Leave Management System – How It Helps Manage Employee Attendance

| Created on July 31, 2018

Updated on February 13, 2020


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To ensure that employees don’t get burnt out, companies provide employees a specific number of paid leaves at the start of a new fiscal or calendar year. Apart from paid leaves/vacation days, employees can avail other types of leaves, like personal emergency leaves, to deal with problems outside of work. , However, some issues might crop up out of the blue leaving your employees with no choice but to take leave on a short notice. In these situations of poor employee attendance, companies might have their task cut out, though they can take specific steps to ensure they can sail through these challenges in leave management with flying colors. One smart way to manage employee attendance issues effectively is replacing manual processes with tech solutions like leave management system.

For employees, having time off from their daily work routine forms a crucial part of their work life. Having vacation time allows an employee to rest, recuperate and recharge their batteries while letting go of stress. Having a robust attendance tracking and leave management system is critical if you care about your employees’ wellbeing

Handling Employee Attendance Issues: How Leave Management System Can Help

To become more organized and structured, every business is now investing in employee management. Organizations are investing more in terms of technology to keep employees engaged at work and increase productivity.

One of the important steps in keeping employees engaged is to ensure a smooth leave management process. Any delay in acknowledging a leave application or leave request rejection without any specific reason often results in employee attendance chaos.

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The solution lies in adopting the latest leave management tactics and techniques, so as to manage employee lifecycle, attendance and keep them engaged at work.

1. Keeping Track of Accrued Leaves

The usual practice among companies is of giving accrued leaves to their employees based on the month of their joining. Say, for example, a company; Zion gives 12 paid leaves in a year to each employee which are credited to their account at the start of the new financial year. Employee A joins Zion during June while employee B joins in November. Employee A will be eligible to receive ten accrued leaves while employee B shall receive five accumulated leaves.

Employees appreciate this practice as joining a new company at the start of the new fiscal year is not always possible. However, it poses a problem for HR managers. Tracking accrued leaves is one of the pivotal challenges in leave management.

That’s not all. What about employees who have paid leaves left over from the previous year? Those types of leaves need to be tracked and taken into account as well while simultaneously adding additional vacation days on a monthly basis.

To solve this pickle, you have to stop calculating employee leaves manually. It’s high time you move on from having to maintain attendance registers. You can quite easily automate leave tracking and keep a tab on accrued leaves with leave management system. By doing this, each employee’s paid leaves would be automatically calculated requiring no extra work on your part.

2. Performing a Review of Leave Requests

If your firm has more than a handful of employees, then reviewing their leave requests might pose a challenge.  Some employees may prefer to fill out a paper request form while others may choose to notify their managers on mail. There may be some who might ask verbally for time off from their managers. It can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario.

Resolve this challenge in leave management by getting the best leave management system. Encourage employees to apply for leaves online through the employee self-service portal (ESS). These requests can then either be approved or rejected by the manager. If the leave requests are accepted, it will be automatically updated and reflected in the leave management software.

The benefits of using an online system for leave management are pretty obvious. You can quickly review all pending requests and ensure that no leave application slips through the cracks. Managers can quickly view the leaves approved by them and save themselves from the trouble of sifting through a multitude of requests. By doing this, a firm can avoid the problem of being left understaffed, as it can clearly keep a tab on holiday requests of employees.\\

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3. Managing Leave Compliance

Compliance with leave management involves various laws related to paid leaves, compensatory leaves and restricted holidays. All these kinds of leaves are regulated by statute prescribing the number of vacation days employees are eligible for, including how leaves can be earned and when they can be used. Maternity leave, as well as paternity leave, forms an integral part of a company’s leave policy. Family medical leave, personal emergency leave, and family caregiver leave are also subject to the law. Phew! It’s a lot to keep track of, particularly for firms having quite a few employees and considered as an essential challenge in leave management.

Every regulation needs to be complied with. If you end up inadvertently breaking the law, it can lead to fines, loss of trust or even bad press. It’s essential that every law concerning employee attendance and leaves is adhered to.

This is where your leave management system comes in. You can easily track compliance by feeding all the leave-related laws which are applicable to your business. What this will do is that relevant data would be highlighted by the system. Due to this increased visibility, it’ll be far easier to ensure that you don’t end up breaking any law accidentally.

10 Best Employee Leave Management System: Reviews of the Most Popular Ones

To ease your burden of making the right selection, we have made a comprehensive list of the best leave management software. These leave management system software can help you manage logged hours and location of your employees to ensure smooth and timely actions.

Winding Up

Leave management can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. With a leave management system, you can solve all your challenges in tracking employee attendance managing unplanned leave requests


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