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iSpring learn LMS

iSpring learn LMS

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What is iSpring Learn Learning Management System iSpring Learn LMS is an intuitive learning management software that enables its users to launch online training for their employees. Users can upload e-learning contents directly onto the software or create courses from scratch and assign them to learners. They can create specific learning paths based on the requirement of any individual department. Moreover, iSpring Learn LMS can automatically assign courses to users based on their job position, department, group and also offers various other filters. Users can create engaging content with video lectures, quizzes, screencasts, interactive assessments, e-books, along with dialogue simulations and publish it. Where can iSpring Learn LMS be used? Product Training - Companies can offer real-time updates about their latest products and courses using iSpring Learn learning management system. Compliance Training - iSpring Learn LMS helps users to easily deliver and update content on their learning portal in order to ensure that their employees stay up to data. Onboarding - Companies can quickly introduce new hires to multiple products, processes, and corporate culture using the advanced platform offered by iSpring Learn LMS. Sales Training - With iSpring Learn LMS software, users can enhance the performance of their salesperson by sharing the best sales practices, assessing product knowledge, and offering training for enhancing their communication skills. Channel Training - iSpring learning management software enables its users to develop a global knowledge base for their partners and representatives. The elearning authoring tools ensures that everyone in your partner network stays updated with the corporate standards. Pricing of iSpring Learn LMS Software iSpring Learn LMS is available at a single plan of Rs.3074 for a hundred users on a yearly basis. Compatible Platforms for iSpring Learn LMS System iSpring Learn LMS is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 Versions. It also has a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms. Benefits of iSpring Learn Course Management System Intuitive Training Manager - The learning management system helps manage training-related deadlines in an automated manner. It also helps send course-specific reminders and invites to the employees in real-time. Integrative Authoring Tool - iSpring Learn LMS features an award-winning authoring tool, helping its users to develop interactive quizzes, courses and multiple branching scenarios in real-time. Comprehensive Reports - With the comprehensive reports offered by iSpring Learn LMS, admins get to monitor the learning progress of each team member and make relevant decisions. Advanced-Data Security - iSpring Learn LMS is fully compliant with GDPR and similar data protection regulations. All training materials, statistics and personal data uploaded by its users are stored securely. Product Training - Companies can offer real-time updates about their latest products and courses using iSpring Learn le... Read More About iSpring learn LMS
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iSpring Suite 9.3
What is iSpring Suite 9.3 Course Management System iSpring Suite 9.3 is an intuitive course creation software that can be used to create interactive assessments, quizzes, learning videos, tutorials, screencasts and more in an efficient manner. Users can test the knowledge of their employees by designing insightful assessments consisting of multiple-choice questions, drag and drop, sequencing and cheat-proof quizzes for them in an accurate way. They can also train their call center operators and sales representatives by turning existing scripts into captivating stimulations without having any prior technical or designing skills. Further, they get access to a comprehensive video studio, using which they can add music, texts, effects and more as per their requirements. Moreover, users also get access to iSpring Cloud, using which they can collaborate with external subject matter experts and team members in a secure process and collect relevant feedback from them. How can I create an online course within iSpring Suite 9.3 learning management system? Step 1: You need to click on the dialog stimulation button within the toolbar to create a new stimulation. Step 2: Create a new dialog stimulation within iSpring TalkMaster, add in scenes, choose suitable characters and backgrounds to make the stimulation lively and realistic. Step 3: After making all desired changes, click on the ‘save and return to course’ option displayed within the TalkMaster toolbar. Step 4: Your created stimulation will be placed on the selected slide. In case you want to edit the properties or dialog scenes, you need to select the slide and click on the dialog stimulation button displayed within the toolbar. Pricing of iSpring Suite 9.3 The price of iSpring Suite 9.3 learning management system is available on request. You can request for a callback, and our software experts will get back to you. Compatible Platforms for iSpring Suite 9.3 LMS iSpring Suite 9.3 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 versions. It also has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android operated mobile devices. Benefits of iSpring Suite 9.3 Learning Management Software Effective Visual Hints: While users are recording their screens, iSpring Suite 9.3 detects the use of enter text, hotkeys or clicks and adds relevant tooltips on the screencast in an automated manner. Users can create demonstrative videos on a particular software or explain the meaning of a particular button with ease. Characters and Backgrounds: Users get to choose characters and locations that match their learning scenarios. They can specify the emotions of their characters based on the scenes they are being used for. Picture in Picture Tool: With iSpring Suite 9.3 LMS system, users get to record their webcam and computer screen in a simultaneous manner, offering an interactive screencast with live comments. They can either switch between the videos or showcase both of them at the same time as per their requirements. Add Resources: Creators can add their company’s logo, research links and links of extra resources within their presentations. They can also attach instructional files, videos and articles that are related to the topic of their presentation. Step 1: You need to click on the dialog stimulation button within the toolbar to create a new stimulation. Step 2: Crea... Read More About iSpring Suite 9.3
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iSpring Cam Pro
What is iSpring Cam Pro? iSpring Cam Pro is a video and screen capture software especially developed for online course designers. This software helps create how-to videos, software tutorials, etc. using screencasts with voiceovers. The software allows users to get more descriptive with their explanations, as users can add their voice over the screen recording. Users can provide narration for what is shown on the screen to explain their point better. iSpring Cam Pro ensures that the videos care visually appealing, and it uses spotlight cursor actions to draw the attention of the user during screencasts. This live screen recording software offers a wide range of plugins and integration to share the videos effortlessly across platforms. Why users prefer iSpring Cam Pro? iSpring Cam Pro is one of the best video and screen capture software to capture live screen recorders and editors available in the market. Its easy to use interface enables even the most technically inept person to master the software and get working. The software also allows users to record their personalized videos and merge the clips with the screen recording clips seamless transition. iSpring Cam Pro also allows users to collect feedback from their audience through system generated web forms to identify the shortcomings in their videos and improve on them. It has a multi-track video editing system to add multiple elements like music, voice-over, etc. and synchronize them perfectly. Unique Features of iSpring Cam Pro? The software enables users to create screencasts to train employees regarding the usage of the software. Some of the useful purposes served by iSpring Cam Pro are: Screencasts with Voiceovers: This enables users to quickly produce tutorials to explain the difficult topics whilst keeping the learner’s attention. The procedure adopted for the same are: Grab a Screen Area: Users can choose a recording screen, which may be the entire screen or simply a portion of it. Record Voiceover: By recording a narration using a microphone, one can add more context to a topic. System Sounds Recording: You may record sound effects to demonstrate an app’s behavior or add some music to make the video more appealing. Spotlight Mouse Actions: You can draw the attention of your listeners by highlighting a cursor or adding click sounds through iSpring Cam Pro. Picture-in picture Screencasts: Through this specialty of the software, users can add personalized touches to their online training by complementing a screencast with a presenter video. Software Tutorials with Annotations: This helps employees learn the operations of an app and you can add hints for each step so that they can repeat those actions. What is the price of iSpring Cam Pro? Please request a call for inquiries regarding the price of iSpring Cam Pro. How can users record professional training videos through iSpring Cam Pro? One of the key aspects of any business is to record professional training videos for their employees so that they can get accustomed to the software. This also helps in highlighting key concepts to engage them in “live” training and boost retention. Here are the 4 steps on how it is done in iSpring Cam Pro: Interactive Canvas: You can drag and drop annotations, videos, images onto the canvas to produce professional-looking videos swiftly. Intro Slides and Annotations: Users can create videos and give intro slides and annotations. They can also design visual hints, infographics, add images and captions to assist viewers to retain their information. Smooth Scene Transitions: You can apply transition effects in order to remove unwanted cuts and create polished videos through this software. Multi-track Timeline: You can mix your videos and support them with suitable music or voiceover. Besides, you can also trim or delete parts of your video and split or merge them together. Compatible OS of iSpring Cam Pro The software runs exclusively on Windows OS and is available only on the desktop version. iSpring Cam Pro is a video and screen capture software especially developed for online course designers. This software... Read More About iSpring Cam Pro
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