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Best Leave Management Software in 2024

What is a Leave Management System?

A Leave Management System (LMS) is a software solution utilized by companies to effectively oversee and handle their staff members' leave applications and absences. This system enables employees to request time off, check their remaining leave balance, and track their leave history. Simultaneously, it empowers managers to approve or reject leave re... Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Leave Management Software

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Keka HR

Keka HR

Brand: Keka


4.6 out of 5

(37 user reviews)

KekaHR is a trusted software for modern HR teams that helps them streamline the processes related to employee performance, payroll, expense tracking, atte... Read More About Keka HR img

₹9,999 /Month

View Plansimg

Spine HR

Spine HR

Brand: VUnify Technology Private Limited


4.3 out of 5

(52 user reviews)

Software designed to streamline and automate HR processes while offering advanced analytics for strategic decision-making.... Read More About Spine HR read review arrow

Price On Request

Zimyo HRMS

Zimyo HRMS

Brand: Zimyo


4.4 out of 5

(12 user reviews)

Zimyo HRMS is a flexible and user-friendly HR software that helps organizations to automate HR, payroll, performance, and recruitment management processes.... Read More About Zimyo HRMS read review arrow

₹3,000 /Month

View Plansimg

PeoplesHR Turbo

PeoplesHR Turbo

Brand: hSenid Business Solutions


4.8 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

PeoplesHR Turbo is one of the most user friendly and cost-effective cloud-based HR & Payroll Software Solution that streamlines employee management ta... Read More About PeoplesHR Turbo img

₹34 /Employee/Month

Farsight HR

Farsight HR

Brand: Farsight Technologies


4.7 out of 5

(10 user reviews)

Farsight software is HR management software that helps an organization with core HR processes like recruitment and onboarding process, payroll management... Read More About Farsight HR img

₹1,750 /Month

View Plansimg

Leave Management Software Product List Top Banner - 1
Leave Management Software Product List Top Banner - 2


Brand: Tamba Solutions


4.8 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

GoForHR is a comprehensive HR solution developed for small and medium sized businesses to manage and streamline all core HR processes. The HRIS system of... Read More About GoForHR img

Price On Request

Webtel HR Pearls

Webtel HR Pearls

Brand: Webtel Electrosoft


4.7 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

Webtel HR Pearls is an HR software for SMEs and start-ups to administer and streamline their payroll and other core HR processes. The HR payroll software... Read More About Webtel HR Pearls img

₹6,000 /Month

View Plansimg



Brand: Greytip


4.6 out of 5

(24 user reviews)

greytHR is a comprehensive HR and payroll software that helps businesses streamline their HR processes, improve efficiency, and stay compliant with labor l... Read More About greytHR read review arrow

₹3,495 /Month

View Plansimg

Employee Vibes

Employee Vibes

Brand: EmployeeVibes


4.8 out of 5

(15 user reviews)

EmployeeVibes is the ultimate HR and Payroll solution in India and automates end-to-end HR processes. It is fully designed for startups, SMEs, and Enterpri... Read More About Employee Vibes read review arrow

₹110 /User/Month

View Plansimg



Brand: SenSys


4.5 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

SENSYS HRMSThread is a human resource management solution designed for companies to monitor the work of their employees efficiently. Plus, it also allows... Read More About SENSYS HRMThread img

₹2,500 /Month

Last Updated on : 26 Jun, 2024

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Best Leave Management Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

No, you don’t have to. You simply need a computer device whether it may be a tablet, mobile, laptop or a desktop with a good internet connectivity and you’re good to go.

Leave management, also known as time-off management, involves overseeing and regulating requests for various types of time off, including holidays, sick leave, vacation, emergencies, and parental leave, within an organization. It entails implementing policies, guidelines, and rules tailored to the specific needs of the business to ensure fair and accurate handling of leave requests. The primary objective is to ensure that employees receive their entitled benefits while maintaining operational efficiency in the workplace during their absence.

On-premise is best suited for companies having their own IT team and dedicated infrastructure for IT applications. On the other hand, cloud leave management software is ideal for firms who do not have a dedicated IT resource team. So, you save bucks right there! Plus, on-premise leave management software requires considerable investment vis-à-vis license purchase, annual maintenance cost, etc. Cloud leave management software offers the freedom to pay on a monthly/yearly basis.

An employee leave management system, or EMS, is a valuable tool designed to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity, ultimately contributing to the achievement of organizational goals. These systems facilitate the monitoring, assessment, and control of employees' working hours, optimizing human resource utilization. Additionally, an EMS streamlines HR processes by efficiently managing payroll and ensuring timely salary disbursal. By securely storing and managing employees' personal and work-related information, these systems enable easy access to relevant data for managers as needed.

Yes, you can purchase modules as per your company requirements. If your primary need is to find out the number of leaves encashed by employees, choose leave reports module. Keep track of the approved/rejected leaves with the leave transaction module. Keep a tab on employee leaves/vacation days/sick leaves with the leave management/holiday calendar module. Basically, you can pick and choose which module you want and build from there or buy the full leave management software complete with all the bells and whistles!

To carry forward leave in the leave and attendance management system, you need to adhere to the Leave Carry Forward Policy and configure the Leave Settings accordingly. Specify the Leave Period, which typically aligns with the calendar year but can be customized to start from any month. Next, create a new leave type for Carry Forward Leave and link it to the Annual Leave category. Within the Carry Forward section, designate the month for burning Carry Forward Leave, such as the end of the year. This automated process ensures seamless management of accrued leave balances within the system.  

Yes, leave management system software prioritizes security to safeguard sensitive employee information stored within HR databases. Given that these databases contain extensive details of current and former employees, they are prime targets for online hackers. Leave management systems employ advanced security features such as data encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect employee data, including bank details, personal information, and check stubs. These measures ensure the confidentiality and integrity of employee information, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.  

The need for leave management arises from the necessity to streamline and simplify the process of requesting and managing various types of leave within an organization. With a leave management system in place, employees can conveniently apply for casual, sick, and earned leave directly from the system, minimizing administrative burdens and paperwork.  

In India, there are eight primary types of office leave commonly offered by companies, each serving different purposes and durations. These include Casual Leave, Half-day Leave, One-day Leave, Earned/Vacation/Privilege Leave, Sick Leave/Medical Leave, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Sabbatical Leave, Bereavement Leave, Marriage Leave, Compensatory Leave, Adoption Leave, and Compassionate Leave. Each type of leave caters to specific circumstances, such as personal emergencies, health-related issues, family events, or professional development opportunities, ensuring that employees can effectively balance their work and personal lives.  

Leave Management Software Reviews


Keka HR


“Nice HRMS tool and suggestable platform. It was a great product overall experience was very nice.”

- Anuj

See all Keka HR reviewsimg

Spine HR


“Spine HR is a powerful tool that is also simple to use. Unlike any other HRMS software, it focuses on daily mundane processes rather than flashy graphs.”

- Ritu Chauhan

See all Spine HR reviewsimg

Zimyo HRMS


“I was having a very tough time to select the best software.. but after comparing many other database I found this great tool.”

- Rubina Fatima

See all Zimyo HRMS reviewsimg

Farsight HR


“This system helps us to manage the applicants data at one placed. It is very easy to track the recruiters activities.”

- Priyanka

See all Farsight HR reviewsimg



“I like the way that information is managed and can be brought up in a wink of an eye”

- Vinay Gopalakrishna

See all GoForHR reviewsimg

Leave Management Software Price List In India

Leave Management Software Cost
Top Leave Management Software Starting Price Rating
Keka HR₹9999.00 /Month4.6
Zimyo HRMS₹3000.00 /Month4.4
PeoplesHR Turbo₹33.90 /Employee/Month4.8
Farsight HR₹1750.00 /Month4.7
Webtel HR Pearls₹6000.00 /Month4.7
greytHR₹3495.00 /Month4.6
Employee Vibes₹110.00 /User/Month4.8
SENSYS HRMThread₹2500.00 /Month4.5

Buyer's Guide for Top Leave Management Software

Found our list of Leave Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is a Leave Management System?
  • How Leave Management System work?
  • Features of Leave Management System
  • Benefits of Leave Management System
  • How to use a Leave Management System?
  • Leave Management Challenges and Solutions
  • Top 10 Leave Management System Comparison
  • How do we evaluate and select the Leave Management System for you?
  • Modules of Leave Management Software
  • Leave Application Process
  • HR Oversight and Intervention
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Configurable Email Notifications
  • What is the cost of the Leave Management System?

What is a Leave Management System?

A Leave Management System (LMS) is a software solution utilized by companies to effectively oversee and handle their staff members' leave applications and absences. This system enables employees to request time off, check their remaining leave balance, and track their leave history.

Simultaneously, it empowers managers to approve or reject leave requests, monitor workforce availability, and ensure adherence to company policies and regulations. By automating attendance and leave management processes, this software simplifies administrative duties, diminishes the possibility of errors, and furnishes a centralized and transparent platform for both employees and managers to efficiently organize and coordinate leave schedules.

Ultimately, the implementation of a leave and attendance management system promotes productivity, enhances workforce planning, and fosters improved communication and accountability within the organization.

How Leave Management System work?

A leave management system assists HR departments in efficiently overseeing employee absences and office accommodations. This online solution automates manual tasks so that HR professionals can concentrate on employee needs rather than administrative paperwork. It ensures compliance with both federal and state regulations, as well as organization policies, by centralizing leave-related processes. Here is how (LMS) leave management system works;

  • Leave of Absence Management: This aspect of the leave management software enables HR teams to swiftly initiate new leave cases, input leave details, and calculate eligibility for various types of leave. Additionally, it facilitates comprehensive leave tracking and generates customizable communications for seamless employee transitions back to work.
  • Workplace Accommodations: When employees request workplace accommodations, the attendance leave management system streamlines the process from initiation to resolution. It provides a centralized repository for medical documentation, records decision-making, and tracks accommodations with automated follow-ups, ensuring a fair and compliant experience for all employees.
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS): Modern digital workplace requires employee self-service portals for a positive employee experience. This online leave management system allows employees to request leave and accommodations through online, mobile-friendly portals. It guides them through the process, verifies eligibility, and ensures all necessary information is gathered, empowering employees to manage their own requests efficiently.
  • Faxing & Barcoding: Recognizing the continued reliance on fax communication in certain industries, the attendance and leave management application integrates fax capabilities. It consolidates incoming faxes for centralized management and provides barcode functionality for easy document attachment to leave or accommodation cases.
  • Text Messaging: To accommodate diverse communication preferences, the leave management app offers SMS messaging capabilities. All messages are saved and associated with the relevant case, ensuring a complete communication trail while respecting employees' preferred modes of communication.
  • Batch Fulfillment: For compliance with federal regulations requiring mailed notifications, the leave management system enables batch processing of communications. HR teams can send all notifications to a print center or vendor directly from the system, streamlining the process and ensuring timely compliance.
  • Advanced Reporting: The online leave management system provides robust reporting functionalities, allowing users to create customizable reports and dashboards to monitor key metrics such as open cases and employee leave status. Reports can be easily shared with team members and scheduled for regular distribution, enhancing transparency and decision-making within the organization.

Features of Leave Management System

A leave management system is an essential tool for effectively handling employee absences and ensuring smooth business operations. This software solution offers a range of features designed to streamline the process of requesting, approving, and tracking leaves. Here are some of the key features of a leave management system;

  1. Unified Dashboard: Both managers and employees can access a single dashboard to manage leave requests. Employees can view their leave balance and request time off, while managers can evaluate requests based on operational needs.
  2. Automatic Leave Balance Updates: The system automatically updates leave balances based on employees' leave history, ensuring transparency and accuracy.
  3. Cloud-based Integration: With cloud-based architecture, the attendance leave management system is accessible anytime, anywhere, reducing paperwork and simplifying processes for both managers and employees.
  4. Integration with Payroll: Integration with payroll systems ensures accurate salary calculations by syncing leave data, minimizing errors, and improving efficiency.
  5. Interactive Reports: The system generates individual employee reports, providing insights into leave balances, attendance records, and team productivity, enabling informed decision-making.
  6. Flexible Leave Categories: Employees can easily select from various leave categories such as sick leave, casual leave, or maternity leave, while managers can customize leave types according to company policies.
  7. Shift-wise Monitoring: Advanced features of online leave management system allow managers to monitor leave on a shift basis using GPS tracking, facilitating remote attendance management and task tracking.
  8. Instant Alerts: Managers receive alerts and notifications for leave requests, enabling timely approvals or rejections, particularly beneficial for field managers with busy schedules.

Benefits of Leave Management System

A leave management system is a vital asset for any organization seeking to streamline time-off processes, enhance efficiency, and boost employee satisfaction. By transitioning from manual methods to digital solutions, companies unlock numerous benefits that contribute to a more productive and cohesive workforce. From simplifying leave requests and approvals to facilitating accurate tracking and reporting, the adoption of an employee leave management system yields numerous advantages for both employees and employers. Here are some of the benefits of leave management system;

  1. Enhanced Efficiency in Approval Process: Implementing a leave management system with a flexible multi-level approval structure streamlines decision-making, reducing delays and ensuring faster responses. Automated absence tracking minimizes paperwork and time, while integration with instant messengers facilitates real-time communication, fostering quicker resolution of leave-related matters.
  2. Increased Productivity and Employee Satisfaction: A more efficient leave approval process empowers employees to receive timely approvals, aiding in better planning and reduced stress. Managers spend less time on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic activities, ultimately leading to improved productivity. Enhanced employee satisfaction and motivation contribute to better retention rates and a positive impact on the organization's performance.
  3. Reduced Risk of Payroll Errors: Integrating attendance and leave management with payroll systems minimizes the risk of errors in salary calculations. Data synchronization ensures accurate pay by automating leave tracking and approval processes, eliminating the potential for manual mistakes. Real-time visibility into leave balances prevents overpayment or underpayment, fostering trust and satisfaction among employees.
  4. Easy Access to Company Policies and Time-Off Requests: A centralized platform simplifies access to company policies and facilitates seamless time-off requests. User-friendly interfaces streamline the request and approval process, with automated notifications keeping employees informed about request statuses. The online leave management system also maintains a record of past requests, enabling employees to track their leave history effortlessly.
  5. Improved Communication: Attendance leave management system enhances communication through automated features such as generating letters and sending reminders, promoting transparency and clarity. Clear communication reduces misunderstandings and conflicts, leading to higher productivity and satisfaction among employees.
  6. Simplified Administrative Tasks: Automated leave management software offers several benefits for business owners, including cost savings, enhanced employee satisfaction, and improved recruitment prospects. By streamlining administrative tasks related to leave, the software frees up time for strategic initiatives and business operations, ultimately leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

How to use a Leave Management System?

Using a leave management system is very easy and simple. Employees can easily request time off by selecting their desired leave type, specifying the duration, and providing a reason. Once submitted, the request is automatically routed to the appropriate manager for approval. Upon approval, employees receive instant notifications, ensuring seamless communication throughout the process.

All leave requests are documented within the system, providing managers and HR teams with real-time insights into employee availability. This streamlined approach simplifies attendance and leave management, allowing organizations to maintain accurate records and effectively track employee attendance.

Leave Management Challenges and Solutions

A leave management system helps organizations to effectively handle employee leave, but it comes with its fair share of challenges. Here are the common challenges along with their actionable solutions to overcome them for smooth operations and employee satisfaction.

Challenge 1: Tracking Leave Requests & Balances

Managing leave requests and balances can often feel like juggling multiple tasks simultaneously, especially with various types of leave such as parental leave, medical leave, and jury duty. The complexity intensifies with diverse workforce needs and different leave policies. Without a robust system in place, HR professionals risk legal issues and disruptions in business workflow.

Solution: Streamlining Leave Management Processes

Implementing modern absence management systems simplifies leave tracking by centralizing leave requests and balances. These leave and attendance management systems offer advanced features to manage diverse types of leave efficiently while ensuring compliance with company policies and labor laws. By automating leave tracking and updating balances in real-time, HR teams can mitigate errors and maintain transparent leave records, promoting employee satisfaction and a positive company culture.

Challenge 2: Balancing Staffing & Workload

Maintaining productivity and managing workload imbalances during employee absences are crucial aspects of leave management. Sudden absences or prolonged leaves can disrupt workflow and strain team dynamics, requiring proactive planning and effective strategies to mitigate their impact.

Solution: Proactive Planning & Effective Tools

Utilizing advanced leave management systems helps HR teams anticipate staffing shortages and redistribute workload effectively. By providing clear visibility into leave schedules and empowering managers to make informed decisions, these tools ensure business continuity and alleviate stress among employees. Proactive planning and clear communication channels foster a cohesive work environment, enabling teams to navigate workload imbalances seamlessly.

Challenge 3: Complying with Legal & Organizational Policies

Navigating complex labor laws and organizational policies while managing employee leave presents a significant challenge for HR professionals. Compliance with federal labor laws, understanding the nuances of medical leave acts, and adhering to company-specific policies require meticulous attention to detail and strategic implementation.

Solution: Leveraging Technology & Clear Communication

Employing HR software for automated policy enforcement streamlines leave management processes and ensures adherence to legal and organizational policies. These systems provide centralized platforms for leave-related information, facilitating accurate record-keeping and transparency. Clear communication channels and proactive measures help HR teams navigate legal complexities and maintain fairness and consistency in leave management practices.

Challenge 4: Managing Unexpected or Prolonged Leaves

Dealing with unexpected or prolonged leaves due to emergencies or illnesses can pose significant challenges in maintaining productivity and team cohesion. HR professionals must strike a balance between meeting business needs and supporting employees during challenging times.

Solution: Empathetic Approach & Strategic Planning

Adopting an empathetic approach and implementing clear guidelines for managing unplanned leaves enables HR teams to support employees effectively while ensuring business continuity. Employing leave and attendance management system facilitates proactive planning and seamless transitions, minimizing disruptions and maintaining employee morale. Open lines of communication and transparent leave policies foster trust and engagement, contributing to a positive work environment.

Challenge 5: Employee Engagement & Retention

Leave management practices significantly influence employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. From offering paid leave to ensuring fair leave request processes, organizations must prioritize employee well-being and satisfaction to foster a positive workplace culture.

Solution: Promoting Transparency & Supportive Policies

Maintaining transparency in leave policies and providing support during leave periods are crucial for maintaining high morale and employee satisfaction. HR professionals can use leave management software to streamline processes and ensure fairness and consistency in leave management practices. By prioritizing employee well-being and engagement, organizations can cultivate a positive work environment and foster long-term retention.

Top 10 Leave Management System Comparison

Below is a comparison table of the top 10 leave management system with their best features and price details;

Top 10 Leave Management System Comparison
Leave Management Systems Key Features Leave Management Systems Pricing
Calamari Leave entitlement, Remote workforce management system, Mobile app, Notifications Starts at $1.70/month Absence request and approvals, Work-time recording, Overview of personnel data, Multilingual support Starts at £2.00/month
HRnest Approval Control, Calendar, Employee Schedule, FMLA Management Starts at £1.00/month
Timetastic Employee birthday notification, Vacation, Instant time-off request, Bereavement and compassionate leave Starts at £1.20/month
Buddy Punch Approval Control, Calendar Management, Leave Tracking, Employee Scheduling Starts at $3.99/month
Kissflow Automatic validation, Customizable leave policy, Leave balance update & reporting, Payroll Integration Price On Request
LeaveBoard Dashboard Tracking, Employee Directory, Slack Integration, HR Reporting Starts at $1.35/month
Rippling Approval Control, Employee Schedule, FMLA Management, Leave Tracking Starts at $8/month
Vacation Tracker 25 custom leaves can be created, Global Time zone, Generate custom reports, Create custom location and department Starts at $25/month
PlanMyLeave Free Tools, Custom Leave, Calendar View, Overtime Tracking Starts at $30/month

How do we evaluate and select the Leave Management System for you?

To evaluate and select the best leave management system for you, we meticulously considered several top software factors and features to ensure optimal functionality and user satisfaction. Our comprehensive assessment encompassed aspects such as user interface intuitiveness, customization options, scalability, integration capabilities with existing HR systems, robust reporting and analytics functionalities, compliance with regulatory requirements, data security measures, and ongoing technical support and maintenance provisions. By prioritizing these criteria, we aimed to identify a leave management system that aligns with your organization's unique requirements and enhances efficiency in managing employee leave effectively.

Modules of Leave Management Software

Designed to simplify the complexities of managing leaves and attendance, this online application offers a range of modules tailored to meet the needs of both employees and managers alike. This module comprises several essential building blocks, each helping in the efficient management of leave requests. 

Leave Application Process

  • Employees can effortlessly submit leave requests, specifying the desired dates and providing a brief reason for their absence
  • The option to attach supporting documents ensures transparency and clarity in the application process
  • Managers receive notifications of pending leave requests, allowing for timely review and action
  • Through the intuitive interface of both the web and mobile applications, managers can efficiently approve or reject leave requests, individually or in bulk

HR Oversight and Intervention

  • HR administrators are notified of leave applications for all employees, facilitating centralized oversight
  • In cases where managerial intervention is required, HR can reassign leave requests to alternate approvers
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities enable HR to generate customized reports, providing valuable insights into leave trends and patterns

Customizable Reporting

  • The system empowers users to create tailored leave reports, selecting specific fields to include as per organizational requirements
  • Reports can be easily exported in various formats such as Excel, PDF, or Word for further analysis and sharing
  • With the ability to assign static reports to employees and managers, stakeholders have access to relevant leave data as needed

Configurable Email Notifications

  • Administrators can configure email notification templates, ensuring timely communication regarding leave requests, approvals, and statuses
  • The activation or deactivation of notification reminders offers flexibility in managing communication preferences.

What is the cost of the Leave Management System?

Typically, leave management systems are available on a monthly subscription basis, with prices ranging from as low as $10 to as high as $370. However, these costs can fluctuate depending on the size of the company and the specific features desired. One crucial aspect to note is that certain vendors may impose additional charges per user, typically ranging from $3 to $10 on top of the base subscription fee. It's also common for vendors to offer free trials or demonstrations before committing to a contract, allowing organizations to assess the suitability and functionality of the system before making a financial commitment.

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