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Spine HRMS

Spine HRMS

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What is Spine HR? Spine HR is a cloud-based HR solution that consolidates payroll, compliance, and human capital management for enterprises, enabling efficient functioning. The accountability and skills of an individual workforce get enhanced based on the intelligent modules and workflows offered by the software. With its contactless module of selfie-attendance, businesses can access real-time correct attendance data. Further, the program provides an interactive interface that can be leveraged by employees to extract essential data without any assistance from real HR. Organizations can utilize this intuitive system to scale and modify their hierarchy-based process flows. Spine HR is capable of recognizing the significant stages of an employee’s life cycle and helps reporting managers strategize growth and development plans as per their business needs. Enterprises can define leave policies, standardize their leave approval process, and automate leave transactions with this portal. The comprehensive solution helps automate all HR tasks like payroll management, recruitment, time tracking, reimbursement settlements, expense management, performance evaluation, etc. An advanced virtual assistant included within Spine HR, resolves queries generated by individual employees, saving HR’s work hours. The system also helps employees with their travel, asset, and resource allocation requests. Organizations can define workflows to optimize their visitor management, timesheet management, and helpdesk management processes within the integrated portal. How does the Selfie Attendance module ensure a contactless attendance process in an organization? Face Recognition: The program offers AI-enabled computer vision that detects and recognizes faces facilitating real-time attendance capturing. Mask Detection: Enterprises can utilize the built-in algorithms of the software to implement the optional mask detection functionality. Photo Detection: The algorithms will differ in case of a photo and help HR to identify the difference between a picture and a real person. Thus eliminating out chances of proxy attendance. One Person Detection: The program detects the face of only one person at a time, even in a group. Accuracy and Speed: With this attendance monitoring software, capturing attendance through face recognition takes less than one second with higher than 99.9% accuracy rate. Edge Data: Integrated devices work even while the internet connection gets disrupted and conducts data backup to the cloud as soon as the connectivity gets restored. Encryption: The face and attendance data captured by the system is protected by end-to-end encryption with HTTPS and AES 128-Bit. The server and data are maintained in India. Pricing of Spine HR Spine HR monitoring solution charges Rs. 30 per employee on a monthly basis. If you want to know more about the software solution, feel free to request a callback. Our technical experts will get back to you within one or two business days. Benefits of Spine HR Appraisal Dashboards: With graphical data representation like rating scales and bell curve generation, managers can map out employee performance in a tangible manner. The dashboards also allow comparison between multiple appraisal parameters and calendars. Visitor Management System: Organizations can register the name, address, time, purpose, etc of individual visitors. The system allows printing of a visitor’s pass with their image. It also helps in generating comprehensive reports on all visits by guests, that contain details of the visitor-log, departments, locations, hosts, and more. Timesheet Management: With the inclusive project master, managers can capture progress data of ongoing projects and map employee contribution associated with them. Employees can submit timesheets online, detailing their activities. Integration with the time attendance module enforces data validation of working hours. HR members can re-initialize timesheets if they find them to be incomplete or in need of editing. Compare Spine Hr Suite With Other Human Resource Management HR Software Spine Hr Suite vs Qandle HRMS Spine HR is a cloud-based HR solution that consolidates payroll, compliance, and human capital management for enterpris... Read More About Spine HRMS
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Spine Payroll Software
What is Spine Payroll Software? Spine Payroll Software is an accurate, flexible and user-friendly employee payroll management solution. It takes care of multiple salary-related requirements within a company and synchronizes attendance related data with monthly employee payroll in an efficient manner. Moreover, companies can select their own criteria and streamline their employees’ payroll in an organised way. Spine Payroll Software has its presence on a pan-India basis and the global presence in GCC countries. Thus, it enables users to manage multiple business branches through a centralized platform. Further, company admins get to view all employee-related information within a single page and calculate the CAGR of employees and CTC. How has Spine Payroll Software simplified the entire payroll processing system? Company admins and audit groups can roll their payroll processes using different types of salary calculation methods. The software maintains a detailed record about the basic qualification of an employee, the total years of job experience they have and past emolument. Payroll management teams get access to multiple payroll-related graphs that can be customized as per their company policies. They can also import all past payroll-related records within the software to create an organised database. Payroll and accounts department within a company can generate Form 12-BA, ITNS 281 challan and flee return 24Q. Pricing of Spine Payroll Software The pricing of Spine Payroll System Software can be customised as per users business needs. You can send in a callback request, our customer care executives will offer all required help in real-time. Compatible Platforms for Spine Payroll Software Spine Payroll Software is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from any compatible web browser across multiple devices. It also has a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Benefits of Spine Payroll Software Advanced Payslip Generator: With this hrms tools in India, companies can send in payslips and Income Tax projections to their employees directly in their email IDs. Bank Statement Generator: The salary gets transferred directly into the employee’s bank account, enabling them to generate bank statements as per their individual needs. Monthly Reconciliation: With the help of Spine Payroll Software’s wide variety of payroll processing tools, companies can select their own payroll processing criteria and get accurate results in real-time. Multi User Based Access Rights: Spine Payroll Software can be operated by multiple users. Admins can also set in user-based access rights to ensure that their data is in safe hands. Spine Payroll Software is an accurate, flexible and user-friendly employee payroll management solution. It takes care o... Read More About Spine Payroll Software
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Spine Asset Manager
What is Spine Assets? Spine asset management software is one of the best fixed asset management software that helps you efficiently manage your assets. This asset management solution can also be used to label and read barcodes. Spine Asset Manager can present charts and graphs on depreciation and more. This asset management solution helps in safe and secure importing and exporting of data. Spine fixed asset management software is an excellent tool that can manage your data like a pro with its advanced database management features. It is a property asset management software that can efficiently manage your inventory. This property asset management software lets the users generate the most accurate reports. Spine Asset Manager is an efficient tool to manage the lifecycle of your assets. This asset management tool helps automate the entire process and does not require any human intervention. Spine Assets Price in India: Assets management solution demo is available for customers so that they know exactly what they are going to get. Since we have discounts and offers running around the year, we, therefore, request you to kindly get in touch with us immediately through chat/ phone call/ email or request a call back to avail the best price and discount running at the moment. Our sales experts will be happy to help you make an informed decision. Spine Assets Features: Spine Asset management software is suitable for all small, medium and large businesses. This asset management solution is used by organizations like SMEs, enterprise, Govt PSUs, Start-ups, agencies, etc. Spine Asset Manager is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that can integrate with the existent technology, and doesn’t require any special training to use. Spine Asset Manager is a property asset management software that can be customized to fit your business needs and enables users to attain high performance and better productivity for different domains. It helps the enterprises to manage the businesses effectively at reasonable costs. Spine asset management software is one of the best fixed asset management software that helps you efficiently manage yo... Read More About Spine Asset Manager
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