Quick Recruitment Tips for a Recruiting Superhero

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When you hire someone, you do so with the intention that he/she will be a valuable member of your organisation during the tenure. However, is it often the case that the people you are hiring seemed well-suited on paper but aren’t so in person?

Fret not, it’s not necessarily your fault. Hiring is a difficult task and with the sheer number of prospective candidates out there, finding the right one requires a careful mix of good strategizing and using the right recruitment tips & right tools like social media or HR management software. We have compiled a list of things you can employ in your hiring process to become a recruiting superhero. We say superhero because these tips are like the items in Batman’s utility belt i.e. crazy useful and super effective.

5 Recruitment Tips for Becoming a Recruiting Superhero

Let’s dive into the recruitment tips for hassle free recruiting.

Strategize Your Hiring & Define Goals

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Firstly, you need to do a quick check of the position to be filled. Speak to the department head/manager and make sure that there’s an absolute need of hiring someone. Hiring is an expensive and exhaustive process so find out if the job, for which a vacancy has been created, can be performed or divided among existing team members.

If there’s a need for an employee to be recruited, you need to create a plan of action. What kind of employees are you looking for? What are some preferable skills they should have? What kind of qualifications do they need to have? Should they be a cat or a dog person? Having a well-defined set of expectations will help you in screening candidates better and more effectively. It will also decrease the likelihood of bad hires.

Use the Tools of Trade

With the help of HRMS software, HR professionals can improve the recruitment process by leaps and bounds. Take HRMantra’s HR & Payroll software for example. The recruitment management module of this HRMS software helps in downloading and importing resumes from popular job portals like Naukri and Monster. HR can accumulate the resumes of different candidates under one roof so that HR professionals don’t spend too much time going through each profile and downloading resumes. With HRMantra’s HRMS software, HR can also send out emails and messages to prospective candidates for an interview, with the click of a button under the recruitment module. Internal job posting and manpower budgeting can also be handled effortlessly using this HRMS software.

Hire Using Social Media

It’s no secret that everyone and their mothers are on Facebook and other social media platforms. You can use social media to find quality candidates that would be valuable to your company by leveraging your brand across platforms. Have your company listed on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to be accessible to a larger audience. Post on such platforms often and time your social media posts for maximum engagement. The time at which a post goes live is important and decides the visibility it will enjoy, especially for organic posts. LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for professionals to connect and you can use it to find active and passive job seekers. You can prompt relevant candidates to apply by using targeted hashtags like #devjobs or #GoogleHiring to get your requirement across to candidates.


Go through niche platforms and forums where candidates with specific requirements are likely to hang out. For example, developers are bouncing off ideas on GitHub and StackOverflow and, marketers are hanging out on Moz and Warrior Forum. Your next great hire might be someone with a though-provoking and well-articulated answer on Quora.

Your company should get in the practice of sharing and promoting the work culture on social media. This includes sharing photos, videos and blogs about the office space, work culture, external and internal activities, people stories, etc. Having a distinct work culture is a desirable quality for most candidates.

Have a Well-Curated Onboarding Process

The first few months of a new employee can be quite overwhelming. A new job brings with itself a new office, a new location, new people and a new culture to learn and acquaint oneself with. As HR, you should know that the recruitment process doesn’t finish with the hiring process but extends until the new employee has settled into his/her job. Consequently, it is important that you have an onboarding process that is both accommodating and informative for new joiners to help them get accustomed to their new job.

There are some easy hacks that can improve your onboarding process. Simple things like keeping their desk ready on the first day of an employee or treating him/ her to lunch on the first day can go a long way in building a positive impression. You can also ease the onboarding process by using HRMS software to get the paperwork completed even before the joining date. By getting paperwork done before joining, not only does it make easier for employees, but they also save crucial time during onboarding. You can accomplish this by using HRMantra’s HR payroll software which has the onboarding module to upload documents.

Be Available

HRMS Software

As generic as this might sound, a key responsibility as an HR person is for you to be available to your employees. Be there to listen to what your employees have to say, the feedback they have to give and their complaints regarding work. Listening and acting on their feedback is key to being a good HR. Especially in the case of new employees, your responsibility is to ensure that their pain points are addressed, lest they decide to leave because of that.

You can use your HRMS software here as well. Most HRMS software solutions have feedback modules where employees can fill out feedback forms (anonymously or otherwise). You can also perform one-on-one sessions, in periodic basis, and create a safe space for employees to vent and talk about the things that bother them at work.

With our suggestions for recruitment tips , your hiring process should get better by leaps and bounds. So put on the cape, slap on your hero symbol and get ready, its time to be a recruitment superhero!

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