Best Performance Management System in 2024

What is a Performance Management System?

Performance management system allows companies to carefully check which employees are keeping up with their targets and outperforming them every time. Performance management software assists in quantifying the work value exerted by an employee at a given point. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Performance Management System in 2024

  • top product arrowKeka Performance Management Software
  • top product arrowSynergita
  • top product arrowZimyo HRMS
  • top product arrowFarsight HR
  • top product arrowQandle HRMS

Best Performance Management System

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Keka Performance Management Software

Keka Performance Management Software

Brand: Keka


4.5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Keka Performance Management Software is a complete Performance Management System designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Performance Man... Read More About Keka Performance Management Software img

₹6,999 /Month

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Brand: Synergita Software Private Limited


5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Synergita is an award-winning performance management, employee engagement, and OKR software. The software helps organisations build high-performing teams... Read More About Synergita img

₹360 /Year

View Plansimg

Zimyo HRMS

Zimyo HRMS

Brand: Zimyo


4.4 out of 5

(12 user reviews)

Zimyo is an Employee Experience Platform that offers robust HRMS modules for both HR managers and employees.... Read More About Zimyo HRMS read review arrow

₹3,000 /Month

View Plansimg

Farsight HR

Farsight HR

Brand: Farsight Technologies


4.7 out of 5

(10 user reviews)

Farsight software is HR management software that helps an organization with core HR processes like recruitment and onboarding process, payroll management... Read More About Farsight HR img

₹1,750 /Month

View Plansimg

Qandle HRMS

Qandle HRMS

Brand: Qandle


4.5 out of 5

(6 user reviews)

Qandle is a configurable HRMS software, which can be easily customized based on a company’s individual programs, processes and policies. Qandle HR softw... Read More About Qandle HRMS img

₹2,450 /Month

View Plansimg

Performance Management System Product List Top Banner - 1
Performance Management System Product List Top Banner - 2


Brand: Tamba Solutions


4.7 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

GoForHR is a comprehensive HR solution developed for small and medium sized businesses to manage and streamline all core HR processes. The HRIS system of... Read More About GoForHR img

Price On Request



Brand: PossibleWorks


4.6 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

PossibleWorks is an enteprise performance management system, which includes modules for performance appraisal, feedback, reward & recognition. The sof... Read More About PossibleWorks img

Price On Request



Brand: Zing Hr


4.5 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

ZingHR is a cloud-based hr solution, providing integrated human resource management and payroll services to enterprises. This mobile-first, ZingHR online... Read More About ZingHR img

Price On Request



Brand: InfoTimer

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OfficeTimer is an online office management software that helps office owners to track their employees’ attendance, leave and payroll systems. Along with... Read More About OfficeTimer img

₹315 /User/Month

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Zoho People

Zoho People

Brand: Zoho Corporation


4.8 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Zoho People is a cloud-based HR management solution for small and medium businesses, helping them systemize their employee management processes, from recr... Read More About Zoho People img

₹60 /Month

Last Updated on : 01 Mar, 2024

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Best Performance Management System FAQ’s

Software questions,

Performance management software works by tracking an employee’s progress towards the goals and KPIs set by their managers. With the software, managers can mention the steps employees will follow to reach their goals. Then, they can view their progress in real time. 

Performance management software helps generate automatic reports for identifying top performers, note-taking and billing reporting.

Yes, you can use a performance management system for collecting feedback via collecting forms, sorting feedback data, analyzing feedback information, and so on.

Performance appraisal software helps managers create realistic goals and metrics against which the progress of an employee's performance can be measured. Hence, after measuring performance, the improvement areas to perform better are notified to employees. 

With a performance management system, employees can learn about their job expectations and the goals they need to accomplish in the short run and long run. Moreover, it also provides a collaborative environment to help employees connect with their managers and formulate strategies to achieve their goals. 

Yes, a performance management system can generate different types of automatic reports including progress reports, project status reports, trends reports, financial forecasting reports, and so on.

Performance Management System Reviews


Keka Performance Management Software


“Very utaliseful software, it has solved our major problem to gather the data at one place in easiest way.”

- Ridhi Arora

See all Keka Performance Management Software reviewsimg

Zimyo HRMS


“I was having a very tough time to select the best software.. but after comparing many other database I found this great tool.”

- Rubina Fatima

See all Zimyo HRMS reviewsimg

Farsight HR


“This system helps us to manage the applicants data at one placed. It is very easy to track the recruiters activities.”

- Priyanka

See all Farsight HR reviewsimg

Qandle HRMS


“Qandle offers access to insightful data for better decision making. I now very frequently use these metrics for taking business decisions accordingly.”

- Ashutosh

See all Qandle HRMS reviewsimg



“I like the way that information is managed and can be brought up in a wink of an eye”

- Vinay Gopalakrishna

See all GoForHR reviewsimg

Performance Management System Price List In India

Performance Management System Cost
Top Performance Management System Starting Price Rating
Keka Performance Management Software₹6999.00 /Month4.5
Synergita₹360.00 /Year5
Zimyo HRMS₹3000.00 /Month4.4
Farsight HR₹1750.00 /Month4.7
Qandle HRMS₹2450.00 /Month4.5
Zoho People₹60.00 /Month4.8

Buyer's Guide for Top Performance Management System

Found our list of Performance Management System helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is a Performance Appraisal System?
  • Our Selection Criteria for Performance Management Tools in India
  • Key Features of Performance Management Applications
  • Benefits of Using Performance Management System
  • How Much Does a Performance Management System Cost?
  • Who should use Performance Management Software? 
  • Potential Issues with Performance Management Software 
  • Types of Performance Appraisal Methods
  • Key Elements of a Performance Management Process
  • How to Choose the Best Performance Management Software?

What is a Performance Appraisal System?

Performance management system is an IT solution devised for computerized assessment of employee’s daily work and conduct. It creates a comprehensive list of attributes based on which an employee’s performance is analysed. The performance management process usually incorporates things such as missions, goals, daily reporting, achievements, incoming, outgoing, etc.

Our Selection Criteria for Performance Management Tools in India

Performance management tools assist managers and team leaders to set goals for employees and measure the outcome to evaluate their performance. If you are planning to buy one for your organization, then we can help you by providing a detailed performance management software comparison based on their functionalities, modules, pricing, free trial, benefits, etc. 

For that, we have considered some important features like automatic feedback collection, feedback analysis, setting performance goals, and so on. There are many performance management tools that offer basic features suitable for small sized businesses. However, some of the listed performance appraisal software also offer advanced features that will be suitable for big-sized enterprises. 

Additionally, we have also compared their pricing and free trial. Several performance management systems listed below also offer a free version to try the software.  

Key Features of Performance Management Applications

Some essential features of performance management applications are setting performance expectations, tracking employee performance, managing goals, collecting real-time feedback, and so on. Let's learn about these features in detail: 

  • Setting Dynamic Goals & Objectives: Performance management tools enable departments to communicate with HR teams to set up objectives and goals for employees to work on within a certified time frame. Their performance will be assessed based on the completion of these objectives.
  • Align employee goals with organization goals: Performance management software facilitates a dual progress cycle where personal goals of employee’s are noted, and it is adjusted in a way where it aligns with the organization’s objectives. This allows a cohesive progress in both the organization’s and an employee’s growth curve.
  • Setting clear measurements metrics: For companies to quantify something as abstract as an employee’s performance, it is required to have a strong, rigid, and a well-defined frame of reference. Various departments can set their key objectives for assessment and the scale for performance in the appraisal system and work along seamlessly.
  • Performance Assessment: Performance management system enables companies to track and assess the achievement of employees and keep a record of it over time for thorough evaluation during appraisal cycle.
  • Real-time feedback mechanism: Performance management tools introduces real-time feedback system that allows managers to file employee review at any-time. It is very helpful for departments that have a daily reporting system or project-styled working. It accumulates real-time feedback to create a final comprehensive report.
  • Performance Review: The performance appraisal system generates a cumulative report on employee’s workflow report. The software assesses the performance based on key metrics and starts mapping their progress for the further review process and appraisal.
  • Achievement Recognition: A high-quality performance management software automatically highlights the high performing employees based on their regular reporting. It ensures that companies don’t skip on any employee’s contribution to the overall growth.
  • Creating development plans: HR teams can create plans for employee improvement through an efficient planning module. It allows companies to create developmental plans where employee’s actions are accounted for taking initiatives and solving problems.

Benefits of Using Performance Management System

The performance appraisal software assists companies in assuring that employees’ performance aligns with the organization’s goals and expectations. It can also help in identifying gaps within the organization and finding ways to remove them. Let's find out some of the major benefits of performance management software below: 

  1. Time Saving: It saves time and reduces conflicts for managers in assessment of their employee’s performance by automating the performance review process. 
  2. Clearer Objective Handling: Employee performance management software ensures that all members of an organization understand their goals and objectives with transparency. 
  3. Creating Opportunities: Employee performance management system assists in creating developmental opportunities for every employee. HR teams can create specialized tasks for users and track their completion through the software. 
  4. Goal Alignment: Performance appraisal software enables companies to create a flexible working system that facilitates the growth of both employees and the organization.
  5. Out of Sight Not Out of Mind: Performance management system helps in recognizing any good performance in an organization by tracking the metrics set to achieve goals. The one who accomplishes all the goals becomes the highest performing employee within the organization. 
  6. Enhanced Interaction: It establishes clear-cut performance objectives by enabling an open communication and a joint dialogue.

How Much Does a Performance Management System Cost?

Performance management software costs around $5 and $10/employee/month depending on the number of employees within the organization. For example, if you have around 100 employees, then your contract with the vendor will cost around $5,000 to $15,000.   

The cost comprises all the modules offered by the vendor, set-up and maintenance, training, etc. Many software also charges for providing customer support and adding new modules. Therefore, it is important for you to consider the complete cost of implementing employee performance management software before selecting any of them. 

Who should use Performance Management Software? 

Any organization, irrespective of their industry and company, will greatly benefit from performance management software. Although employees interact with software at some stage like downloading their pay slips, but it is mostly used by HR professionals to manage their employees, generate payroll, etc. Let's learn in detail how this software helps employees, HR professionals, and managers. 

  • Employees: Employees can use performance appraisal software to define their work goals by working with their managers. They also create individual employee performance reviews and participate in 360 review cycles. 
  • HR professionals: They use software to manage appraisal related cycle, conduct performance reviews, manage employee feedback, perform skill gap analysis, and so on.  
  • Managers: Managers use a performance management system to oversee their employees' performance and participate in the review cycle. 

Potential Issues with Performance Management Software 

If the company lacks in certain aspects like improper goal setting or lack of credibility while setting goals, then performance management software will not prove to be quite useful. Let's look at some other issues with your organization that might affect the implementation of performance management software: 

  1. Missing Credibility: For the performance appraisal software to be effective, employees should trust their managers that they will be unbiased while evaluating their performance and offering them promotions. If managers are biased and have little interest in employee performance, then the software will not be quite useful in delivering the right feedback. 
  2. No Clarity of Goals: When goals are not set properly, then employees might not have a clear vision about their goals and ways to achieve them. Therefore, the performance management software will not be able to evaluate the employee performance properly if goals are not set properly. 
  3. Inconsistent Evaluation: When the performance appraisal software is used for assessment, it is only effective if the evaluation is done regularly. If the feedback collected is not analyzed regularly, then the assessment will remain inconsistent. Therefore, the purpose of employee performance software will remain ineffective. 

Types of Performance Appraisal Methods

An organization can use different methods to evaluate and measure employees’ performance. Some common methods include 360 Degree Feedback, Competency Assessment, Project-Based Reviews, Stack Ranking Appraisals, and so on. Here, we have enumerated some other appraisal methods that you can use within the organization.

  1. 360-Degree Appraisal: This process enables companies to conduct feedback surveys with employees.
  2. Grading: Managers can perform a robust and very detailed report on employee’s performance on different attributes like communication, attention span, teamwork, initiative drive, etc.
  3. Behaviour-oriented Appraisal: This form of appraisal system uses employee character assessment on factors such as creativity, extroversion, confidence, personality, etc.
  4. Manager Performance Appraisal: Evaluation of department/project managers that takes feedback from both clients and team members.
  5. General Appraisal: This involves consistent interaction between managers and employees all year long.
  6. Straight ranking Appraisals: Companies can assess employee performance with comparison to each other and rank it sequentially from worst to best.

Key Elements of a Performance Management Process

The performance management procedure starts from setting the goals and expectations for employees to monitoring their daily work and analyzing their performance. Next, rewards are provided to top performing employees and improvement areas are discussed with less performing employees. Here is a detailed breakdown of all the elements involved in the performance management process. 

  • Devising and Expectation Fixture: A first-rate Performance Management Process allows users to set the goals and targets within a defined time frame which are to be strictly followed.
  • Workflow Monitoring: The performance management solution enables managers and HR teams to monitor the daily work of an employee and check if they are meeting their daily targets/goals.
  • Developmental Potential and Range: Once the monitoring is finished, an employee performance management software analyses whether the employee is taking more initiative and taking additional side projects and work.
  • Timely Reporting: Based on the above-mentioned factors, the performance management process solution generates quantified reports on employee’s achievements.
  • Rewards and Compensation: Once the analysis is completed, it helps in devising compensation and rewards for the employees based on their performance.

How to Choose the Best Performance Management Software?

The software you want to buy must be within your estimated budget and offer all the features to create and track goals. Next, it should have a clutter free interface that makes it easy to access the features. Here is the list of all the factors that you can consider before buying the best performance management software: 

  1. Customizability: This feature will help in customizing the modules of your software as per your requirements. 
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The performance management system you are planning to buy should be easy to use and navigate. 
  3. Pricing: Check the pricing of the software and ensure that it falls within your budget. 
  4. Real-Time Feedback: With this feature, you can collect employees' feedback in real-time to analyze their performance on a regular basis. 
  5. Mobile Accessibility: The availability of mobile accessibility will help you to monitor and manage performance related data directly from your mobile.

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