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Keka Attendance Management System - HR and Payroll Software


by : Keka

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Brand: Keka

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

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Keka HRMS Software Overview

What is Keka HRMS?

KekaHR is developed for modern HR teams to help them scale different processes related to payroll, employee performance, attendance, expense tracking, hiring and onboarding. Keka HRMS and payroll software provides detailed analytics about the work culture an employee engagement., helping the management take the required action.

Keka HRMS is a cloud-based solution, aiming to streamline Human Resource operations for enterprises of all sizes. It helps organizations to cap expense claims by monitoring mileage against punch-in timings. Managers can verify employee hours through GPS and IoT tracking. KekaHR allows employees to view their leave status as well as that of other members within their team, so that they can judiciously apply for leave, comp offs, or work from home. With KekaHR, HRs can configure requisition of new resources, create salary break-ups, and manage new recruits. Business houses can even customize the attendance regulations for specific employee bands or geographic locations.

With the best HR software, enterprises can customize the approval workflow according to their business policies. Keka Human Resource Management Software also helps with onboarding, appraisal, exit formalities, and other aspects related to an individual employee. The rich analytics offered by KekaHR help managers to track employee data in consolidated reporting modules, besides analyzing workforce sentiments and identifying relevant business patterns.

Why Use KekaHR Software?

Keka provides employee-centric HR & payroll software that simplifies workflows and helps improve the overall engagement. Keka HRMS helps at every stage of core HR, talent management and payroll processes. The integrated platform of Keka HR payroll system make the entire compensation management process hassle-free.

Keka HR software automates all core HR functions, helping human resource professionals to focus on attracting and retaining the talent pool. This HR management software is quite popular among HR professionals and employees of different organizations because of its easy interface and user-friendly features.

How Does Pulse Survey Module of Keka HRMS Facilitate Positive Work Culture?

  1. Ongoing Feedback: Enterprises can adopt a continuous feedback program with KekaHR, by making their staff take part in regular pulse surveys. This way they can discover important metrics on employee behavior, work environment within the premises and personal relations between managers and subordinates.
  2. Development Opportunities: The detailed survey program offers greater insights into team performance and helps the management discover team building opportunities and resolve the problems in real-time.
  3. 8 Key Metrics: This payroll management system has the entire survey mechanism based on 8 key metrics, consisting of meaningful questions. Thus, helping managers to focus on quantitative facets that will help them identify rising issues with employee engagement.
  4. Anonymous Feedback: Employees can voice honest opinions with Keka human resource management software in an anonymous way.

Pricing of Keka HRMS

Keka HRMS software for business is available in the following price options:

Send us a callback request if you want to know more about KekaHR pricing. Our product experts will get back to you as per your convenience.

  1. Foundation: The plan charges Rs. 6999 for 100 users on a monthly basis.
  2. Strength: The plan charges Rs. 9999 for 100 users on a monthly basis.
  3. Growth: The plan charges Rs. 13,999 for 100 years on a monthly basis.

Benefits of KekaHR Software

  1. Flexible Adjustments: Organizations can review and analyze all unpaid attendance and leave deductions, and make required adjustments.
  2. Ad Hoc and Expense: Managers can view all reimbursement claims and choose to either release or hold the payment for the next pay run.
  3. FNF: The automated system keeps track of all new joiners and disengaging employees for smooth settlement of full and final payment.
  4. Employee Timeline: The entire journey of an individual employee gets captured and showcased within a single frame. All recent information gets updated within the software’s database in an automated manner.
  5. Unified Document View: Employees can upload their documents within the cloud database of the human resource management software in a hassle-free manner. HRs get to verify them as per their convenience and business needs.
  6. Simplified Workflows: With kea app login, your HR and accountants can manage employee compensation, payroll, attendance and leaves in a streamlined manner.
  7. Higher Team Engagement: Keka app helps managers track the location, leave status and attendance of their team members and accordingly delegate work.
  8. Cost Effective Employee Management: Keka software for HR management offers a host of features at an affordable price to help businesses manage the workforce and achieve higher productivity.

KekaHR Features

  1. Employee self service Portal: With KekaHR app login, your employees will get access to its self service portal where they can track and manage their overtime, leaves and attendance in a gamified manner.
  2. Hiring & Onboarding: Keka app login provides users a host of features related to hiring and assessment tools along with reporting and analytics functionalities.
  3. Performance Management: Keka app helps create the process for an ongoing feedback and review for better employee productivity.
  4. Project Management: Keka app makes it easy to connect with remote teams and collaborate over the ongoing tasks.
  5. Cloud-Based Payroll: Cloud-based Keka payroll software helps track and access data related to expenses, benefits and loans. Alos, it is easy to standardize processes as per the compliance rules anytime and from anywhere.

KekaHR Functions

Core functions of KekaHR are:

  1. Payroll management
  2. Expense tracking
  3. Hiring & onboarding
  4. Employee performance & feedback
  5. Employee data management
  6. Analytics

Keka Brand Details

Brand Name Keka
Information Keka is a Modern day HR & Payroll software. Unlike traditional software Keka focuses on User Experience and simplifying complex workforce
Founded Year 2015
Director/Founders Vijay Yalamanchili
Company Size 101-500 Employees
Other Products Keka HRIS (Trial Version), Keka Performance Management Software, Keka Employee Monitoring Software, Keka Acquire Talent

Keka HRMS Features

Taxation Management

 Employees can manage their tax statements from the software easily. 

Recruitment Management

This HRMS software allows HR teams to digitalize recruitment processes and streamlines the hiring procedure.

Performance Management

The software allows HR teams and managers to conduct review management of the entire workforce. 

Shift Management

HR teams can create time shifts and allot shifts to the employees for seamless working. 

Document Management

Keka HRMS provides storage feature for auditing and employee verification purposes. 

Asset Management

 The software allows asset management teams to calculate their fixed and moving assets and regulate their depreciation.

Workflow Monitoring

Managers and HR Teams can monitor the working of the employees and assess their performance. 

Payroll Management

Keka HRMS complies with all the mandatory statutory guidelines for payroll. The software automatically accounts for leaves,

Expense Management

This human resource management software allows employees quickly group their expense receipts into a batch to efficiently manage


HR Teams can use this software for all the daily activities like expense management, salary computation, daily attendance,

Employee Self service

Keka HRMS offers a self-service to file attendance, apply for leaves, and access important financial documents like form 16,

Mobile Support

The software offers a mobile app for both iPhone and Android platforms. 

Leave Management

Employees can use their self-service portal to apply leaves and work accordingly. The software even allows users to check their

Attendance Management

This HRMS is meant to enforce and ensure punctuality as it comes with in-built auto attendance rules for late coming, short hours


The software allows HR teams to make important announcements. It acts as an online notice board.  

Time & Attendance Tracking

HR Teams can integrate attendance recording devices like biometric and record attendances. It notes the incoming and outgoing

Advances and Expense Claims

Employees can raise claims for expenses they made for office works like traveling, meetings, et cetera from the software. They

API Access

Keka HRMS software integrates with the ongoing APIs of the organization and facilitates effortless data sharing. 

Keka HRMS Plans & Pricing

  • Mobile Support
  • Payroll Management
  • Task Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Announcements
  • Time & Attendance Tracking
  • API Access
    • Users (User(s))
    • Monthly (Month(s))
  • Mobile Support
  • Payroll Management
  • Employee Self service
  • Attendance Management
  • Task Management
  • Asset Management
  • Announcements
  • Time & Attendance Tracking
  • Advances and Expense Claims
  • API Access
    • Users (User(s))
    • Monthly (Month(s))
  • Mobile Support
  • Payroll Management
  • Employee Self service
  • Attendance Management
  • Task Management
  • Asset Management
  • Announcements
  • Time & Attendance Tracking
  • Advances and Expense Claims
  • API Access
    • Users (User(s))
    • Monthly (Month(s))
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Payroll expenses

Keka payroll software revolutionized the Indian payroll industry. We re-imagined and set a benchmark on how company payroll software could be simplified.


Modern HR

Keka HR software is designed to delight your employees. Our employee centric user experience linked with hooks and data insights always resentment your employee's curiosity and adopt the platform.


Project and Timesheet

Keka timesheet helps you track time on your projects while determining billable and non-billable resources in your services business. It aids in measure the utilization rate of your professional team to allocate resources effectively.


Performance & Careers

Keka is the PMS that truly works for growth-minded company that need continuous performance reviews on a real-time basis. Keka PMS analyzes, monitors, tracks, and evaluates every employee performance to ensure that work task are achieved, and the desired ROI is completed.

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Keka HRMS Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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“recommended highly”

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Posted - Oct 26, 2016


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Posted - Oct 19, 2016

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A. HRMS stands for "Human Resource Management System". Keka HRIS is an HR management software designed to manage and access end-to-end HR and payroll management of a company.
A. Yes, Keka does have discounts for half yearly & yearly plans.
A. Keka HRIS when locked, cannot be accessed by your employees to any of your payroll or personal information. Only the authorised users can access it providing complete data security.
A. Yes, human resource management software is scalable in all terms, whether it is database, licensed user or features.
A. Yes, you can get a demo of Keka HRIS.
A. KekaHR portal provides you the access to a host of HR and payroll management functionalities along with expense tracking, performance management, project handling, time tracking and workforce management functions. KekaHR app and software also streamlines hiring & onboarding functions.
A. Keka app for human resource management provides all the features like hiring & onboarding, performance management, analytics, expense & payroll. Additionally, KekaHR app login takes you to an intuitive user experience with faster service.
A. Keka app is available for android 5.0 and recent devices. You can also download Keka HRMS software on your desktop and Mac devices.

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