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Zoho Recruit is a next generation recruitment software that provides smart, automated recruitment solution. This innovative solution makes your life simpler for staffing agencies. Talking to clients, maintaining contacts and scheduling interviews is not tiring at all now. Zoho Recruit takes in-house recruiting to a whole new level by making work uncomplicated by sourcing, tracking and hiring the talent - all from one place. With cloud-based automations, Zoho recruit enhances visibility and extends the reach universally. The solution provides intuitive features to minimize process time and maximize efficiency. Organizations and users can Create and implement their own custom workflows effortlessly.

Product Features
Zoho Recruit is an all-in-one applicant tracking system for the modern recruiter that helps manage relationships and not just data. The ultra-modern recruiter solution enables the recruitment on the move. With website integrations, the solution helps extending the candidate search, post the jobs on job boards and utilize social media to the fullest. The solution has been integrated with leading resume parser tool Sovren, enabling users to parse multiple resumes and transfer important information directly to the candidate database. With SMS integration, recruiters can communicate with candidates and client contacts and communicate the interview schedules effectively. Salient features of Zoho Recruit consist of:
  • Extended Reach to the Candidates: With the organization’s website integration, Zoho Recruit lets users create an account allowing them to apply to one or multiple jobs with only one application. The recruiters can increase their exposure by posting job openings directly to the most popular job boards with just one click. The recruiters can use their company Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages to their full potential by sharing career website page or by posting individual job opening links.
  • Candidate Management: Users can view upcoming interviews, scheduled calls, new job postings and other notes all from one location. Zoho Recruit automatically tracks the source of every candidate, so that users can determine which sources work best- saving you time, money and effort and know the candidate status.
  • Customized Experience: Zoho Recruit provides custom modules to accommodate users that have their own existing workflows inside the system. Records can be tagged and classified them, for an easy way to find the desired information.
  • Workflow Management: In Zoho Recruit, workflow rules is a set of actions such as an alert, task or field update that is completed when defined conditions are met. Using the email template, workflow alerts automatically sends email notifications to specific recipients when the workflow rule is triggered. Workflow tasks are assigned to recruiters when a specific workflow rule is triggered.
  • Gather Resumes from Multiple Sources: Zoho Recruit automatically captures and imports resumes from a number of sources: e-mail attachments, your website, Outlook Inbox and more. Recruiters can attract more candidates…and efficiently manage all their resumes in one place.
  • Resume Management: Zoho Recruit is integrated with a leading resume parser tool allowing recruiters to parse multiple resumes and transfer important information directly into their candidate database. Company logo or watermark can be added and candidate information can be removed before forwarding resumes to clients for consideration. The resume extractor available in the solution helps parsing candidate information from any web page at a click.
  • Powerful Insight and Analysis: Zoho Recruit comes with 20 standard reports – and tools for customizing or creating new ones to enable recruiters visually analyse recruiting and applicant tracking information.
  • Roles & Permissions: With extensive roles and permissions, it is simple to manage users, profiles, roles and user groups and grant permissions to access the crucial data. As recruiter admin, users can control the access rights of Zoho Recruit fields and links for different profiles.
  • Territory Management: This is a very useful feature for bigger organizations that allow users to split candidates, clients or job openings between the recruiters. Custom rules can be created for who can view and edit fields. Base rules on geography, industry, skill level, or other criteria can also be defined.
About The Company
Zoho is a renowned company creating beautiful software to address business automation needs. Over the past decade of its journey, the Zoho suite has emerged to be a leader in software solutions. In an industry where technology changes at a relentless and dizzying pace, Zoho values persistence and endurance as highly as adaptability. With Zoho software solutions, customers get the enduring commitment to keep improving the experience and relentless devotion to customer satisfaction. The state-of-the-art solutions offered by Zoho equip the businesses with ultra-modern technology and tools contributing to the improved business generation and productivity with utmost customer satisfaction.

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