules. They get to manage their shift schedules in a calendar format, and can also help their colleagues plan their shifts better. The app provides many useful features to manage templates, patterns and staffing rules. It also comes with an auto-scheduler, making the task of building and fine-tuning schedules easier.

This medical app for doctors is also used by hospital and clinic staff along with doctors to view assignments, send messages, sync work schedules and submit special requests. It’s a great assistance tool for staff and doctors as they can manage online requests, swap shift online and also get access to duty-hour reports.


  1. Integrates your shifts with staff schedules
  2. Provides multiple scheduling templates
  3. Helps manage on-call schedules for your entire hospital

Amion Pricing: Single group or residency license is available for INR 31,168.48 per year.

Amion Compatibility: Apple and Android devices

  • Epocrates

USP: Using this medical reference app, medical practitioners can check concise monographs for popular herbals and other supplements stored at a central location.


Epocrates App helps doctors by delivering the most current safety, diagnostic and treatment information in real-time. Doctors rely on this medical app for clinical practice guidelines, in-depth disease content and alternative medicines. Different evidence-based, patient-specific guidelines are condensed at the app to ensure accurate patient care. Also, doctors can check for the potential of harmful interactions between different drugs. They can take up as many as 30 drugs in one go to check for interactions.


  1. Supports clinical decisions
  2. Provides instant reports related to any disease
  3. Users can access Epocrates intelligence instantly

Epocrates Pricing: Users can use Epocrates best medicine app for free with limited features. Users can upgrade to Epocrates Plus to access advanced features for INR 13,669.61.

Epocrates Compatibility: iOS and Android

  • UpToDate

The UpToDate app is quite popular among doctors and Physicians to get quick access to the medical knowledge archived at a central location. Using this app, doctors can find answers to complex clinical questions in real-time. They get regular updates through ‘What’s New’ notifications as soon as any new information is added to the medical literature.

Also, it comes with medical calculators to help you quickly and accurately get the reading for different medical measurements. Its drug interaction program helps clinicians quickly check for all possible drug-to-drug and drug-to-herb interactions. In partnership with Lexicomp, the app provides an efficient drug interaction program.

USP: You can upgrade to the UpToDate Advanced to enjoy exclusive access to UpToDate Pathways and Lab Interpretation to ensure appropriate diagnostic testing and treatment.


  1. Integrated patient education
  2. Practice changing updates
  3. Streamlines search capabilities
  4. Graphics search feature

UpToDate Pricing: The app follows a customized pricing method. Price details are available on request at

UpToDate Compatibility: Android and iOS


USP: Stay up to date on new research and drug approvals with this popular medical reference app.


PEPID is a clinical support app widely used by emergency room Physicians. This medical reference app helps Physicians diagnose faster based on quick understanding of patients’ symptoms. The solution suggests possible ailments on the basis of lab results and physical exam findings along with the patient’s symptoms. It also sends alerts with respect to possible multi-drug interactions and suggests the dosage accordingly.

This medical reference app is an encyclopedia of different disease profiles, medical conditions, and treatment options. It also offers hundreds of reference videos to assist doctors with clinical procedures and physical examinations.


  1. Clinical answers at your fingertips
  2. Comprehensive data and modules for EHRs, EMRs & HIT systems
  3. Reliable, action-oriented resources for your staff

PEPID Pricing: The subscription price for PEPID is billed annually as a onetime payment of INR 23,430.59.

PEPID Compatibility: Android and iOS

  • Lexicomp

USP: As all the information is available offline so you can use it even when you have no internet access.

Lexicomp free doctor consultation app

Lexicomp is one of the most comprehensive clinical reference apps for doctors. The app provides users with over 20 databases that include drug information particularly on oral and infectious diseases and IV compatibility. Plus, the doctors also get access to an extensive medical library that comprises information regarding drug interactions, calculators among other things.

Lexicomp is the most popular subscription-based smartphone app for doctors in India. Doctors can choose the best subscription plan from the several ones available according to their needs.


  1. Trusted clinical knowledge app
  2. Extensive knowledge on drugs, interactions and more
  3. Advanced data privacy and security practices

Lexicomp Pricing: Lexi – COMPLETE one year subscription package is available at INR 13,670.13 while Lexi – CLINICAL SUITE academic price is INR 7733.39.

Lexicomp Compatibility: Android, iPhone and iPad

  • MDCalc

USP: The app is available for free for Android and iOS users.

MDCalc free doctor consultation app

MDCalc is one of the best free medical app for doctors designed to help them spend less time on calculations and more on the wellbeing of the patient. It offers over 350 tools and includes 35 areas of specialty that will help you make better decisions about your patients ongoing health.

The content on the app is written and verified by doctors and leading medical experts and over million users use this app globally including more than 65 % US doctors weekly.


  1. A quick and easy to tools for quality patient care
  2. Verified content available on app written by medical experts
  3. Advanced medical calculators designed by leading doctors

MDCalc Pricing: It is available for free for use by pharmacists, physicians and medical students among others.

MDCalc Compatibility: Android and iOS

  • DynaMed

USP: One can easily navigate through the app to find the relevant drug related information.


DynaMed is one of the best medical apps for doctors and patients that provides healthcare professionals with up-to-date information. The content is both easy to follow and direct, thus allowing you to make the best decisions quickly. In addition, you can save your favorite articles, make notes, send emails and most importantly access information even when you are not connected to the internet.


  1. Facilitate evidence-based patient care
  2. Up to date information for users at fingertips
  3. Access medical information on the go

DynaMed Pricing: DynaMed for physicians is priced at INR 31,166.99/year, practitioners at INR 15,544.44/year, residents in training at INR 11,638.80/year and students at INR 7,733.39/year.

DynaMed Compatibility: iPad, iPhone & Android

Wrapping Up

Medicine has been practiced in isolation for quite long. Now is the time that doctors come together and work in association towards improved patient care. These best apps for doctors will help them get the right consultation in real-time to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment. If you are using any other medical app which is not mentioned in the list, feel free to share your experiences with us.


  1. What is the best app for doctors?

    Whether you are a doctor, physician or surgeon, medical apps can help you become a better medical professional. So, if you are looking for the best apps, do consider Medscape, DynaMed, Epocrates.

  2. Is there any particular app to read doctor prescription?

    There are several apps that can help you read doctor prescription conveniently. Lexicomp and Omnio are among the best ones used by millions of users across the globe!

  3. Which app is most frequently used by doctors?

    UpToDate, DynaMed, PEPID are some of the best known medical apps for doctors. They use it to find drug related information, medical calculators, and other relevant medical information.

  4. What is physician app?

    Physician or medical app is defined as a software that is accessible on mobile device to help medical professionals take quick decisions to ensure quality patient care.

  5. What are the must have medical apps for doctors?

    Practo, Curofy and Lexicomp are some of the top medical apps that provide doctors with high quality medical information. In addition, they help doctors make better decisions in relation to their patients’ health.

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