12 Best Employee GPS Tracking Apps for Android & iPhone

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Access all details regarding the whereabouts of mobile employees with GPS location apps. With no solution in sight currently to end the pandemic, businesses and offices have made it a point to take advantage of online apps for ensuring smooth collaboration between all members of the team. Here comes into play the time tracking and location tracking capabilities of GPS tracking apps. The best GPS tracking apps come with core support features such as location history, geofencing, timesheet, payroll processing, etc.

GPS tracking apps

Benefits of GPS Tracking Apps for Employers & Employees

Besides real time tracking, GPS location trackers provide reliable solutions for real time alerts and instant messaging. These easy to set up, user-friendly applications offer cross-platform support to make location tracking and sharing processes a breeze. The major benefits of using online GPS tracking software are:

  • Efficient resource utilization

With the employees being tracked for the number of hours spent at work and traveling done for field operations, the efficiency of the workforce is going to get further improved. Company's resources thus get efficiently utilised as employees work towards putting in more effort towards quick task completion. 

  • Improved communications

Communications improve with mobile location tracking apps because an employee's whereabouts are always updated. Urgent calls, tasks, minutes of the meeting and new deadlines thus don't get delayed because information regarding an employee's location is unavailable. 

  • Safety of an employee

GPS tracking apps are useful for employees as well because their safety never gets compromised every time they travel to different for work. Offices in such situations can keep a constant tab on the location and movement of their employees. The best GPS tracking apps come with a panic button or an emergency tab to notify an organisation in case its employee needs immediate assistance.

  • Increased employee accountability

GPS location apps with real-time location tracking and time tracking keeps employees in loop about pending or upcoming tasks. Further because a monitoring tool is constantly maintaining timeline of ongoing as well as completed tasks, employees stay constantly aware and updated about work-related responsibilities.  

12 Best Location Tracker Apps to Track Location of Your Employees 

  • TimeCamp for Live Location Trace

Phone location tracker

Track the work progress of your remote employees and track their movements for meetings, field work, etc. with TimeCamp GPS location tracker. Use the GPS tracking apps for managing all your projects with time tracking and automatic live location tracing capabilities. This GPS tracking apps to track mobile phone location can also be used for generating productivity reports of all the employees. 

Features of TimeCamp GPS Tracking App: 

  1. Attendance/absence analysis
  2. Automatic computer usage tracking
  3. Weekly email summary
  4. Timesheet approvals
  5. Automatic invoicing
  6. Graphical timesheet

Available for: iPhone, Android and Google Chrome

Pricing: This free GPS tracking app has three paid versions that can be used on a trial basis. These quarterly plans are:

  1. Basic for Rs 400
  2. Pro at Rs 571
  3. Enterprise- Price on request


  1. The software generates analytical reports to check the amount of time spent on a project by an employee.
  2. Easy to use and is available across multiple platforms.
  3. Run reports, add projects and track time with this GPS location app.


  1. Desktop application has more features that can't be used on a mobile phone. 
  • Hellotracks Tracker for Your Phone

Apps that track location

Optimise routes and control the activities of your remote team with Hellotracks mobile phone tracker. It sends notification for your staff's arrival and departure timings with quick notification alerts received regularly in your device. You can undertake live location tracking with this GPS tracking app.

Features of Hellotracks GPS Tracking App:

  1. Route optimisation
  2. Job dispatch
  3. Live location
  4. Auto dispatch
  5. Signature capture
  6. Location history
  7. Geofencing
  8. Job scheduling

Available for: The mobile location tracking app works on Android and iOS devices.

Pricing: You can use the thirty-day free trial version for live location trace. Paid plan is available for around Rs 760 per month.


  1. Intuitive software that is also easy to use.
  2. You can customise each route and stop with this GPS online tracker.
  3. Adapt language option for changing language support.


  1. The dashboard needs to be more engaging.
  • allGeo App That Tracks Location

Apps that track location

allGEO GPS tracking app is used to track and monitor the activities of a mobile employee. The app with geofencing and geo tracking capabilities also helps with the attendance tracking of employees. This GPS online tracker supports analytic engine, reporting system and cloud-based monitoring for project management and surveillance.

Features of allGEO GPS Location Tracker:

  1. Logistics management
  2. Activity alerts
  3. Load tracking
  4. Time tracking
  5. Workforce analytics
  6. Automatic time capture

Available on: Windows, Android and iOS

Pricing: The starting plan of allGEO mobile tracker for an individual per mobile is available at Rs 381. A fourteen-day free trial version is also available.


  1. Excellent reporting features.
  2. Accurate tracking abilities offered by the software.
  3. As you leave a location, the app records the timings and address.


  1. This GPS tracker app leads to fast battery drainage.
  • FollowMee GPS Phone Tracker

FolloeMee GPS tracking app is used as a tracker device locator for teams operating from multiple remote locations. You can easily check the whereabouts of your team members and monitor their location. The grouping device option of this GPS location app helps group different devices based on employee’s role and other metrics and then view their location based on this grouping. 

Features of FollowMee:

  1. Email report
  2. Easy to convert coordinates into addresses
  3. Account level geofence
  4. Auto refresh map
  5. Show visit/stop info

Available on: Android, iOS and Windows

Pricing: FollowMee ‘per device per year’ paid basic plan is available for around Rs 609. 


  1. Location sharing and reporting is easily available on any device with an internet connection.
  2. Password protected screen lock is also provided.
  3. The devices so tracked show on the same map.
  4. Quick updates are always available.


  1. A few users have complained that the app hangs sometimes.
  • TrackView Mobile Location Tracking App

GPS mobile tracker

Business or individual preferences use TrackView GPS mobile tracker for monitoring and surveillance purposes. The instant motion and sound detector as well as video monitoring mechanisms are critical features of the software that make them useful for tracking the movement of remote workers. You can use front and rear camera to observe the working of your remote employees. Even families can install this free GPS tracking app for following the movement of their children, elders or other family members.

Features of TrackView GPS Tracker:

  1. Remote buzz
  2. Two-way audio
  3. IP camera 
  4. Remote recording
  5. Instant alerts

Available on: Android, Windows XP/Vista/7/8, and iOS 8.0

Pricing: This free GPS tracker has 2 paid plans – the Silver plan is for up to 5 devices & the Gold plan is for 20 devices.


  1. Use Google account to link different computers and mobiles together.
  2. Play sound on your mobile devices remotely in case you misplace it in somewhere around you.
  3. Record live audio/video feeds with this GPS tracking app for employees.


  1. Frequent advertisement is an issue with this GPS tracking app.
  • TimeSheet Mobile Phone Location Tracker

Timesheet Mobile is one of the best location tracking apps for monitoring the location of remote employees as well as calculating the number of hours they dedicate to work. The unique feature of the GPS location app is that even those without a smartphone can use the application through the app’s IVR call in options. The desktop punching option is also available for employees working in an office. 

Features of Timesheet Mobile GPS Tracking App:

  1. Employee location with geofencing
  2. PTO and vacation
  3. Employee scheduling/reminders
  4. Auto break prompts
  5. Dial up IVR punch in/out
  6. Overtime warnings
  7. Geofence auto punch
  8. Geofence violation alerts
  9. Auto travel time and distance
  10. Team messaging

Available for: Android and iOS

Pricing: Thirty days free trial support, you can opt for any of the following:

  1. Basic for Rs 266 per employee plus Rs 1143 as company subscription
  2. Per Punch at Rs 2287 for taking subscription for the company.
  3. Small Business plan costs around Rs 758 per employee. You also need to pay Rs 2287 as company subscription.
  4. Medium-sized Business would be paying Rs 189/employee and Rs 11362 as company subscription costs.


  1. Integrates well with accounting suites and is simple to use.
  2. As an employer, you can record the number of hours worked by an employee.
  3. User friendly dashboard.


  1. Punching for clocking is sometimes difficult to access.
  • TSheets GPS Location App

TSheets GPS tracking app is one of the best apps to track mobile location because it also offers other core functionalities such as tracking job codes, holiday hours, vacation offs and employee notes. End users can use the tracker device locator for creating timesheet data and syncing it with other accounting or bookkeeping software

Features of TSheets GPS Tracking Software for Employers:

  1. GPS location tracking
  2. Mobile timesheets
  3. Time clock kiosk
  4. Job and shift scheduling
  5. Photo attachments
  6. Payroll and invoicing
  7. Tracking progress of the project
  8. Project estimates Vs actual reporting
  9. Project activity feed
  10. Timesheet signatures

Available for: Android and iOS

Pricing: The trial version is for fourteen days. The paid plans are:

  1. Elite at Rs 762
  2. Premium for Rs 610


  1. Tracking feature works smoothly in both mobile and PC.
  2. Create schedules and enlist easily the kind of job an employee would be engaged in. 
  3. Excellent customer support team.


  1. The scheduling module is missing
  • Gleeo Time Tracker

Gleeo GPS tracking app is used primarily for tracking time and monitoring the location of your remote workforce. This GPS tracking app has multiple filtering and function sorting capabilities to continuously track the timing of ongoing tasks, projects and programs. You can easily synchronise the application with other devices in the range to access information on the go. 

Features of Gleeo:

  1. Location capturing
  2. NFC tags for triggering time records
  3. Data export in CSV format

Available for: Android

Pricing: The mobile phone location tracker doesn't charge any registration costs. However, you can choose the paid versions like Sync and Team Service plan for availing other features such as data encryption and team function. This version costs around Rs 190 per month for a single user. 


  1. Track easily with simple start and stop buttons.
  2. Organise data as per your preferences.
  3. Animated timeline to display weekly and monthly summary. 


  1. Not available as desktop version or for iOS devices.
  • Vismo Phone Location Tracker

Mobile Phone Tracker

Monitoring the movement of employees is necessary for not just calculating the number of hours dedicated to work but also ensuring their security. Vismo GPS tracking app with the help of GPS tracking apps tracker constantly follows the movement of remote workers for efficient task management. There is also a button that can be clicked on in case of emergency situations. The software is thus ideal for usage in high risk zones where safety of an employee is also a priority. 

Features of Vismo:

  1. Incident management
  2. Points of interest
  3. Encrypted messaging
  4. Panic alerts
  5. Assisted GPS for location tracking even when indoors.
  6. Mass messaging

Available for: iPhone, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox and Android platforms

Pricing: Get in touch with software's sales team on the website for pricing details.


  1. Customisable interface that can be changed into desired colour, theme and icons of your choice.
  2. Location history to access the movement of an employee for more security and safety. 
  3. Yellow alert detailed check-ins for insights into an employee's whereabouts. 


  1. The process to getting an invite code for downloading the software is sometimes slow.
  • Labor Sync GPS Mobile Tracker

latest GPS tracking apps

Go paperless by avoiding all manual entries for keeping employee logs with Labor Sync GPS mobile tracker. Opt for this tracker device for the live location trace of all your employees. You can easily manage the field visits of mobile workers by tracking the amount of time they spend on finishing a task. Even employees can check the status of their work hours, notes and other alerts with this app, which can also be used for checking location. 

Features of Labor Sync:

  1. Real time reporting
  2. Data portability
  3. Multilingual support
  4. Batch entries
  5. Field notes

Available for: iOS & Android platforms

Pricing: Price is available on request. Contact Labor Sync's official website for accessing price details. You can check the feasibility of the software for your business by going ahead with the free fourteen days trial version. 


  1. Report generation capabilities help easing of all payroll processes.
  2. Information from GPS tracker is available in real-time.
  3. Online login support to track employees and clocking in are excellent features. 


  1. The setup process is a bit complex.
  • Hubstaff GPS Phone Tracker

best GPS tracking apps

Hubstaff GPS tracking app is a multitasking platform used for location tracking in real time as well as managing payrolls and invoices. The live time tracking capability is critical for developing timesheets irrespective of the team's location or movement. Optimise the performance of your organisation by tracking work hours of your employees and improve work productivity. 

Features of Hubstaff:

  1. Productivity monitoring
  2. Geofencing
  3. Team scheduling
  4. Payroll processing
  5. Offline time tracking
  6. Timesheet approvals

Available on: Hubstaff GPS phone tracker is available on Android and iOS. However, a Hubstaff account is necessary for downloading these apps. 

Pricing: Following are the three paid monthly plans:

  1. Basic- Rs 350
  2. Premium- Rs 700
  3. Enterprise- Rs 1400

Also available is a free trial version for fourteen days.


  1. You can integrate Hubstaff with around thirty other business applications on your system. 
  2. End users have the option for adding timesheets even before the shifts begin.
  3. Screen grab support.


  1. Needs to have more advanced tracking and reporting features.
  • Timr Mobile Location Tracking App

Timr GPS tracking app serves multiple functions such as time tracking, GPS location monitoring, calculating work hours, etc. It helps record all time entries in order to save time and manage efficiently all your project management responsibilities. You can also use the software for getting an overview of employees' holiday, leaves and off hours. 

Features of Timr:

  1. Employee time tracking
  2. Customisable reports
  3. Mileage tracking
  4. Centralised dashboard
  5. Leave management

Available on: Windows, Blackberry, Android and iOS

Pricing: There is thirty-days free trial. Its paid plans are:

  1. Regular- Rs 676 per month for one user
  2. Plus- Rs 2451 per month
  3. Enterprise- Rs 6679/month

An extra charge of Rs 676 needs to be paid for every new user added.


  1. Web support is handy, and you can access it from anywhere.
  2. Mileage function for digitally tracking the mileage is a plus.
  3. Quarterly performance reporting streamlines reporting process.
  4. Simple onboarding process that makes the signing up step so easy. 


  1. Navigating through the app can be difficult for first time users. 


GPS tracking software is a critical solution for any organisation that has field operations as its major part. Improved workforce productivity or employees' security, both are equally important and live location trace in GPS location apps does the job well.


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