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About FairTrak

What is FairTrak? 

FairTrak is an employee monitoring software for offices, allowing them to optimize their employee’s daily output. The software collects data for:

  1. Daily web surfing 
  2. Lost productive hours
  3. Application usage 
  4. Email tracking 
  5. Website blocking 
  6. Monitor screenshots, and much more. 

FairTrak helps in determining the reasons behind the drop-in productivity. It allows users to analyze their daily workflow through the attributes mentioned above. The software generates reports with details such as which applications are used the most by the employee or the websites, they have been visiting the most and take strategic measures to boost their productivity. 

With about 7200 office hours already monitored, FairTrak has proven to be one of the best and most trusted office assessment tool. It tracks the device activities, analyzes the improvement scopes, eliminates bottlenecks and boosts efficiency with ROIs. 

How does FairTrak work? 

Here is a step by step guide for how FairTrak: 

  1. Step 1: Use your active email ID to sign up for FairTrak services. 
  2. Step 2: Login to FairTrak by using the email ID used during signing up. 
  3. Step 3: Then, download the agent as per the operating system requirements of the PC. 
  4. Step 4: Install the invisible agent setup file in the PC.
  5. Step 5: Get started with PC tracking. 

Benefits of using FairTrak

Here are some key benefits of using FairTrak: 

  1. Analyzes employee’s productivity 
  2. Enhances employee output on a day to day basis 
  3. Betterment of employees skill
  4. It allows users to understand ethical employee behaviour for enhanced communication. 
  5. FairTrak helps in identifying insider threats as well

What is the price of FairTrak? 

FairTrak is available in five different plans based on how many agents need to be monitored, here is a list of them: 

  1. 5 Agents – ₹20,580/- 
  2. 10 Agents – ₹41,160/- 
  3. 20 Agents – ₹82,320/- 
  4. 30 Agents – ₹1,23,480/-
  5. 50 Agents – ₹2,05,800/-

Sold By : FairTrak

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FairTrak Features

This employee monitoring software creates a thorough database consisting all the employee names and their personal details.
FairTrak provides real-time PC monitoring of all the employees.
The software takes screenshots of  objectionable activity and store it in the system for future meetings.
FairTrak has a SSD based storage system which utilizes flash-based memory.
The software maintains user activity log for every employee and record their daily activities in it.
FairTrak tracks the device both in online and offline mode.
Alarm systems provide real-time evaluation of employee’s activity and helps in the identification of areas of abuse.
The software generates report on both cumulative and individual employee activity to improve their productivity.
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FairTrak Specifications


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FairTrak FAQs

A. FairTrak provides a dual data hosting option on both cloud and on-premises.
A. Yes, FairTrak provides the exact amount of keystrokes and mouse click details of every employee.
A. FairTrak informs and equips the monitoring team with detailed statistics regarding time spent on other activities which could have been utilized for work.
A. Yes, FairTrak allows you to see every email that is sent or received by the employees on all email programs.
A. Yes, FairTrak is available for demo at Techjockey.

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