20 Best Health Apps for Android & iPhone to Ensure Self Care

20 Best Health Apps for Android & iPhone to Ensure Self Care-feature image

Health apps are potent tools in our hands to achieve a healthy lifestyle even amidst our busy working schedules.

For the past several years, our lives have suddenly become more stressful with health taking a backseat in terms of priority. This pandemic has been sort of a wakeup call for many of us as it has shown us the benefits of sound health to our personal and professional life.

Good health is not only achieved by pumping iron in the gym. Other things such as sound sleep, nutritious food, regular health check-ups, etc. matter too. And since no one has the luxury of time these days, we tell you about some easy-to-use apps, which can be your health’s all-weather friend.

20 Best Health Apps for Android & iPhone to Ensure Self Care

  1. MyFitnessPal
  2. Headspace
  3. SleepCycle
  4. Aaptiv
  5. Fooducate
  6. Happify
  7. HealthTap
  8. My Diet Coach
  9. Lumosity
  10. Elevate
  11. Fitocracy
  12. HealthyOut
  13. Waterlogged
  14. Lark
  15. Fabulous
  16. MoodFit
  17. Google Fit App
  18. Apple Health App
  19. LiveHealth
  20. CareClinic
  • MyFitnessPal Health App

Best for: Tracking calories, losing weight & lowering your MBI

Google Fit band

MyFitnessPal is a health application which helps users improve their dietary choices by providing the feature of a food diary, including recipes of around 11 million healthy food choices.

You can also track your daily calorie count, nutritional value of different food items and the right serving size. Also, there is a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts to discuss their fitness story and stay motivated.

Pricing: MyFitnessPal Android and iPhone health app offers free and premium membership. Membership plan costs ₹744.75 per month.

Platforms Supported: Android, iOS

  • Headspace

Best for: Stress management & sound sleep

Vitamins app

Headspace is one of the best health apps for meditation to reduce stress in daily lives and improving sleep schedules. By spending some time on this app daily, users can learn techniques to meditate better and be more mindful throughout the day.

People feeling depressed or anxious during the pandemic can use headspace to achieve peace as the healthy app offers multiple categories of meditation including meditation for sleep, for anger control, for confidence and much more.

Pricing: Headspace Google health app has a free version which can be downloaded from suitable app stores. The paid version of the app comes at ₹968.40 per month.

Platforms supported: Android, iOS

  • SleepCycle

Best for: Healthy sleep routine

SleepCycle app healthcare monitors your sleep routine, telling you about the quality of your sleep and categorizes your sleep into awake, sleep and deep sleep. This health application comes with an intelligent snooze feature, that gently wakes you up in stages till your desired awake time.

This health app comes with an inbuilt accelerometer which is used to track your movement when you sleep.

Pricing: SleepCycle free health app can be downloaded from application stores. This app also offers premium subscription at the price of ₹2235.74 per year.

Platforms supported: Android and iOS

  • Aaptiv

Best for: Workout app with fitness & training programs

Online medical app

Aaptiv is one of the best health apps for Android as it allows users to design their own workout routine based on their fitness goals. This includes yoga, strength training, flexibility, etc. Users’ progress and weight loss is monitored by fitness experts for better results.

Aaptiv health application has a music player embedded in its interface using which you can play your favourite tracks when you work out. Aaptiv can also be adopted by companies to promote a culture of fitness among their employees.

Pricing: Aaptiv health application offers membership at ₹1118.24 per month.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

  • Fooducate

Best for: Nutrition & health tracker based on ingredients

Fooducate health app helps users design their own suitable diet plans to achieve their fitness goals. Fooducate allows users to keep a track of their daily calorie intake and offers them healthy alternatives of their favourite snacks.

Using the health app, you can scan the barcode of a product and know its nutrition grade. Users can also seek support and healthy recipes from Fooducate google health app.

Pricing: Fooducate keto diet app can be downloaded free of cost from the app stores.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

  • Happify

Best for: Overcoming negative thoughts & reducing stress

Doctor online free chat

Happify app healthcare aims to build an environment of positive wellbeing by educating users about mental health practises. Happify is an important health application in these testing times as it involves users in a host of scientific quizzes and games to help them develop an optimistic outlook.

Pricing: Happify app is a free health app for android and apple phone users. Price of happify plus version starts from ₹869.99 per month.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

  • HealthTap

Best for: Online consultation with doctors via text & videos

App Healthcare

HealthTap medical app provides round the clock consultations for your health issues from best doctors. Healthtap online medical app handles all stages of your sickness: from diagnosis to follow up virtually. This online doctor consultation app provides plans for individual counselling as well as for companies to ensure employees’ primary healthcare.

Pricing: HealthTap’s annual subscription costs ₹8904.23.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

  • My Diet Coach

Best For: Weight loss & calorie counting

My Diet Coach health app helps users to keep a tab on their weight and cut calories. Users can set reminders of their fitness goal and the app will send them motivational photos, healthy food eating habits, etc. The app also provides free virtual rewards when you complete a task or reach a milestone.

My Diet Coach prevents users from lazing off, keeping them committed to their weight loss goal.

Pricing: My Diet Coach free health app is for all smartphone users.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

  • Lumosity

Best for: Interactive cognitive training programs

LiveHealth for diagnostics

Lumosity Google health app is designed for improving the cognitive functions of the brain such as memory and focus through a host of challenging games. You can train your brain through fun games based on math and language and sharpening problem-solving skills.

Pricing: Lumosity Andorid & iPhone free health app can be downloaded free of cost from app stores. It offers a premium subscription also which is priced at ₹1122.38 per month.

Supported platforms: iOS, Android

  • Elevate

Best for: Brain training games for users of all ages

Apple Health

Elevate health app is designed to keep your brain in the best shape by enhancing your math, reading, writing skills and much more. You can choose from a range of games and as you progress, the app will adjust according to your level and let you compare your performance with others.

Pricing: Elevate app’s basic version is available free of cost on apple and android stores. Users can upgrade to its pro version by paying ₹373.38 per month.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

  • Fitocracy

Best for: Improving your fitness with gamification techniques

Best health apps

Fitocracy is one of the best health apps for those looking to get fit without going to the gym. With Fitocracy app, you can choose a personal coach who would guide you about the best workouts and eating habits centred around your needs. There are many games and social networking plans to keep you motivated for achieving your desired fitness goal.

Pricing: Fitocracy free health app can be downloaded free of cost from app stores. If you wish to take services of a personal coach, then the price starts from ₹74.83 per day.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

  • HealthyOut

Best for: Tracking nutrients & calories in different restaurant dishes

HealthyOut is a unique health app as it allows users to order healthy alternatives for their favorite food items from different restaurants. Using HealthyOut, users can even see the nutritional content associated with each dish and count the calories packed in the dish.

HealthyOut presents several categories such as lactose intolerant, low fat, no gluten, high protein, etc. using which you can order healthy food for yourselves from your favourite restaurant.

Pricing: HealthyOut app can be downloaded free of cost form Apple and Android app stores.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

  • Waterlogged

Best for: Tracking your water intake & staying hydrated

Online doctor consultation app

Waterlogged app is designed on a fundamental concept that drinking adequate amounts of water makes us healthy. Waterlogged app healthcare reminds you to stay hydrated.

You can see your water consumption by day, week or month to analyse whether you are consuming enough water or not. This health application also offers seamless integration with Fitbit.

Pricing: Waterlogged is one among the free health apps. You can also upgrade to lifetime premium version by paying ₹298.55

  • Lark Health

Best For: Selfcare & healthy eating

iPhone health app

Lark Health app is used to have a better control over your diet and weight-loss plans. It also tracks your progress with exercise, sleep quality, etc. with the help of advanced AI technologies. You will receive motivational advice regularly through text to stay on track.

Pricing: Lark free health app can be downloaded free of cost. For accessing additional features, users can opt for a paid subscription starting at ₹1492.77 per month.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

  • Fabulous

Best for: Science-based app for habit tracking & fitness improvement

Google Health app

Fabulous healthy app is a habit tracker that helps inculcate healthy habits and improve your overall fitness and sleep routine. The best health app for android makes use of behavioural economics to rewire your brain for achieving your desired fitness level.

In addition to weight loss, the app can be used for other mindful activities such as meditation, building self-esteem, mental focus, etc.

Pricing: The Fabulous is available free of cost on app stores. Advanced features can be obtained by paying a subscription fee of ₹971.98 per month.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

  • MoodFit

Best For: Mental health fitness & good mood

MoodFit app has been designed keeping in mind the importance of sound mental health. It comes with a section of breathing exercise and grounding tools, which are proactive strategies to help alleviate stress and anxiety and improve your overall wellbeing.

In addition to mental health activities, you can also access the app for workouts and meditation. You can also keep a tab on your mood-related activities and shows the relationship between your mood, exercise and sleep.

Pricing: MoodFit can be downloaded for free.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

  • Google Fit App

Best For: Tracking your heart health

Healthy app

Google Fit app is the tech giant’s contribution to promote healthy lifestyle among people. Google Fit app has collaborated with WHO and American Heart Association to generate the concept of heart points. These heart points are awarded to users whenever they complete a physical activity.

You can monitor your exercise routine by using a wearable Google Fit band. You can also use it to stay in touch with other health apps while you work out.

Pricing: Google Fit App is available free of cost

Supported platforms: iOS, Android

  • Apple Health App

Best For: Tracking different health metrics daily

Apple Health app is one of the best iPhone health apps. Apple Health app shows health data combined from other apple devices including Apple watch and third-party apps and shows it all on its platform. Apple Health app uses machine learning to show you important health metrics.

Pricing: Apple health app can be downloaded for free from Apple app store

Supported platforms: iOS

  • LiveHealth

Best For: Online consultation & therapies

Best health app for android

By using LiveHealth doctor online free chat app, you can receive consultation from a doctor or psychotherapist for your health problems. You can use a LiveHealth medical app from desktop or mobile device. LiveHealth lets you bypass long wait time and connects you with a doctor through live video chat.

Pricing: Price of LiveHealth is ₹2999 per month per user and is quite popular in the USA.

Supported platforms: iOS, Android

  • CareClinic

Best For: Vitamins & minerals tracking

Careclinic vitamins app acts as a vitamins and minerals tracker in your daily diet. It also helps you to monitor your health status and set reminders about doctor appointments. The online medical app also lets you see AI generated reports and lets you set goals of your desired health.

Pricing: CareClinic app can be download for free from android or apple store

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

In conclusion

A healthy mind and healthy body are essentials required for a successful life. Choose the most appropriate health app from the list above and take a progressive step towards a healthy, happy and positive life.

Published On: July 28, 2020

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