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What is ezeeCRM? ezeeCRM is a cloud-based CRM solution that aims to serve small and medium level enterprises. The customer relationship management software helps organizations automate and streamline their sales process using multiple supporting modules, including a sales trend analysis dashboard, social media integration capabilities, 360-degree feedback, and more. It helps enterprises capture leads from multiple platforms, automate lead scoring, track project lifecycle, and manage mission-critical data. ezeeCRM can be used to save and retrieve complete customer data and communication history. The software’s BI and analytics offer a birds-eye view in graphical reports. How does ezeeCRM facilitate enhanced customer management in an enterprise? 360 Degree Control: ezeeCRM’s interactive interface delivers consistent performance across multiple modules, enabling enterprises to reach out to their customers via Chat/SMS and emails, which provides greater support and enhanced retention rates. Security: The solution offers robust data security options that include audit logs, encryption, IP restrictions, etc. Enterprises get to define role-based access permissions. Only employees authorized by the system admin, can view and manage data available with ezeeCRM. Flexible Workflows: ezeeCRM enables enterprises to configure workflows as per their business needs. Organizations get to run and manage customer relationships of their multiple branches and to spread them over the globe. How does ezeeCRM work? ezeeCRM is an all-in-one CRM solution, which helps with: Lead management: Leads can be tracked from all possible channels with ezeeCRM. Contacts management: You can organize leads into different groups to run targeted email & SMS communication. Sales opportunity tracking: Customized reports & visual graphics help get a better view of opportunities. Creating workflows: ezeeCRM sales CRM software helps analyze workflows and figure out what's working for your process. SMS/Email communication: You can interact with customers by email, SMS, and via chat. Territory management: Leads can be organized in terms of location. Territory-based leads can be further assigned to dedicated salespeople in your team. Salesforce automation: This CRM software helps automate outgoing calls and follow-ups. How to setup ezeeCRM? ezeeCRM install & implementation is quite easy. To setup ezeeCRM for your sales and marketing process, you need to follow these steps: Get free online ezeeCRM demo Connect with our product expert to select the most suitable ezeeCRM plan Buy ezeeCRM license Start as soon as the ezeeCRM implementation happens. How to get started with ezeeCRM? You can configure ezeeCRM solution as per your business requirement and start using it right away. This sales CRM software allows you to configure forms, reports, fields, dashboard, and more. ezeeCRM app for Android & iOS further makes it easy to manage all customer-related activities anytime and from anywhere. Benefits of ezeeCRM Contact Management: The sales force automation software can be used to organize contacts into groups and as per the context they are compatible with. Expense Management: The real estate CRM software helps HRs to get a preview of their sales pipeline and formulate actionable strategies and manage projects with optimized budgets, which improves the bottom line. Campaign Management: By leveraging the integrated program, organizations can design effective outreach campaigns. The marketing team can segment their targeted customers based on the data sourced by the software, and reach out to them via SMS, email, or WhatsApp. Pricing of ezeeCRM The pricing of ezeeCRM is available as per the following modules: SEED: It is available at a price of Rs.900 for one user per month. SAPLING: It is available at a price of Rs.1100 for one user per month. PLANT: It is available at a price of Rs.1500 for one user per month. TREE: It is available at a price of Rs.1700 for one user per month. For more details of the solution, kindly request a callback. Our in-house team will get back to you at your earliest convenience. ezeeCRM is a cloud-based CRM solution that aims to serve small and medium level enterprises. The customer relationship... Read More About ezeeCRM
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Last Updated on : 14 Jun, 2021