Dropbox Vs Google Drive Vs OneDrive: Finding the Best Dropbox Alternative

| July 29, 2020
Dropbox alternatives


For many years, Dropbox has been the undisputed king of file sharing software. But as more diverse and economical options come out in the market, businesses look for the perfect Dropbox alternative suitable for their needs.

Google Drive Vs OneDrive

A big question then arises that what prodded businesses to find alternatives to Dropbox. Users benefiting from Dropbox basic version are often found struggling with the lack of storage: a measly 2 GB.

In this article, we try to look at some other reasons for this hunt for cloud storage software similar to Dropbox. We will also tell you free Dropbox alternatives, comparing Google Drive Vs OneDrive and Dropbox Vs Google Drive.

Dropbox Vs Google Drive Vs OneDrive: What We Liked About Dropbox

Before shining light on file sharing systems suitable to be called alternatives to Dropbox, we look at some features which make us root for Dropbox file management software

Dropbox Vs Google Drive
  • In any circumstance, Dropbox creates a backup of your most crucial documents to keep them protected.
  • In case of an edit, you can look up an earlier version of a saved file for reference.
  • Dropbox can be accessed through different devices such as mobile, tablet and desktop
  • You can add notes or comments to specific portion of the document when sharing it with people

What We Didn't Like About Dropbox

Here we list the reasons that have prompted businesses to look for software similar toDropbox.

  • Dropbox basic version users can only sync three devices with their account and have limited functionality for viewing their history.
  • Options to organize documents in Dropbox is limited.

Dropbox Vs Google Drive: What We Liked About Google Drive

Microsoft OneDrive Vs Google Drive

Google drive is one of the top alternatives to Dropbox. Here we highlight some major difference between Dropbox and Google Drive.

  • In this free Dropbox alternative, you get more than 7 times the free storage space as compared to Dropbox which can be further expanded as per your need.
  • As a major difference between Dropbox and Google Drive, the latter allows easy downloading and intersharing of professional data between members of the same and different teams.
  • Being a part of Google’s suite, Drive offers high security with the option of limiting access to specific users.

What We Didn't Like about Google Drive

This file sharing system similar to Dropbox has some drawbacks we wish were not there. They are as follows:

  • For Google Drive to work seamlessly, it is necessary that you and the people you share your documents with have a Google account. Otherwise viewing a file would not be possible.

Google Drive Vs OneDrive: What We Liked About OneDrive

Difference between Dropbox and Google Drive

OneDrive is another suitable alternative to Dropbox. We list out some of its efficient features, comparing Microsoft OneDrive Vs Google Drive.

  • Using OneDrive, you can create different folders to store your different files
  • Microsoft OneDrive supports complete customization to support needs of different companies as well as different departments within the same company.
  • This file sharing system can be integrated easily with other apps as part of the Office365 suite.

What We Didn't Like About OneDrive

If you are looking for OneDrive as your chosen free Dropbox alternative, we list some not so good features which may force you to rethink.

  • Some users might find annoying that OneDrive does not display documents of certain formats such as .dwg format etc.

Dropbox Vs Google Drive: Difference Between Dropbox and Google Drive

Here we list major differences between Dropbox and Google Drive, two of the best file storage software, for you to decide which is more suited to your company’s needs.

Category Dropbox Google Drive
Speed Due to its LAN Sync feature, transfer of large data happens at fast pace Transfer of larger files takes longer time.
Storage 2 GB 15 GB
Pricing ₹8974.12 for 2 TB upgrade ₹7478.43 for 2 TB upgrade
File Sync Makes use of Block syncing to save file changes. Slower syncing as compared to Dropbox
File Sharing Allows file sharing across devices with the option of revoking access anytime Allows file sharing across devices with the option of revoking access anytime  
Video Collaboration With Zoom With Google Hangouts (Meet)
Data Security   Securely backs data to the cloud Securely backs data to the cloud

Microsoft OneDrive Vs Google Drive: Difference between OneDrive and Google Drive

By presenting the difference between OneDrive and Google Drive, we show how these two file management systems rank against each other on parameters such as speed, pricing, etc.

Category Microsoft OneDrive Google Drive
Speed Similar speed, faster transfer of Microsoft native files due to block level copying. Lacks block level copying feature.
Storage 5 GB 15 GB
Pricing ₹522.74 per month for 1 TB ₹747.10 per month for 1 TB
File Sync Limited file types can be backed up but more customization for backup of media files More file types can be backed up but limited customization options for media files
File Sharing Sharing of file possible across devices with the option of revoking access Sharing of file possible across devices with the option of revoking access
Video Collaboration With Microsoft teams With Google Hangout (Meet)
Data Security   Data is backed up securely to cloud; you can expect high data security as it is a Microsoft product Secure backing of data to cloud; minimum data breaching as it is a Google offering.

Other Dropbox Alternatives for File Sharing in 2020

Now that you know about the difference between Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, we will tell you some other well performing file sharing software which can be the perfect alternatives to Dropbox.

  • Zoho Docs

Similar to Dropbox, Zoho Docs is a file storage and sharing software. Using Zoho Docs, you can share and save files, documents, videos, images, etc. and access them through any device. It also boasts of ‘Zoho Doc Sync’ which syncs your data with the cloud in offline mode, making it one of the best free Dropbox alternatives.

Alternatives to Dropbox


Zoho Docs is a free file sharing software. The price of paid version starts from ₹300 per month. With paid version, you can get better security, collaboration across entire organization and efficient admin controls.  

For more details and demo, visit techjockey.com.

  • Box

IBM Box is a file management system that can be used as the perfect free Dropbox alternative. Box file storage software is compatible with different browsers and offers admin better control of how their data is shared and stored.

Similar to Dropbox


IBM box offers a free version. The price of paid version starts from ₹373.92 per month.

The paid version offers unlimited maximum users, robust content management and enhanced security.  

  • Sync

One of the bestDropbox alternatives, Sync is a secure file management system. It promotes collaboration between teammates by letting them access files backed to the cloud from different devices. It also facilitates easy sharing of large files across locations.

free Dropbox alternative


Sync free Dropbox alternative also has a paid version, starting from ₹373.92 per month.

With the paid version, users get up to 10TB of storage, offline access and multi-user admin control.

The Final Take

After reading the comparison between Google drive Vs OneDrive and Dropbox Vs Google Drive, you have seen that the major difference lies in the price and storage available. When it comes to data security and file storage, the difference between Dropbox and Google Drive and difference between OneDrive and Google Drive are negligible. You can pick any of these Dropbox alternatives as per your budget and storage requirement. We also list some other alternatives to Dropbox which can be used by small and new businesses for their file management needs.


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