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HRMantra Software is best and powerful HR software for employee time and attendance management system. It has been developed after an extensive study on the market requirements. HRMantra’s Human Resource Management System allows you to track all employee life-cycle activities and extensive employee information. It’s now easy to have accurate and ready-to-use employee information in one central location. The multilingual, modular, scalable and database independent application framework makes HRMantra robust software product more sought. HRMantra solution is leading the most powerful HR software that can run on-premises or on the hosted environment and comes with best-in-class service and support, creating the ultimate HRMS user experience.

Product Features
The next–generation HR Mantra Software offers unmatched breadth and depth of functionality to manage a company's workforce from an applicant to retiree. All HRM processes and operations have been integrated into this Powerful HR software and have been categorized into different modules which are catering to smooth and reliable functionality. Human resource management system acts as one stop shop for undertaking all HR/employee management activities through a web hosted platform. The solution enables the HR team, keeps a track of the events like recruitment management, real time attendance data, leave management, payroll management, and performance-salary management.

  • Human Resource Management - HR and payroll software provides flexible, configurable roles that capture any data that’s important to the business and not just standard, preconfigured fields. By adding the capability of adding customs fields, HRMS has re-defined the management of employee information. Infinite organizational units can be created along with complex escalation settings making it India’s most comprehensive employee data with more than 450 attributes.
  • Attendance Management - HRMantra Software solution picks up attendance through any biometric system, smartphones, webcams or login-logout. It creates flexi shifts with any possible grouping of weekly offs & public holidays. This solution sets extremely powerful late coming, early going, absenteeism & regularisation rules. Also, attendance cut-offs period could be different for different locations policies which can be configured and integrated into the software.
  • Leave Management - Human Resource Management Software provides effortless leave administration that automates everything from leave accounting and grants to period closing activities. All leave transactions of an employee are tracked and leave balances are automatically updated. The employee, managers & the HR can view this information at any time. Employees can apply for leaves and finds approval in one click. This solution creates various prefix, suffix, sandwiching, deduction or leave intimation rules.
  • Claim & Helpdesk Management - Claim and Helpdesk module sets complex claim rules for each claim type along with claim workflow. It tracks assets given by the company by assigning the allotter and revoker. It sets different travel policy for each possible employee in the organization and essentially attaches supporting document to avoid paperwork & easy assessment.
  • Payroll Management - Accurate, fast & all-inclusive, this Powerful HRMS software solution is loaded with features that result in huge time savings and satisfied employees. The solution enables comprehensive coverage of every aspect of payroll management, including statutory compliance. In-built and powerful reconciliation & audit tools make it easy to review. It allows to have an automated Loan-Emi calculation with the help of formulae builders and configure numerous bank-statement format and Pay-Slip format.
  • HRMantra Mobile App - HRMantra Software provides the user with a customized app, using the Get Social feature, employees can post questions on various topics which can be answered by others and viewed by them. They can also create groups & post messages to such groups-it is a combined facility like Facebook & WhatsApp for employees to network. Using GPS, the management can track employees on the field on real-time basis.

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About HRMantra

HRMantra is the world's most powerful HR & payroll software helping automate the most complicated hire to retire HR processes rapidly using its off-the-shelf ready to use parameterised features. Established in the year 2000, company has invested more than 750 Man years in HCM software to help give the customers more than 10 times ROI and help achieve enormous time saving for its employee driven processes. HRMantra is available on both on-premise and cloud models and has a fully integrated Mobile App for the Self Services driven functions. We are committed to keep continuously innovating rapidly in order to give the best services and deliver excellence in every aspect of HR Automation.
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GEPL Capital

GEPL Capital



Features of HRMantra

Create org hierarchies, personalize the home page & set form & report rights for each user level. Generate N number of HRIS reports using the report designer & employee search engine

Upload staff requisitions on jobsites to automatically download relevant candidates CVs & conduct tests, interviews, generate offer letters & convert selected candidates data into employees rapidly

Pick up real time attendance data from any reader automatically globally & calculate very powerful late coming, early going and overtime policies with HRMantra.

HRMantra HR software has a global leave module-we can set leave system for any firm worldwide however complicated in a few hours.

Even if you have the most complex payroll in the world, HRMantra payroll software can handle it. Create unlimited pay heads using very powerful formulae & parameters to calculate loan, bonus, salary & tax calculations

Any kind of workflow request ticket can be raised, escalated to the desired employees & its progress can be tracked to see whether that issue is still open or closed.

Create any kind of PMS like 180 or 360 degree system based on competencies & KRAs weightages for each group & generate bell curve analysis.

Create LMS based on training cycles, identify training needs, get feedbacks & monitor competencies acquired with HRMantra.

Using HRMantra humarn resource management software you create client projects, assign employees, monitor their timesheets & work out project profitabilities.

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  • HRMantra Provide:- Staffing
  • HRIS
  • Attendance
  • Leave
  • Payroll
  • PMS
  • LMS
  • Assets
  • Claims
  • Helpdesk
  • Project

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HRMantra Software Pvt Ltd - Attendance Management Software

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HRMantra Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for HRMantra

Q. What is HRMantra software On Demand service?

HRMantra is India’s 1st fully web based HR & Payroll software to be offered on SaaS. It is India’s most comprehensive such software. It is delivered as a subscription service, giving real time access to business information, at the click of a button. It is so easy that within 1 click from just 1 main portal page, a user can get into his desired page. It requires minimal training and can be accessed from anywhere. HRMantra on demand HR & Payroll software automates all such business processes. In this model, no software is required at your end. All you need is an internet connection

Q. What are the benefits of HRMantra software?

The benefits of HRMantra software include.Robust growth - End-to-end automation helps you focus on growing your business, Complete visibility enables quick & smart decisions. Better management - Ensures access anytime anywhere, Supports regulatory compliance, Enables delegation & improves control, Cost savings - No Capital expenditure. Minimal operating expenses only, Start with what you need and scale as you grow. Maintenance free - technology upgrades & data, Dramatic reduction in recurring IT costs. Increased profitability-Enhances visibility & ensures optimal utilization of materials, machinery & manpower, Maximizes on opportunities, Reduces business cycle time, Optimizes working capital.

Q. How quickly can businesses benefit from HRMantra software

Companies can start benefiting from HRMantra software in very a short time due to lower investments and minimal implementation times. HRMantra software adapts to changes.

Q. Is HRMantra On demand software too expensive?

The option of running own IT department is extremely expensive. HRMantra on demand software comes without infrastructure costs, technical resource costs, AMC and other hidden costs normally encountered in a conventional ERP. The customer pays a nominal subscription for availing the service. Hence, HRMantra software provides high predictability and is very affordable.

Q. Can HRMantra software be customized?

Yes, HRMantra software can be customized. HRMantra software has all the features required to run an organization; if customization is required, we do it.

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shrikant koul

great purchase


13th July, 2017

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  • I bought my product through Techjockey and was very pleased with the prompt service and the software. When I had a hick-up this was dealt with by Harry swiftly and successfully. I would use the new company in the future.
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