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What is Bitrix24? Bitrix24 is a multi-purpose software that facilitates intensive and extensive communication, collaboration, and management operations for organizations. Bitrix24 productivity software enables your business to incorporate all-inclusive features to manage small tasks, projects, social networks, in-team chats & video, documents, calendar events, customer relationships, HR, website hosting, among many other features. Bitrix24 is the best IVR software that is brimmed with features that make your office operations smooth and easy. Bitrix24 is very thorough in how approaches to all your office activities. It offers huge modules that are assigned for all the office-specific work for one purpose. For example, the websites module in Bitrix24 gives you access to all the features essential to manage a website such as free hosting, visual editor, templates for website, domain ownership, et cetera. Bitrix24 is one for all software for your business needs, get access to it, and work your way up to success. Features of Bitrix24 Here are a few characteristics of Bitrix24 listed below for your convenience: Communications: Keep your company inter-connected with activity streaming, group chats, calendar events, and small groups. It allows improvising your working with each other, especially when different departments are involved in a project. Projects: While working on projects, divide your work with your peers and get started. Keep updating about the status of your work and check for how much of your project has completed. CRM: Boost your sales! Increase your customer base with Bitrix24. Turn your first-time visitors into your regular customers and market your business to invite new people to visit your business. Generate loyalty vouchers and boost your workflows. Website: Take your business online and boost your business to even new heights by owning a domain and managing your website efficiently. Price for Bitrix24 Bitrix24 provides a vast number of features for organizations to choose from; hence the price alters for every customer based on of features they require. For more price-related inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you at the earliest. Comparison With Other Best CRM For Sales Lead Management Bitrix24 vs Grahaak CRM Bitrix24 is a multi-purpose software that facilitates intensive and extensive communication, collaboration, and managem... Read More About Bitrix24
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Last Updated on : 15 Jun, 2021