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What is EmployeeVibes? EmployeeVibes is a web-based HR management solution helping organizations in digitizing their entire business processes. The software is used for monitoring a variety of distinctive tasks starting from employee onboarding, task scheduling, leave and attendance monitoring, payroll management, and off-board management. HRs can generate a variety of shift patterns with the solution, configure workflows and monitor attendance related irregularities. Detailed reports offered by the HR management software, help with strategic decision making, or helping out organizations in rewarding employees showcasing great conduct. How does EmployeeVibes HR management software help enterprises streamline policies for irregular working habits? The software can be used to define policies regarding irregular working habits, like early departures, late comings, unauthorized absence etc. HRs can deduct salary or leaves, or both indeed against missing hours, early going and late coming. Enterprises can define policies against unauthorized absenteeism, in a certain time frame. HRs can issue warnings, suspend employees or forward show-cause notice as well. Organizations can compensate for extra work hours by providing compensatory offs or extra pay. EmployeeVibes HR Management Software Pricing EmployeeVibes HR management software’s pricing is available on request. You can create a callback request with our technical experts for further assistance. Benefits of EmployeeVibes HR Management Solution Reimbursements: Organisations can configure reimbursement processes as per their company policies. HRs can also use the software to monitor reimbursement claims, and customizing escalation mechanisms and workflows. Statutory Compliance: The HR management software can be used to generate challans and reports compatible with statutory norms set by the regulatory authorities. Enterprises can also configure wages as per ESIC, TDS, PT, PF and LWF. Geotagging and Geofencing: Companies can monitor their remote workforce, by specifying certain work areas or boundaries. Reward and Recognition: Admins can define appraisal categories related to behavioral showcase in the work front, set eligibility criteria, identify deserving employees and reward them as well. EmployeeVibes is a web-based HR management solution helping organizations in digitizing their entire business processes... Read More About Employee Vibes
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Last Updated on : 14 Jun, 2021