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by : BusinessEzee


Brand: BusinessEzee

Type: Software

Operating System: Ubuntu, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS

Free Trial Available: No

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ezeeLEARN Software Overview

What is ezeeLEARN?

ezeeLEARN is a web-based learning management software used by private training institutes, schools, colleges and corporate houses for offering online training as well as live classes to individual employees/students from the comfort of their homes. The online course builder with its dedicated file repository allows educators to create subject-specific courses and save the designated file in the software’s database.

ezeeLEARN is a customizable solution, where institutes can add the logo of their brand and make changes within the layouts as per their choice. The application is compatible with a wide variety of online payment gateways thus facilitating easy fee collection and calculation for the institutes.

In what ways does ezeeLEARN fit into this entire concept of online classes?

Institutes can conduct live classes through the platform with varying numbers of students.

  1. The software automatically marks the attendance of individual students the moment they join a class scheduled for them.
  2. ezeeLEARN is a cloud-based software that can be accessed across multiple devices, helping students and teachers start their access to the software immediately.
  3. The instant chat option offered by the software facilitates real-time communication between students and educators during live classes as well as offline.
  4. Admins can monitor the progress of a particular course and schedule assessments based on course-related analytics offered by the software. They can also declare the results through the platform and notify individual students or their parents about the same.

Pricing of ezeeLEARN

The pricing of ezeeLEARN is available on request. Please send a callback request to get more information.

Benefits of ezeeLEARN

  1. Cloud-based Classroom: Teachers and students can interact with each other and carry on with their courses from the comfort of their homes using this online class system facilitated by ezeeLEARN.
  2. Real-time Assistance: With ezeeLEARN, students get access to course-related study materials directly on their mobile or laptop at any time from any place. They can also reach out to their specific teachers over video calls or instant chat services offered by the software.
  3. Progress Monitoring: Institutional heads can create their own courses, categorize them as per the topics and monitor the overall progress made by individual students and teachers from time to time.

ezeeLEARN Features

  • Virtual Classroom Management By using ezeeLEARN, teachers and students get access to HD video streaming, real-time chats and online whiteboards.
  • Online Course Builder Teachers can generate a wide variety of courses and customize them as per their own teaching style before finally uploading them
  • Analytics & Reporting Teachers can monitor the progress of individual students and keep track of an individual course to check the chapters completed
  • Mobile Learning ezeeLEARN is a cloud-based software helping learners get access to the course of their choice across multiple devices.
  • Certificates Admins can make their brand stand out of the rest by offering course based reward points, badges, leaderboards along with various
  • Repository The software comes with an individual file repository for helping teachers store course-related documents in an organized manner
  • Instant messaging Students and teachers can communicate with each other during live classes and even offline using the intuitive chat option
  • Fees Collection ezeeLEARN sends automated reminders to parents and students regarding fees. It also facilitates easy fee collection through
  • Branch Management Admins can divide their online classes into separate branches. They can also assign faculties and managers for a particular
  • Customization ezeeLEARN facilitates detailed customization by allowing institutional managers or admins make changes within layouts, modules
  • Live Streaming Teachers can easily start live classes with varying number of audiences using the video-based learning options offered by the
  • Assessments Institutes can schedule assessments using multiple formats, send in exam-related notifications to the students, declare the

ezeeLEARN Plans & Pricing

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Virtual Classroom Management
Online Course Builder
Analytics & Reporting
Mobile Learning

ezeeLEARN Specifications

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  • Ubuntu Windows iOS Android MacOS
  • DesktopMobile
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Q. Q.1. Can I track the attendance of individual students with ezeeLEARN? arrow

A. Yes, the learning management software automatically marks the attendance of an individual student the moment they join the particular class scheduled for them.

Q. Q. 2. Can I categorize the courses within ezeeLEARN? arrow

A. Yes, you can create course-based categories as well as sub-categories and appoint individual faculties or managers to keep track of both courses and the students enrolled within them.

Q. Q.3. Can I get a demo of ezeeLEARN? arrow

A. Yes, TechJockey does offer online demo for ezeeLEARN. You can send in a demo request mentioning a flexible time and date for contacting you.

Q. Q.4. Who can use ezeeLEARN? arrow

A. The learning management software is suitable for schools, colleges, private training institutes and corporate organizations to help them conduct live classes.

Q. Q.5. Is there a dedicated mobile app for ezeeLEARN? arrow

A. No, eServer does not have a dedicated mobile app as of now.

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