13 Best LMS Software to Train Your Remote Workforce

| Created on April 18, 2020

Updated on September 10, 2020

LMS Software


Learning Management System or LMS software is used by corporate houses as well as institutions for delivering educational programs and training courses remotely. Through LMS as a training management system, you can create new courses, develop learning material and assess students or trainees for grading. And all these processes can be managed online!

Learning management system

What is LMS Software?

LMS software or Learning Management System helps impart e-learning courses and is used on a wide scale by companies, organisations, government agencies and educational institutes. The course management system is used not just to develop learning material for new courses, but also helps in the enrollment, monitoring and assessment of new students.

With an LMS system, you can either develop new learning materials with this very software or import the existing files into the LMS tool. Learning management system websites further help with the tracking, reporting and management of training programs and corporate learning courses.

How to Manage Remote Teams’ Challenges with Learning Management System?

You can manage the challenges of your remote teams by creating new opportunities for them to learn and grow. The first step in managing your remote workforce is to create quality training and educational materials. Once created, you need to find one of the faster and effective online channels to share learning materials across multiple stakeholders/trainees.

Employees who often work remotely often miss out on in-office learning programs, which affect their performance in the long run.  LMS software can help bridge the knowledge gap for your remote workforce.

Your ‘work from home’ employees can also seek answers to their queries from experts and instructors. This way the entire teaching-learning process would be interactive, engaging and informative.

Learning Management System Features

In order to make the e-learning processes easy, an LMS software has to have key features inbuilt within its system. The following are the key features of LMS software:

  • Course creation

Learning management solutions come with inbuilt tools such as surveys, quizzes, assessments, etc. to develop intelligent and engaging learning content.

  • Gamification

An engaging learning process would go incomplete without gaming features. Gamification is enabled by activating multiple leaderboards and setting specific reward for each branch. 

  • Video conferencing

Just messaging and forwarding the reading notes isn’t enough as learning new and different courses require live interactions. The video conferencing system feature of any LMS system serves as a one stop solution for such situations.

  • Social learning

Learning should be such that aside from going through course material, it is also possible to share content and invite peers to view this content as well. This would enable social learning to be more interactive and holistic, and LMS has key tools designed for sharing content and inviting peers.

  • Informal learning

Informal learning techniques let you record videos, lectures, webinars and demos to share these as learning assets. Further, the webcam feature and microphone recording make the e-learning process more informative and interesting.

13 Best LMS Tools for Corporate Training: Learning Management System Examples

Learning management software gives an access to unlimited reading materials and live and on-demand videos, which can be accessed through any computing device. The ten best training management system comparison are:

  • Swift LMS

Training management system

Swift LMS is a free learning management system software, which is used by companies and professionals to generate, sell and manage online learning content. You can easily personalise the colour, logo, theme and layout of the product as per your company’s standards. Additionally, the software also provides an e-commerce platform for promoting your e-learning courses to increase the outreach of training programs and enhance the return on investments.


  • Prior coding or design knowledge not required to operate the software.
  • Generate user logs, course status and reports without paying any upfront cost.
  • Allows customizing the logo, layout and themes for branding.
  • Supports e-learning accessibility standards like SCORM, AICC.


  • Not available for mobile platforms.

Best Suited For: Startup companies, small/medium enterprises and corporate businesses.

Swift LMS Software Pricing: Please get in touch with us for access to full details regarding the available plans and their cost.

  • ZingHR

LMS website

ZingHR is one of the best LMS available for it uses Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to copy human conversations and respond to them in written text through prompts. The LMS system is widely used for managing talent and performance, learning, payroll, talent acquisition, onboarding and hiring. 


  • The software supports over twenty languages thus catering to a large user base.
  • Provides chatbots for smart engagement.
  • Linked to competency & PIP (performance improvement) plan
  • Personalized dashboard for effective learning


  • Need more comprehensive training modules.

Best Suited For: Corporate training & customer support

ZingHR LMS Pricing: Please get in touch with us for more information regarding available plans.

  • Spine LMS

Spine HR Suite helps with complete training and induction management so that your remote workforce doesn’t feel left out. You can nurture skills right through online learning programs from anywhere and anytime. Further, their virtual assistance chatbot, Spina helps address queries and challenges of your remote workforce quickly and efficiently.


  • Helps discover & nurture skills remotely
  • Corporate training programs for employees with diverse skill requirement
  • Facilitates induction management strategies
  • Also helps with time attendance & timesheet management.


  • Need more features for department-wise training.

Pricing: The price of Spina HRMS for learning management is available on our website on request.

Best Suited For: Onboarding, recruitment & corporate training

  • Stratbeans Articulate Storyline and Articulate 360

Articulate certified training programs are available in the virtual training mode. Organizations across the world use Stratbeans Articulate and Storyline for e-learning course authoring. Businesses can digitize all their corporate training materials for marketing, learning and corporate training purposes. With Articulate Storyline and Articulate 360, you can publish learning materials on desktop, Android and iPad devices to increase the reach among your remote workforce.


  • Free workshops and webinars to improve the understanding of this product
  • Library of free templates for course designing
  • Your teams can collaborate online without opening the tool every time


  • Not available for iPhone.

Pricing: The price of Stratbeans learning management system is available on our website on request.

Best Suited For: Corporate training, marketing & corporate communication

  • TBS Learning Management Software

TBS-Connect e-Learning Training System is widely used by HR professionals and team heads to conduct web-training and online training courses effectively. Its advanced features make online learning easier for remote employees. The software further assists in designing customized learning programs, launch them and manage successfully.


  • Helps devise courses for the employee’s career growth
  • Ensures high confidentiality of the clients’ information
  • Ongoing services for defect prevention to ensure hassle-free training sessions
  • Stringent Q7A standards and adoption of new technologies to promote hassle-free e-learning.


  • The user interface can be improved further.

Pricing: TBS learning management system price start at Rs 25,000. For more details, please contact us.

Best Suited For: Corporate trainings across departments.

  • TalentLMS

Course management system

TalentLMS provides online training solutions to different industries such as healthcare, education, automative, franchise and call centers. The learning management system supports course selling, video conferencing, SCORM & xAPI for a robust training experience.


  • Centralised platform for sharing knowledge and onboarding processes.
  • Online material, presentations and videos to create interactive training courses. 


  • Chat tool is not available.
  • No discussion forum to facilitate interactions between learners and trainers.

Pricing: Feel free to connect with us for updated pricing details.

Best Suited For: Sales, retail, marketing training & students’ education.

  • GoToTraining

LMS system

GoToTraining learning management system software provides in session collaboration and virtual training for blended learning. Use the learning management system for sharing updates in real time, conducting tests for evaluation and preparing breakouts for group interaction. 


  • Easy content sharing through tools such as videos, presentations and PowerPoint.
  • Customised registration for collecting key information about customers to understand their preferences. 


  • Lags during audio calls
  • Mass export option for transferring files missing.

Best Suited For: Students, customer training and corporate learning.  

Pricing: The Starter pack of GoToTraining learning management software costs around ₹8350 annually.

  • Coassemble

Learning management system software

Coassemble learning management system easily integrates with existing applications on your system to offer a more holistic teaching-learning experience for employees and students alike. Mobile responsive templates are the unique characteristics of this LMS as a result of which the platform can be used even while you are on the go. 


  • Reports on results and course specific productivity.
  • Live chat access and local support.


  • Updates sometimes change the user interface.
  • Image cropping/sizing may be an issue sometimes.

Best Suited For: Internal team’s training

Pricing: Coassemble LMS software cost can be customized, and you can know more about it through their official website.  

  • Teamie

learning and training management system

Teamie learning and training management system most importantly supports integration with other applications on your system to build a robust and complete learning system. Teamie course management system primarily aims at creating a secure network for teachers and learners to safely pursue social collaboration for interactive learning processes.


  • Quizzes with different kinds of question formats for assessment purposes.
  • Newsfeed section for creating posts so that everyone can share new information and knowledge. 


  • Strong internet connection mandatory.
  • Technical support requires improvement.

Best Suited For: Enterprise & education sectors

Pricing: Teamie learning management software in India is priced at Rs 383 per user per month.

  • eFront

course management system

eFront course management system provides virtual learning and management systems for easy online collaboration as well as interaction. Internal messaging, test building, assignment management, reporting and content creation are the core functionalities offered by the platform.


  • Flexible and customizable features of the platform.
  • Simple to use and it helps create membership programs for different user roles.


  • Issues with automatic updates 
  • User manual needs more detailing.

Best Suited For: Employee onboarding and training, compliance training, customer training, and more.

Pricing: With multiple plans available on annual basis, you are free to contact eFront’s website for pricing details.

  • Lessonly

Learning management system in India

Lessonly LMS is used by different departments for onboarding and training purposes. Companies use this LMS software for creating content and distributing the same for reaching business goals and educating the trainees/targets. The software also provides pre-built templates for customer service training manual, employee development plan, employee training plan, new employee announcement email, etc. 


  • Intuitive content creation technology with the option for managing paths and tags.
  • Effective workflow due to task organizing tools.


  • Media import option falters sometimes.
  • Reporting interface needs a bit improvement.

Best Suited For: Enterprise, customer service, sales & talent management.

Pricing: Connect with the website of this learning management software for pricing details regarding Pro plan and Enterprise version. 

  • Mindflash

e-learning training solutions

Mindflash LMS offers e-learning training solutions for employees and trainees. The SCORM compliant software generates detailed reports and creates interesting quizzes for an enhanced training and learning experience for corporate employees. 


  • Develop training packs and import them in multiple formats.
  • User friendly interface, easy to understand with sophisticated report generation tools.


  • Forgetting the password might be an issue as forgot password option doesn’t function always.
  • Automatic calendar for sending invites missing.

Best Suited For: Businesses for onboarding, employee training and compliance training.

Pricing: There are three plans available- standard, premium and enterprise. Contact the LMS website for accessing pricing details.

  • Litmos LMS

online training solutions

Litmos LMS for corporate training offers online training solutions for easy creation of course content, fast deployment, rapid automation and faster onboarding processes. The LMS software boosts of powerful course content and library for training of sales representatives, contractors, employees, suppliers, etc.


  • Short and convenient training modules for clients. 
  • Track the progress of your training programs through detailed reports.


  • Limited customisation tools.
  • Tagging option unavailable.

Best Suited For: Employees, sales, operations, compliance, sales & support training.

Pricing: We are just a call away for all your pricing enquiries.


LMS tools as deployed by various industries use multiple learning techniques such as storytelling, socially and blended learning for an interactive as well as engaging teaching-learning experience.



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