[Infographic] How To Improve Conversion Rate of Your Software On Techjockey

Infographic – How to Get More Business for Your Software on Techjockey

#1 Share Complete Product Details

Shying away from sharing necessary product details is a sure-fire way to turn off your prospects! You can win them back with these details:

* Target industries & organization types

* Deployment type & Operating system it supports

* Hardware & software configuration

* Explanatory videos, FAQs, client references, pricing, etc.

#2 Opt for Premium Listing

Your product ranking matters! So, be at the top of your game with premium listing.

* Increase your product visibility

* Reach out to more prospects globally

* Perform better than your competitors

* Maximize your chances of business growth

#3 Provide Quick Online Demo

A buyer’s journey includes three stages – Awareness, Consideration, Decision

Online demo plays an important role at the Consideration Stage!

By providing quick online demo, exhibit how your software can help the buyer overcome business challenges. You can push them to the Decision Stage smoothly by resolving all their queries.

#4 Offer Product Personalization

Different users, different needs! So, why not customize your product accordingly?

Customization is the new king, as it allows you:

* Make the most of your customers’ demand

* Wow your customers by fulfilling their specific needs

* Differentiate your products from those of your competitors

* Be ready for higher conversion rates

#5 Adopt Competitive Pricing Strategy

To increase business profitability, it’s important to get your pricing strategy right.

Benefits of Competitive Pricing Strategy

* Prevents losing customers to your competitors

* Positively impacts the purchase decision of customers

* Attracts online shoppers who go for price comparison

* Helps you be competitive & offer the best price-value combo

#6 Quick Implementation & After-Sales Support

The ‘no excuses’ culture for implementation works best in the competitive market scenario. Higher support level & sales efficiency go hand in hand. Adopt these practices to be

* Getting the right composition of sales support

* Put 50-60 percent of sales employees to support function

* Automating support activities is a viable option

* Advanced analytics tools can help improve after-sales process

#7 Marketing Makes a World of Difference

Doing everything right and still not getting results? Promote your brand & product digitally with us and benefit from top marketing inventory!

* Banner ads

* Social media promotions

* Email marketing

* SMS marketing

* Paid reviews

* Search ads

* Sponsored blogs

* Newsletters

* Explainer videos

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