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Best Recruitment Management Software in 2024

What is Recruiting Software?

Recruitment software is a set of tools that helps an organization manage its hiring process for new employees. Recruitment management software has been designed to make staffing operations fully automated and is one of the core candidate management tools used by human resources. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Recruitment Management Software

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Keka Acquire Talent

Keka Acquire Talent

Brand: Keka


4.7 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Keka Acquire Talent is a complete Recruitment Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Recruitment Management Softwar... Read More About Keka Acquire Talent img

₹1,500 /month

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Farsight HR

Farsight HR

Brand: Farsight Technologies


4.7 out of 5

(10 user reviews)

Farsight software is HR management software that helps an organization with core HR processes like recruitment and onboarding process, payroll management... Read More About Farsight HR img

₹1,750 /Month

View Plansimg



Brand: Tamba Solutions


4.8 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

GoForHR is a comprehensive HR solution developed for small and medium sized businesses to manage and streamline all core HR processes. The HRIS system of... Read More About GoForHR img

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Talentnow Recruitx

Talentnow Recruitx


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Talentnow Recruitx is a complete Recruitment Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Recruitment Management Software... Read More About Talentnow Recruitx img

Price On Request



Brand: NCrypted Technologies


4.6 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

JobGator by NCrypted Website is a job portal builder solution that enables users to get started with their own online job portal website domain. NCrypted J... Read More About Jobgator img

$83 /month

Recruitment Management Software Product List Top Banner - 1
Recruitment Management Software Product List Top Banner - 2


Brand: snaphunt

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Snaphunt is a hiring management platform that aims to simplify the entire recruitment operation for individual companies. The software offers AI-based tec... Read More About Snaphunt img

₹412 /month




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SmartHR is a standalone desktop applicant tracking system that automates and manages the entire recruitment process in a faster, simpler and effective way.... Read More About SmartHR img

Price On Request

HET Web Payroll Software

HET Web Payroll Software


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HET Web based HRMS & Payroll Software is a complete Payroll Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Payroll Mana... Read More About HET Web Payroll Software img

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Aarvi Task Management System

Aarvi Task Management System

Brand: Aarvi Technology

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Aarvi Task Management System aims to simplify all business operations with a wide variety of task management tools. It helps enhance the efficiency of a b... Read More About Aarvi Task Management System img

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Brand: Hirewand Technologies

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Hirewand is a recruitment management solution, using which users get to screen and hire quality candidates for their organization at a faster pace and red... Read More About Hirewand img

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Last Updated on : 17 Jun, 2024

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Best Recruitment Management Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Recruitment agency management software is traditionally used by the Human resources department of an organization and recruitment agencies to carry out recruitment drives. Since recruitment of a candidate may involve different teams in addition to HR, recruitment management software can also be used by managers and team leads who are part of the hiring drive.

Some of the top free recruitment management software are as follows: ZohoRecruit iKrut OpenCATS SmartStart MightyRecruiter

Below is a list of top open source recruitment management system: FastCollab Win Recruit Odoo Recruitment Ziggeo Recruity

Recruitment Management Software Reviews


Farsight HR


“This system helps us to manage the applicants data at one placed. It is very easy to track the recruiters activities.”

- Priyanka

See all Farsight HR reviewsimg



“I like the way that information is managed and can be brought up in a wink of an eye”

- Vinay Gopalakrishna

See all GoForHR reviewsimg



“Jaclyn was very helpful and steered me to a software company that fit our needs perfectly. I probably would never have found this software searching on my own. Highl...”

- shubham

See all Jobgator reviewsimg

Recruitment Management Software Price List In India

Recruitment Management Software Cost
Top Recruitment Management Software Starting Price Rating
Keka Acquire Talent₹1500.00 /month4.7
Farsight HR₹1750.00 /Month4.7
Jobgator$83.00 /month4.6

Buyer's Guide for Top Recruitment Management Software

Found our list of Recruitment Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Recruitment Management Software?
  • How Does Recruitment Management Software Help with Applicant Management?
  • Recruitment Management Software Features
  • Recruitment Management Software Benefits
  • How to Find Best Recruitment Management Software in India?
  • What is The Best Recruitment Management Software?
  • Trends for Recruitment Management Software in India

What is Recruitment Management Software?

Recruitment Management Software is a set of tools that helps an organization to manage their hiring process for new employees. Recruitment management software has been designed to make staffing operations fully automated and is one of the core candidate management tools used by human resources in any organization.

HR recruitment software focuses on the need for recruiters as well as hiring and talent acquisition professionals. Such an applicant management system ensures that only the candidates with the requisite skills are filtered for the next round and are the best ones is hired for the position. It helps automate different recruitment functions, such as candidate sourcing, resume screening, interviews, follow-up emails, etc.

How Does Recruitment Management Software Help with Applicant Management?

Recruitment management software automates processes such as scheduling interviews with a candidate and leaves you the time to do other important tasks. Moreover, a robust CRM recruitment software enables you to provide a unique and fulfilling hiring experience to every applicant applying for different roles. With an online recruitment management system not only can a candidate be aware of their chances of getting hired, but it also helps your organization to streamline the process of resume sorting and selecting appropriate employees.

Recruitment Management Software Features

Automated Applicant Tracking

Nearly all recruitment management software uses an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This helps the HR department to post jobs across several platforms at the same time. Using ATS, they can also track the progress of candidates that have applied through these different platforms and keep them abreast of the status of their application.

Resume Management

Using recruitment management software, the HR department can create a unique profile for every application received and can also accept resumes sent in different formats (word, pdfs, etc.). The applicant management system also helps filter out candidates that may have applied more than once for the same role.

Integration with Career Sites

Recruitment management software helps establish an interactive career section on your company’s website. You can customize this section as per your need; add forms, company information, employee testimonials, etc. for a better candidate experience.

Auto-Response to Candidates Via Emails

Rather than replying to each applicant personally, HR software sends out automated responses. It helps applicants know if they made it to the next round of the interviewing process or not.

Interview Lifecycle Management

Recruitment management software automates the process of scheduling interviews with prospective candidates. Such software integrates well with third-party calendar apps and helps record candidate feedback at the end of an interview.

Use of Artificial intelligence

Candidate management systems are integrated with Artificial intelligence technologies. Such mechanisms keep a tab on the hiring process and develop learning from the shortcomings in an interview process. AI in recruitment helps with automated candidate sourcing, candidate matching, employee referrals, etc.

Creation of a Talent Pool

Recruitment management software helps create details of all those candidates who applied for a role but were not selected. In case a similar role opens in the future, the software would search from this talent pool, thus reducing the time and resources spent on recruitment.

Analytics to gauge success of recruitment drive

HR recruitment software has the feature of analyzing a recruitment drive so that metrics related to its success or failure can be obtained. Such metrics are useful for carrying out improved recruitment drives in the future.

Recruitment Management Software Benefits

Be it a new business or an old organization, using CRM recruitment software for hiring new talent can have numerous benefits over the traditional ways of recruitment. We list some of them below:

Faster hiring process

Since recruitment management software automates the hiring process, less time is spent in screening resumes, interviewing, and selecting appropriate clients.

Ensuring only the skillful candidates are hired

Recruiters can filter candidates based on their skill level with respect to the job requirement while hiring through recruitment database software. It also removes the possibility of a candidate being selected or rejected because of the recruiter’s bias.

Enhances interview experience for the candidates

With the help of a candidate management system, an applicant would know whether they cleared a particular round or not, establishing better communication between the candidate and the company.

Improves Productivity of Recruiters

Hiring management systems automate trivial tasks such as scheduling interviews of prospective candidates and sending them textual or email alerts. Such software also has the facility of setting up a chatbot to answer FAQs from candidates.

Improved Communication with Candidates

An interview process involves several departments. With the use of a suitable applicant management system, all these departments can work in consonance with each other and ensure that only that candidate is hired who is suitable as per all the concerned departments

Recruitment cost reduction

As a recruitment management software automates recruitment drives and enhances the productivity of recruiters, the overall cost and resources associated with the hiring process are significantly reduced.

How to Find Best Recruitment Management Software in India?

Recruitment candidate management software is a potent tool that aids organizations during the process of talent acquisition. It can be used from the start to finish of the hiring process; from the time a job application is put out across multiple platforms to the onboarding of hired candidates.

You should select the right hiring management systems which fulfill the following functions:

  • Upload the vacant job post online on several platforms at the same instant
  • Track the response to this post including the number of candidates applied, skill sets of the applied candidates, etc.
  • Obtainment of analytics concerned with a recruitment drive, highlighting areas which can be improved
  • Automation of different processes such as scheduling of interviews so that productivity of the Human resources department can be improved
  • Providing a seamless onboarding experience for selected candidates

What is The Best Recruitment Management Software?

Below is the list of hiring platforms for small businesses that are worth trying:


Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based application management software. Zoho Recruit is powered with features such as customized career pages, referral, features to parse resumes, and much more so that only the best talent gets hired for your company.


  • Candidate data is backed to the cloud, ensuring its security
  • This online recruitment management system allows access to other Zoho apps including CRM and works management system
  • Ability to broadcast emails to several candidates at once


iKrut is a candidate management system that can be utilized by both employers as well as job-seeking candidates. iKrut offers its users access to several job postings and the option of an online interview scheduler for relevant job openings.


  • Easy to use for new recruiters
  • Enhanced functionality as this software runs equally well on mobile devices
  • Availability of features such as tracking referral appointments, video interviews etc.


OpenCATS is one of the popular open-source CRM recruitment software and is used by companies to conduct and track hiring processes online. OpenCATS comes with limited availability of support as it is open source in the truest sense.


  • Access to employee resume and other details
  • Option of tagging as per skill level, which ensures only suitable candidates are called for the interview
  • Inbuilt notifications and email functionality.


SmartStart recruitment management software can be used by both recruiters and candidates for their needs. Recruiters can post a job across 100 job portals and social media. Candidates can track the status of their application and also customize a web version of their CV.


  • Ideal for businesses eyeing rapid expansion
  • Availability of different widgets and the option to custom reject
  • This software can be integrated with third-party calendars and give out job alerts.


MightyRecruiter is an application management software popular among startups as well as established corporations. Using MightRecruiter, users can create their own career page where they can attract candidates, schedule their interviews, and rank them according to their skill level.


  • Its operational cost is totally free without any hidden charges
  • Ability to auto-publish jobs across social media platforms
  • Structured feed as resumes or profiles more relevant to a job posting is shown first.

Trends for Recruitment Management Software in India

Employers across the globe are steamrolling their hiring strategies and introducing technological tools such as recruitment management software to stay ahead of their competitors. To enhance the overall talent acquisition process, we list some of the top trends which every employer should keep in mind while utilizing recruitment management software.

Candidate Experience

If a candidate has good interview experience, it will not only help their self-confidence but also aid the company to build a better talent pool. Such practices help the company to acquire a positive image among applicants. Further, providing exceptional candidate experience using CRM recruitment software is one of the factors in employee retention.

Maintenance of a Talent Pool

Creating a talent pool is an effective way for the HR personnel to cut down on the time and resources spent on hiring appropriate candidates. Rather than conducting a recruitment process from scratch, they can utilize the talent pool created using HR recruitment software and find a fit from the existing database of candidates.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Contrary to popular belief, artificial intelligence is being used as a part of recruitment management software to enhance the hiring process and not to replace human recruiters. AI allows for the automation of several tasks related to hiring and ensures that the right candidate is selected with skill sets matching your job requirement.

Involvement of social media

As CRM recruitment software becomes more potent, social media profiles are also being included as an ideal platform to hire talented individuals. Among them, LinkedIn and Facebook have been the flagbearers of finding ideal candidates for the company. With time, more social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram are being used for the purpose of talent acquisition.

Statistics and metrics associated with recruitment software

With recruitment database software, it is possible to obtain relevant analytics associated with a hiring drive. Companies looking to hire the best talent in 2020 should focus on these metrics and work upon improving the overall functionality and experience of the recruitment process.


Author: Shrimi Singh

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