Salesforce CRM Review: Making Customer Experience Count

| Created on July 31, 2018

Updated on February 14, 2020

salesforce crm review


The customer-company relationship is a sacred union based on trust, reliability and understanding. A company must give their all when it comes to delivering successful customer experience. For that purpose, a CRM software comes quite handy. A CRM Salesforce software allows companies to manage customer relations and expectations, by providing detailed customer information and outlining the nature of relationship between both parties.

Today, we are looking at one of the market leaders in CRM software: Salesforce CRM. Launched under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model in February 7, 2000, Salesforce went on to become a pillar of the CRM solutions industry.

So, what’s so special about Salesforce CRM? Let’s dig in.

Design Aesthetic


The Salesforce CRM interface is truly a thing of beauty. It has a minimal colour template that comprises of blue, orange and white. It creates a soothing contrast that’s easy on the eye and not too distracting for the user. It works particularly well as blue and orange lie opposite each other on the colour wheel, creating the perfect contrast.

Fun fact: A lot of movie posters use blue and orange for this very reason


  1. Assessing Its Sales Modules

On the very first page of the Salesforce CRM tool, one can observe their respective quarterly sales performance. It also displays orders closed, open orders and the target goal, allowing you to evaluate your sales efforts, in every login.

Salesforce CRM is quite detailed. Its different modules to manage leads, accounts and contacts, ensure that your team knows exactly where a customer stands in the sales funnel. There are elements within each of these modules which showcase which stage of the sales funnel a potential customer is in. Additionally, these specific modules show if any contract has been signed, if there are notes for the sales team to remember when communicating with a customer, and so on.salesforce

Once a potential customer/lead’s information is entered into the Salesforce tool, your sales reps can get insights using the software’s opportunity management tool. It gives a clear profile of the customer, such as activity history, communications, discussions, and social mentions. Tracking contracts and deals is easier with the sales collaboration module. Additionally, the sales performance module lets you set targets and goals for the team.

  1. Mobile-Integration

As an add-on, Salesforce CRM can also be accessed on a smartphone. The Salesforce app keeps you connected and informed, whether you’re on the field or at work. With the Salesforce app, you can log calls, reply to leads and pursue lead opportunities in real time. You can also share, sync and track files in real time for faster and better communication between you and your team.

  1. In-App Chat Feature: Chattersalesforce

The Chatter feature of Salesforce is a chat tool that lets you and your team communicate easily. This feature lets you chatter with individuals and groups about work, clients, and other essential topics. With Chatter, you can also add different team members to sales opportunities and accounts that require special attention. This, in turn, simplifies your team’s effort of prioritising and scheduling tasks, and makes the sales process smoother.

  1. Einstein AI Platform

Let’s talk about its Einstein AI platform. Salesforce’s Einstein AI platform helps users by performing predictive analysis of their sales data and provides predictions and recommendations accordingly. It includes tools like Einstein Email Insights, Einstein Activity Capture, Einstein Lead Scoring, Einstein Forecasting, and Einstein Opportunity Scoring. Einstein Activity Capture pulls customer interactions from a user’s email and calendar to keep entries updated. It has a calendar manager feature for scheduling meetings and such.

Einstein Email Insight uses a language processing feature to analyse emails, recommend responses and categorise communications.

Einstein Lead and Opportunity Scoring feature uses machine learning to lay out lead status and help users in prioritising their time. Lastly, Einstein Forecasting is a predictive tool that helps in showing imminent opportunities and what’s on the horizon.

Ease of Access


The Salesforce tool is extensive and somewhat complicated. The sheer number of tabs and modules it comes with, can be a little confusing for a novice or a first-time user. It’s one of those tools that require a little bit of training to get accustomed to, even if you’re using its simplest features. The good part is that the Salesforce tool has user-guides and app-bots that help users navigate and learn its intricacies.

Even though the overall tool is a tad cumbersome, it is easy to navigate between different modules and you can collaborate and share with your team members as well. The Salesforce tool gives you a complete 360-degree view of customer details, which helps in making better business decisions and close deals faster.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce CRM is an all-compassing solution that assists sales team extensively with lead management, sales forecasting and customer success. As for CRM, it’s automated features ensure that customer interactions and complaints are recorded and forwarded to the concerned person pronto. Even if it’s a little complicated to use, the beauty and functionality of its details and usability far outweigh a small con. Your company go for a slightly cheaper CRM alternative, but Salesforce CRM is true value for money.


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