Best Training Software in 2024

What is Training Software?

In the realm of Human Resources, training software plays a vital role in educating, developing, and empowering employees. It acts as a digital learning platform, fostering knowledge acquisition, skill development, and performance improvement for individuals and teams within an organization. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Training Software in 2024

  • top product arrowTalentLMS
  • top product arrowSkills Caravan LXP
  • top product arrowiSpring learn LMS
  • top product arrowGoogle Classroom
  • top product arrowCanvas Studio

Best Training Software

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Brand: Talentlms


4.4 out of 5

(43 user reviews)

TalentLMS is a cloud-based online learning management system, suitable for small and medium business sizes. The software offers a wide variety of features... Read More About TalentLMS img

$69 /month

Skills Caravan LXP

Skills Caravan LXP

Brand: Skills Caravan


4.7 out of 5

(11 user reviews)

Designed to offer technology-enabled learning to employees that is personalized, flexible, cost-efficient, and adaptive.... Read More About Skills Caravan LXP read review arrow


View Plansimg

iSpring learn LMS

iSpring learn LMS

Brand: iSpring


4.5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Product Training - Companies can offer real-time updates about their latest products and courses using iSpring Learn learning management system. Complianc... Read More About iSpring learn LMS img

₹2,369 /Year

View Plansimg

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Brand: Google

Be the first to review

A blended learning platform by Google that aims to connect learners & instructors – inside and outside of schools.... Read More About Google Classroom read review arrow

Price On Request

Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio

Brand: Instructure

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A video platform for students and instructors to create, edit and manage educational audio & video files.... Read More About Canvas Studio read review arrow

Price On Request

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Brand: Curricula Group

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Transform your employee’s security training program.... Read More About Curricula read review arrow

Price On Request

Skill Lake

Skill Lake

Brand: Fingent

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Skill Lake is an innovative training software designed to help individuals and organizations acquire new skills and knowledge to stay ahead in today's fas... Read More About Skill Lake img

Price On Request



Brand: SimplerQMS


4.4 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

... Read More About SimplerQMS img

$1,150 /Month



Brand: Codecademy


4.1 out of 5

(6 user reviews)

Codecademy is an online platform allowing users to learn through hands-on coding exercises and projects which is designed to be user-friendly and interacti... Read More About Codecademy read review arrow

₹1,500 /Month

Edstellar TMS

Price On Request

Last Updated on : 05 Mar, 2024

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Software listed

Best Training Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

TX System, Claned, Skill Lake, QuestBase, uQualio, SAP Litmos, TalentLMS, etc. are some of the best training software for small businesses. 

TX System, SAP Litmos, Claned, TalentLMS, Skillable, eFront, GyrusAim, Learnyst, etc. are some of the best training software for employees. 

Most of the training platform vendors charge based on a "per user, per month" basis. According to some sources, depending on the length of the training session, the price ranges between Rs. 164,000 and Rs. 174,000 (about USD 2,500 and USD 2,700).

Yes, one can use training software for companies on your phone and ensure uninterrupted learning for your employees even on the go. 

It is used by every big organization to encourage the development of succession plans, boost employee worth, reduce employee turnover, improve operational effectiveness, and exceed industry expectations.

Training Software Reviews




“My classes are easily accessible, and it gives me reminders to finish them.”

- Kapila Dash

See all TalentLMS reviewsimg

Skills Caravan LXP


“Micro learning content is great. It helps me complete any course on time. The customer support services are very responsive.”

- Anil Bains

See all Skills Caravan LXP reviewsimg

iSpring learn LMS


“it is very useful, especially for product training and compliance training follow-ups. it has really saved our time and made each and every employee to be covered wi...”

- Ridhi Arora

See all iSpring learn LMS reviewsimg

Training Software Price List In India

Training Software Cost
Top Training Software Starting Price Rating
TalentLMS$69.00 /month4.4
Skills Caravan LXP₹4000.00 4.7
iSpring learn LMS₹2369.00 /Year4.5
SimplerQMS$1150.00 /Month4.4
Codecademy₹1500.00 /Month4.1

Buyer's Guide for Top Training Software

Found our list of Training Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What Is Employee Training Software?
  • Who Uses Training Software?
  • Why Use Training Software?
  • Benefits of Training Software
  • Key Features of Training Software
  • Factors to Consider While Buying Training Software
  • Trends Around Training Software
  • What are the Challenges with Training Software?

What Is Employee Training Software?

Organizations use employee training software platforms to provide online training to their staff. This allows users to develop training courses, add interactive components to make them more interesting, reliably transmit them to students and employees. It also helps track learners’ progress and provide feedback. The software is ideal for simplifying training processes.

Who Uses Training Software?

  • L&D departments: To assess and plan the employees’ development path, learning and development departments frequently use training management systems. The software provides analytics and reporting tools to analyse the skills upliftment need of every employee.
  • Training companies: Training management software is used by training providers to design programs that can be marketed as a service to organizations for employee skill development.
  • HR departments: Human resources departments in every organization oversees the training part. So, they use training software to curate training modules for their employees.

Why Use Training Software?

Every major corporation employs training software platforms to develop succession plans, increase employee engagement, reduce employee turnover, and improve operational performance. With the help of training software, you can manage all types of L&D and certification programs.

You can create and manage multiple courses and learning materials through a single platform. Users can access training courses and materials from anywhere online. Further, administrators can track course progress and the learner’s performance.

Benefits of Training Software

  • Better communication: Online training solutions often include discussion forums and trainer-employee interaction platforms, allowing employees to communicate with their instructors from any location.
  • Progress tracking: Trainers can view employees' progress reports through allotted courses in real-time using employee training software.
  • Reduced training costs: Teleconferencing and the option to upload videos are common features of training software, reducing the travel time for trainers. They can also reuse lecture content that is archived online.
  • Improve employee engagement: Compared to the cost of acquiring and training new personnel, upskilling existing employees is more cost-effective. You can use training platforms to helps your employees acquire new skills, fasten their career development, and add to company growth.
  • Increased training capacity: Since internet-based software is accessible from any device with internet connectivity, it can be used to upskill more employees in one go than traditional in-person training.
  • Standardized content: Trainers from various departments and locations can examine available resources and prevent duplications. An online repository of training resources assures that everyone has access to the same material anytime and anywhere.

Key Features of Training Software

  • Advanced reporting: Employers can leverage the built-in reporting features to find out how popular are the various courses, whether an employee has completed the assigned course. You can even track the progress of entire teams and departments.
  • Mobile learning: Learners can use their smartphones and tablets to access critical resources for completing training, such as study material, quizzes, or notifications from their instructor.
  • On-demand e-learning: Employees with user credentials can quickly access content through the web, therefore training can be done at their convenience.
  • Virtual classrooms: Instructors and trainees no more need to be in the same place because of the built-in teleconferencing feature. It allows classes to be held online via a web browser.
  • Certification Courses: This software helps in managing and tracking certification programs for some industries which demand employee certification for specific job roles.
  • Content creation: L&D department can use the training software to design and develop training courses for their employees as per their requirement. It ensures that the content within the software can be tailor-made to the learning needs of every user.
  • Automation: Because of the automated processes, training software helps in reducing the efforts of human coaches and saving money and time. The software automates creating and managing different learning activities.
  • Data Insights: Several training software use statistics to help the companies get insight into their learning employees’ needs and requirements.

Factors to Consider While Buying Training Software

The following pointers are to be considered at the time of selecting the best staff training software for companies:

  • Compatibility with multiple devices: Learning resources should be accessible from everywhere through desktop and mobile phones. This will enhance the learner’s convenience.
  • Engaging content elements: To make the training information engaging and exciting for learners, the software must help in creating learning resources. This will boost knowledge retention.
  • Feature-rich software: Go for the training software with features that support all learning objectives and allow students to fully utilize them. Examine the subscription options and functionalities to see which vendor offers the services you need at a reasonable price.
  • Compatibility with existing systems: At the time of selecting staff training software, check for the compatibility with your existing systems. The new software should integrate with existing processes to facilitate effective learning.
  • Analytics: It is important to choose a software for training that effectively records the opinions and suggestions of participants. It should further generate reports based on learners' feedback and ideas so that content can be modified to their specific needs.
  • Branding support: Employee training software that provides branding elements is essential. Such as, incorporating company logo into the training dashboard and adapting the colour scheme.
  • Social learning integration: Employees can use the social interactivity feature of training software to converse with their remote teammates and ensure effective knowledge transfer. Examples include real-time debates, live events, and group projects. Furthermore, social networking icons must be included in the software so that staff can effectively search relevant forums and pages.

Trends Around Training Software

  • Virtual reality-powered training: With the rising popularity of virtual reality, the training system will be modified. Immersive experiences that involve learners in role-playing scenarios to give hands-on learning will outperform current technology. Moreover, as virtual reality becomes more common, the cost of development tools will drop.
  • Gamification: By incorporating gaming features like levels, points, badges, and achievement boards, game-based training systems will continue to redefine the nature of training. Gamification has been effectively applied to training courses by organizations like Duolingo and McDonald's.
  • Microlearning: Rather than reinforcing traditional sessions, breaking down the training into bite-sized portions is becoming more common as an instructional technique to reduce employee time investment. Microlearning, according to our findings, has several advantages, including lower training costs and higher engagement.

What are the Challenges with Training Software?

There are several challenges one faces with training software. Let’s discuss them one by one:

  • Longer Deployment: Unlike most software products, employee training software for businesses often requires a longer deployment period because all data must be integrated throughout the entire business platform.
  • Insufficient Training: You must instruct your staff on how to use the employee training system once it has been implemented. You will face a severe setback unless you receive accurate and detailed training.
  • Redundant Data Entry: The most time-consuming aspect of employee training software deployment procedure is data entry. However, it is unavoidable. One must develop strategies to make this procedure more efficient and accurate while maintaining the implementation schedule.
  • Poor Vendor Support: Online training software for business is just as good as the vendor who stands behind it. You must be certain that they are trustworthy and have a proven track record of providing excellent customer service. Look for user feedback and ratings on the internet. Further, enquire about any hidden expenses that could push you beyond your budget.

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